These games must be run with GAGS from [programming/gags](../../../programming/gags)
or compiled and run with AGT from [programming/agt](../../../programming/agt).


The Adventures of Alice Who Went Through the Looking-Glass
and Came Back Though Not Much Changed, by Douglas A. Asherman.
This game won the GAGS game writing contest 1986.
(an AGT compiled version of this game is in
games/agt/ and games/pc/
[file is linked to games/source/agt/]

tuid: puhry0qbl7lfq14q

Deena of Kolini, an adventure game for WOMEN warriors,
by E. L. (Ev) Cheney

tuid: 2brd2ihbw9gsr7ua

Dragonslayer, by E. L. (Ev) Cheney.

tuid: or6q1mucaqjtfs5x

Ghost Town, an adventure game by E. L. (Ev) Cheney.
(a DOS executable is in games/pc/ and

tuid: sjhqrirynzoofr2p

Lottery, by E. L. (Ev) Cheney

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