ifwiki: Z-machine

This directory contains games in Infocom Z-Machine format,
NOT games published by the company Infocom.

The games here can be played with an Infocom game interpreter;
look in [infocom/interpreters](../../infocom/interpreters/) for a version for your system.
Source code of the games, if available, can be found in [games/source/inform](../source/inform/).

# old

Older versions of some of the games in this directory.

# 404-Life_not_found.zblorb
ifwiki: 404 - Life not found
tuid: y5j1fy2h9azhurt1

404- Life not found, by Evan Derby.
Release 1 / Serial number 110524

# 69105Keys.zblorb
ifwiki: 69,105_Keys
tuid: j3rwlhuy6j6v79qj

69,105 Keys, a one room game by David Welbourn.
Release 1 / Serial number 090302
(source code is in </if-archive/games/source/inform/69105Keys.inf>)

# 7doctors.z5
tuid: 8leqp4y8cftik18w

The Seven Doctors, an Interactive Fiction Adventure
based on the BBC TV show Doctor Who, by David Burke.
Release 1 / Serial number 981219

# 905.z5
tuid: qzftg3j8nh5f34i2
ifwiki: 9:05

9:05 by Adam Cadre, Version 1.1 (2012.0724).
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/905.exe)

# 905notes.txt

Brief notes on 9:05, by Adam Cadre

# 9Dancers.zip
tuid: 9v6a8vyjdrog0uy7

The Nine Dancers (Larsoft Adventure number 4).
Originally written by G.H. Larsen (1986) and
converted to Inform by William Stott.
Release 2 / Serial number 040718
(the original BBC version is in games/bbc/9Dancers.zip)

# A_Cock_and_Bull_Story.zblorb
tuid: yy44tspotj9swyv3

A Cock and Bull Story, by Theodore "Ted" C. Lim.
Release 1 / Serial number 170401
(glulx version is in

# A1RL0CK.z5
tuid: 2q8n2qeq5s3sdv4

A1RL0CK, a Puny Interactive Science Fiction, by Marco Innocenti.
Release 3 / Serial number 230402

ifwiki: Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies
tuid: bt9tjt1fg2ucbxgc

Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies, by Oyvind Thorsby.
Release 0 / Serial number 060825

# Accuse.zblorb
ifwiki: Accuse
tuid: ue8xl789svch28jn

Accuse, a small replayable puzzle by David A. Wheeler.
Release 4 / Serial number 070321

# Acheton.z8
ifwiki: Acheton
tuid: 77ir1th0ea7su9qm

Acheton, by David Seal, Jonathan Thackray and
Jonathan Partington (Cambridge University, 1978-80).
Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson
and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked to phoenix/games/zcode/Acheton.z8]

# Acrobat.zblorb
ifwiki: The Mysterious Case of the Acrobat and His Peers
tuid: baiavb4rhwdz7s0

The Mysterious Case of the Acrobat and His Peers,
an Interactive Mystery, by Amanda Tien.
Release 2 / Serial number 090111

# Addendum.zblorb
ifwiki: Flawed Addendum
tuid: imexlvf68h3vth13

Flawed Addendum, by Jalbum.
Release 1 / Serial number 080611

# Advent.z5
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, the original 350 points
version ported to Inform by Graham Nelson, based on Dave
Baggett's TADS reconstruction "Colossal Cave Revisited".
Release 9 / Serial number 060321

# Advent_Crowther.z8
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, by William Crowther. This is
Will Crowther's original, pre-Woods 1976 game, ported to
Inform 7 by Chris Conley.
Release 4 / Serial number 150118
(source code is in games/source/inform/Advent_Crowther_source.txt)

# Adventure_Time.zblorb
ifwiki: Adventure Time
tuid: he63bp96bhhya24g

Adventure Time, by Derek O'Neill.
Release 1 / Serial number 110111

# Aisle.z5
ifwiki: Aisle
tuid: j49crlvd62mhwuzu

Aisle, an instant in the life of a man, by Sam Barlow.
Release 1 / Serial number 990528

# AllRoads.z5
ifwiki: All Roads
tuid: 4s7uohdncurgqb0h

All Roads, by Jon Ingold.
Winner of the 2001 IF Competition.
Release 1 / Serial number 011119
(the original competition entry is in

# AlongTheRiver.z5
tuid: fnh8crgst92hz0sq

Along the River, an unlikely slice of life,
by Matthew Alger.
Release 1 / Serial number 100630

# Alpha.z5
tuid: nidzkipeux0uusqk

Journey to Alpha Centauri (In Real Time), an Interactive
Waste of Time, by Julian Fleetwood.
Release 3 / Serial number 981017

# Ambassadors_Daughter.z8
tuid: 1sv9w9iw81qgwdpo

The Ambassador's Daughter, a Brief Romance, by Stormchild.
Release 2 / Serial number 150525

# AndAHippoNewYear.z8
ifwiki: And a Hippo New Year
tuid: ftm9a97w0xt2bzyl

And A Hippo New Year, an interactive holiday tale, by Adri.
Release 2 / Serial number 130210

# Andromeda_Genesis.z8

Andromeda Genesis, a Space Afterpiece, by Joey Jones.
Release 1 / Serial number 130701

# Aphasia_Quest.zblorb

Aphasia Quest, by Kat, Nick, and Jonah.
Release 1 / Serial number 150426

# Apollo18+20.zip
ifwiki: Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album
ifwiki: Dig My Grave
tuid: yohzklspqd8rmzt
ifwiki: I Palindrome I
tuid: cf9w0h3km7ti80cw
ifwiki: She's Actual Size
tuid: qyzybg5jryrfb4as
ifwiki: My Evil Twin
tuid: 9chg1cyv3xssz0ae
ifwiki: Mammal
tuid: 3pfco8kg9xs3ahil
ifwiki: The Statue Got Me High
tuid: cjsvhlsg328la8
ifwiki: Spider
tuid: lxm31wy59an0vs0
ifwiki: The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
tuid: kthdccxtld9agum2
ifwiki: Dinner Bell
tuid: 94vyohlxpwgwwl39
ifwiki: Narrow Your Eyes
tuid: 9ult5oz52vbudyyy
ifwiki: Hall of Heads
tuid: 4zzz2snpezvmy7o
ifwiki: Which Describes How You're Feeling
tuid: sda4g92j0pi8caii
ifwiki: See the Constellation
tuid: qa01mlud4b9a1qbx
ifwiki: If I Wasn't Shy
tuid: 8jiuotzqzoliqf1r
ifwiki: Turn Around
tuid: 94up65zoci93px6z
ifwiki: Hypnotist of Ladies
tuid: 2njx8jit2j13ash
ifwiki: Fingertips: Everything Is Catching On Fire
tuid: xi761vyx9lhi6v2v
ifwiki: Fingertips: Fingertips
tuid: n83ryakhz9fbye4x
ifwiki: Fingertips: I Hear the Wind Blow
tuid: yl9dnwe1kmpo5m9x
ifwiki: Fingertips: Hey Now, Everybody
tuid: 3g3xyyfb5ydyod
ifwiki: Fingertips: Who's That Standing Out the Window
tuid: iio542r45seje190
ifwiki: Fingertips: I Found a New Friend
tuid: 8tta72493k4nvec
ifwiki: Fingertips: Come On and Wreck My Car
tuid: 3dq6d1flnt2u5llh
ifwiki: Fingertips: Aren't You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye?
tuid: rlbajfbb0r8snap0
ifwiki: Fingertips: Please Pass the Milk Please
tuid: bl5mt8ug8i6uquh3
ifwiki: Fingertips: Leave Me Alone
tuid: pu1w7xb9dnon8jnu
ifwiki: Fingertips: Who's Knockin' on the Wall?
tuid: n50qfej14uyuyurp
ifwiki: Fingertips: All Alone
tuid: jllnjw6ykg109in0
ifwiki: Fingertips: What's That Blue Thing Doing Here?
tuid: h2j4m8rzqzrksen
ifwiki: Fingertips: Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand
tuid: a5jo2a1roas05dx5
ifwiki: Fingertips: I Don't Understand You
tuid: zt66jzjxkd8ptin4
ifwiki: Fingertips: I Heard a Sound
tuid: sqr9hrocyazsb4i9
ifwiki: Fingertips: Mysterious Whispers
tuid: a3cm5guii2gl2xzy
ifwiki: Fingertips: The Day That Love Came to Play
tuid: pslttnz7mplj42i
ifwiki: Fingertips: I'm Having a Heart Attack
tuid: jwe1v7bh1evehrq
ifwiki: Fingertips: Fingertips (Reprise)
tuid: uihg7ykgh2lsxjja
ifwiki: Fingertips: I Walk Along Darkened Corridors
tuid: 1985kxxeze4f2r77
ifwiki: Space Suit
tuid: 1mfe25emkc3o1eo9

Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album, honouring the 1992
album Apollo 18, by They Might be Giants. Each game
represents one of the tracks on the album.
[file is linked from games/glulx/Apollo18+20.zip]

# Arid_and_Pale.zblorb
ifwiki: Arid and Pale
tuid: rve9kbxk9pkg6wej

Arid and Pale, version 2, by Michael R. Bacon.
(source code is in games/source/inform/Arid_and_Pale.txt)

# Asylum.z5
ifwiki: Asylum (by cpuguy)
tuid: 20uwjal4pcde6gfb

Asylum, by cpuguy.
Release 1 / Serial number 090721

# AtWork.z5
ifwiki: Danger! Adventurer at Work!
tuid: p0sm7uf4nvwovubo

Danger! Adventurer At Work! originally written by
Simon Avery using The Quill.
Ported to Inform by Duncan Cross.
Release 1 / Serial number 000705

# Aug4.z8
ifwiki: Augmented Fourth
tuid: cpwktis6qwh9ydn8

Augmented Fourth, an Interactive Performance,
written by Brian Uri.
Release 4 / Serial number 200401
(source code is in games/source/inform/Aug4Source.zip)

# Avon.z5
tuid: 6m06ajvdyslxxi8m

Avon, by Jonathan R. Partington (Cambridge University,
1982). Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson,
Adam Atkinson and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Avon.z5]

# B7_Snare.z8
tuid: x19ufalile0zgvl

Snare, an interactive Blake's 7 adventure,
by Andrew Williams.
Release 1 / Serial number 150118

# BackToTheFuture-MartyQuest.zblorb
ifwiki: Back_to_the_Future:_Marty_Quest
tuid: 3m133zr3lbppnkgd

Back to the Future - Marty Quest: an adventure through
time, by George Gipe, Ryan North and Hulk Handsome.
Release 3 / Serial number 120430

# Backup.zblorb
tuid: aw6l8f2xt5m1min7
ifwiki: Backup

Backup, an Interactive System Failure, by Gregory Weir.
Release 1 / Serial number 091204

# Balances.z5
ifwiki: Balances
tuid: x6ne0bbd2oqm6h3a

Balances, An Interactive Short Story by Graham Nelson.
Release 5 / Serial number 961216

# BaldersDeath.zblorb
tuid: bde45mg2535xyop3
ifwiki: Balder's_Death

Balder's Death, by Wynne Lok.
Release 1 / Serial number 111107

# BedTime.zblorb
tuid: etm8us6qmr1nwmqe

Bed Time, by Charlie the Spiffy.
Release 1 / Serial number 120324

# BeingAndrewPlotkin.zblorb
tuid: q8y5zup88c9hu499
ifwiki: Being Andrew Plotkin

Being Andrew Plotkin, by J. Robinson Wheeler.
Release 2 / Serial number 080423
(the original competition entry is in

# BeingSteve.zblorb
ifwiki: Being Steve
tuid: h1g7211anvqxsxn7

Being Steve, An Interactive Fiction by Anonymous.
Release 1 / Serial number 060519

# Beyond_txt.zip
tuid: 80s6vtj6yjwmt7sn
ifwiki: Beyond

Beyond, an IF by Mondi Confinanti. Created by
Roberto Grassi, Paolo Lucchesi and Alessandro Peretti.
Text-only version.
Release 5 / Serial number 100115
(a graphical version is in games/glulx/Beyond.zip,
an Italian version is in games/zcode/italian/Beyond_txt.zip,
and the original competition entry is in

# BibleRetold.z5
tuid: u2faar89zkgv7961
ifwiki: The Bible Retold

The Bible Retold: The Bread and the Fishes, a light-hearted
adaptation of favourite Bible stories, by Celestianpower
and Justin Morgan.
Release 8 / Serial number 102283
(the original competition entry is in

# BiCon.zblorb
tuid: 7m0wxpvzzwp2f0tb

BiCon, an Interactive Infatuation, by "rach".
Release 4 / Serial number 101006

# Biscuit.z5
tuid: v4jg0n06d659lsoq

Biscuit, An Interactive Funeral by Petar Kanuritch.
Release 1 / Serial number 010310

# BrandX.z5
tuid: qblwe4sbi01soljr

BrandX, by Peter Killworth and Jonathan Mestel
(Cambridge University, 1983). Translated to Z-code by
Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson, David Kinder and
Richard Bos.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
This game was later released for 1980s home computers
as "Philosopher's Quest".
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/BrandX.z5]

# Bronze.zblorb
tuid: 9p8kh3im2j9h2881
ifwiki: Bronze

Bronze, the demonstration game that accompanies
Inform 7, by Emily Short.
Release 11 / Serial number 060503

# Bureaucrocy.zblorb
tuid: 7rfv17sgsrrkwn61
ifwiki: Bureaucrocy

Bureaucrocy, a frustrating tale about paperwork, by Adri.
Release 4 / Serial number 141113

# BurnTheKoranAndDie.zblorb
tuid: s7zm517kv9g2wj8p

Burn The Koran and Die, a political satire by Poster.
Release 1 / Serial number 101128

# BurnsNightSupper.zblorb
tuid: 3l7ym86mbbvvya5
ifwiki: Burns Night Supper

Burns Night Supper, by Robert Rothman.
Release 1 / Serial number 120124

# ByzantinePerspective.zblorb
tuid: ay0yfjdivax1m40e
ifwiki: Byzantine Perspective

Byzantine Perspective, a Straightforward Burglary,
by Lea.
Release 1 / Serial number 091119
(the original competition entry is in

# Cacophony.z8
ifwiki: Cacophony
tuid: nihjg19j2hcroqb

Cacophony, an interactive stumbling by Owen Parish.
Release 4 / Serial number 091209

# Calendar.z5

Calendar, an Inform 7 abuse by Robert Lozyniak.
Release 1 / Serial number 070805

# CalmMuteMoving.z5
tuid: xbynv62q8k2724at

'Calm, Mute, Moving', an interactive interview,
by Sonny Rae Tempest.
Release 1 / Serial number 110712

# Casting.z5
ifwiki: Casting
tuid: 15bfwxf4y4c4kudj

Casting,  version 2.1, by 'Trix.
Release 2 / Serial number 050707
WARNING: Contains adult content.

# CastleOfTheRedPrince.zblorb
ifwiki: Castle of the Red Prince
tuid: bw3bnlf4ho8gqq1v

Castle of the Red Prince, an interactive land of darkness,
by C.E.J. Pacian.
Release 7 / Serial number 130227

# CatcherInTheRye.zblorb
ifwiki: The Catcher in the Rye
tuid: oofmxjlpghtxolzs

Catcher in the Rye, an adaptation by Frank Teng.
Release 1 / Serial number 060611

# CaveAdventure.zip

Cave Adventure, by Jazz Remington.
Release 1 / Serial number 070718

# Chaos.z5
ifwiki: Chaos (by Barker)
tuid: hwmtvvuuxysdvm1h

Chaos, by John Barker.
Release 1 / Serial number 090801

# Cheesed_Off.zblorb
ifwiki: Cheesed Off!
tuid: f1su3oa3uca0wtwg

Cheesed Off!, by Hulk Handsome.
Release 2 / Serial number 160724

# ChildsPlay.zblorb
ifwiki: Child's Play
tuid: 6a23xff9er4s83pl

Child's Play, A child, a toy, and a rival, by Stephen
Release 4 / Serial number 080129

# Clean_Air.zblorb

Clean Air, by Andrew Li.
Release 2 / Serial number 190608

# Code_Name_Silver_Steel.z8
ifwiki: Code Name Silver Steel
tuid: w2l64his67vtvmir

Code Name Silver Steel, by Special Agent.
Release 3 / Serial number 170619

# Coin_toss.zblorb
tuid: awgrvdqej3cmlwhu

Coin toss, an interactive retrospection, by Simon Deimel.
Release 2 / Serial number 150217

# Colonists.zblorb
tuid: lfvqqpi7dbxfr4xf

Colonists, by Andrew Fuller.
Release 1 / Serial number 130911
(source code is in games/source/inform/Colonists.zip)

# Comp96.z5
ifwiki: CompXX
tuid: a3thoxm83tzz8ihz

An unofficial potential 'front-end' game for the
yearly IF competitions, providing easily-accessible
information on all the games from the '96 competition,
plus the ability to sort the games you can play into a
random list. Written by Lucian Paul Smith
Release 1 / Serial number 970626

# ConanKillEverything.z5
ifwiki: Conan Kill Everything
tuid: lb2hf5pqx68wbqhh

Conan Kill Everything, an interactive massacre
by Ian Haberkorn.
Release 2 / Serial number 050428

# Corrupter_of_Dreams.zblorb
tuid: emsro8ckttqr5ba

Corrupter of Dreams, by Robert Patten.
Ectocomp version.
Release 1 / Serial number 171029

# Cottage.zblorb
ifwiki: Stuga
tuid: 1z3m4yew6bg3bfc

Cottage, an English translation of the Swedish game
Stuga, translated by Johan Ottosson.
Release 1 / Serial number 090715
(the original Swedish game is in

# Cove.z5
ifwiki: The Cove
tuid: pk89q1m7lrz7mg73

The Cove, an Interactive Seascape,
written by Kathleen M. Fischer.
Release 3 / Serial number 000525.
The original release won Best of Landscape,
Interactive Fiction Art Show 2000
(it is in art/if-artshow/year2000/cove.z5)

# CrimeScene.zblorb

A Crime Scene, a Short Story, by Alireza J.
Release 1 / Serial number 130123

# CriticalBreach.z8
ifwiki: Critical Breach
tuid: d4d28pkufwxfhen

Critical Breach, an Escape Story, by Grey.
Written for the 2010 Jay Is Games
"One-Room-Escape" competition.
Release 3 / Serial number 130817

# Crobe.z5
tuid: gb32ihvovah61rxn

Crobe, by Jonathan R. Partington (Cambridge University,
1986). Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson,
Adam Atkinson and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Crobe.z5]

# CrystalPalace.zip
ifwiki: The Crystal Palace
tuid: nwsyyhdxj20lg6ya

The Crystal Palace, a fantasy within a mystery within a
quiet holiday, by Peter Orme.
Release 1 / Serial number 111125

# CtDoom.z5
tuid: zn2fmsu8qq95lbf6

Countdown to Doom, Copyright 1999 by Peter D. Killworth.
Release 1 / Serial number 000920

# Cyclops.z5
tuid: vzdd6urvk0qdne85

The Land of the Cyclops, an experiment by
Francesco Cordella. English translation from the Italian
by Simone "Sauron" Di Conza.
Release 1 / Serial number 020505

# D-Day.zblorb
tuid: y82sml5egzydhqbw

D-Day, by Yvette Gilmore.
Release 1 / Serial number 110720

# DDIV.z5
tuid: 82f6px0qqdtrghrx
ifwiki: Dutch Dapper IV: The Final Voyage

Dutch Dapper IV: The Final Voyage, a science fiction
comedy, written by Harry Hol.
Release 11 / Serial number 030207
(an MSDOS executable is in games/pc/DDIV.exe)

# Damnatio-Memoriae.zblorb
tuid: 2103dabhxzxsraal
ifwiki: Damnatio Memoriae

Damnatio Memoriae, a story of the Lavori
d'Aracne, by Emily Short.
Release 5 / Serial number 061008

# DashSlapneyPatrol.zblorb
tuid: sb2ynig6ia3mx66o
ifwiki: Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader

Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader: a test of scout skills, or
your ability to fake them, by Andrew Schultz.
Release 3 / Serial number 120510
(source code is in games/source/inform/DashSlapneyPatrolSource.txt)

# DayInLife.zblorb
tuid: fchveh4ymwnez9dz

A Day in Life, by John Goettle.
Release 1 / Serial number 080406

# Dead_Mans_Grave.zblorb
tuid: mhq20uaqmo27cv2a

Dead Man's Grave: A Tell Don't Show Mystery,
by Jon and Joe.
Release 1 / Serial number 151101

# Dead_Meat_in_the_Pit.zblorb
tuid: m015gy2fo9kkkct3

Dead Meat in the Pit, by Christina Nordlander.
Release 1 / Serial number 170527

# Deadsville.zip
ifwiki: Deadsville
tuid: 5p150c2ms7kegank

Deadsville, a Z-Machine Z-Grade Movie Text Adventure,
by William McDuff. Archive includes the game and a map.
Release 3 / Serial number 081105
(the original competition entry is in

# Debate.z5
tuid: s2kxakqdcw2jkkof

Debate, an interactive copy machine by Louis Joyce.
Release 1 / Serial number 070412

# DeliciousBreakfast.zblorb
tuid: p8auvql7aa9rb15y

Delicious Breakfast, an Interactive Breakfast,
by Molly G.
"You wake up this morning with some Fierce Cravings. You
head down to the kitchen for some Delicious Breakfast."
This game is a re-implementation of the first text
adventure the author completed. It was first released for
Glorious Trainwrecks' 529-in-1 Pirate Kart II: Klik
Harder. This is release 2, which was included in the IGF
Pirate Kart. It contains a small amount of cosmetic
improvements to the original release.
Release 2 / Serial number 111015

# Delusns.z5
tuid: m85rnpq6x77jyzc3
ifwiki: Delusions

Delusions, an Interactive Self-Discovery
by Christopher E. Forman.
Release 4 / Serial number 971121.
(the original competition entry is in

# Detention.zblorb

Detention, an attempt to escape from school,
by Hayden Ramm.
Release 1 / Serial number 130827

# DontPeeYourself.z8
tuid: f9jkiwt1ae9g5c1g

Don't Pee Yourself! A Toilet Training Adventure
by 'Hulk Handsome'.
Release 3 / Serial number 150807

# Dont_Push_The_Mailbox.z8
tuid: 8anthek7qsjymzlz

Don’t Push The Mailbox, a five minute distraction, by Ralfe Rich.
Release 1 / Serial number 191228

# DownTheMatrix.zblorb

Down The Matrix, by Jessica Martin, Carolyn Owens and
Grant Schumer.
Release 1 / Serial number 120521

# Dracula_The_First_Night.zip
tuid: qbk3fo0jcawo1j7h

Dracula: Part 1, The First Night, a remake of the 1986
8-bit game released by CRL.
Originally by Rob Pike, this version by DEF and
El Clérigo Urbatain.
Release 8 / Serial number 071227
(a Glulx version is in games/glulx/Dracula_The_First_Night.zip, and
a Spanish version is in games/zcode/spanish/Dracula_La_Primera_Noche.zip)

# Dracula2_The_Arrival.zip
tuid: capk2kklo697oaip

Dracula: Part 2, The Arrival, a remake of the 1986
8-bit game released by CRL.
Originally by Rob Pike, this version by Mapache and
El Clérigo Urbatain.
Release 3 / Serial number 080819
(a Glulx version is in games/glulx/Dracula2_The_Arrival.zip, and
a Spanish version is in games/zcode/spanish/Dracula2_La_Llegada.zip)

# DragonFliesLike.zblorb
tuid: disk8jhpff89uh4s
ifwiki: Dragon Flies Like Labradorite

Dragon Flies Like Labradorite, by Troy Jones III.
Release 2 / Serial number 111130

# DragonTroll.z5
tuid: sd1bjzylh3t95zux

The Dragon and the Troll, originally written for the C64
in Swedish by Johan Berntsson, and translated to English
and ported to Inform by Fredrik Ramsberg.
(source code is in games/source/inform/DragonTroll.inf)

# DreamTooReal.zblorb
ifwiki: A Dream Too Real
tuid: i6b00gz4t47suxk9

A Dream Too Real, by Raditz.
Release 1 / Serial number 061128

# Dual.zblorb
tuid: xfezh9wz188ihlel
ifwiki: Dual Transform

Dual Transform, a Metasemantic Construction, by
Andrew Plotkin. Originally written under the pseudonym
Nigel Smith for the 2010 Jay Is Games "One-Room-Escape"
Release 5 / Serial number 100225.
(source code is in games/source/inform/dualtransform.ni)

# DuckMe.z3
tuid: y1ruv5qq4abakac8

Fowl Play Adventure 1 - "Duck! Me?"
An absurd, nonsensical, old-fashioned 1980's style text adventure.
Release 2 / Serial number 230828

# EdgeOfTheCliff.zblorb
tuid: v3wrpi4plmigyb93

Edge of the Cliff, a non-interactive satire, by Poster.
Release 1 / Serial number 111030

# Egyptian_Walking_Simulator.z8
tuid: oobx5sy71k0uiz9a

This is a surreal art experiment using Greg Hassett's
1978 game King Tut's Tomb as a base.
Release 1 / Serial number 151231

# Elephants.z5
tuid: 7z53z5pkv4cz4ny7

When I Was Shot By Elephants III, an Interactive Fan
Fiction, by Ray.
Release 1 / Serial number 120409

# Enemies.z8
tuid: wazvwtxlf7us44qr

Enemies, An Interactive Psychothriller,
by Andy Phillips.
Release 4 / Serial number 990115
(an MSDOS executable is in games/pc/Enemies.zip)

# Enigma.zblorb
ifwiki: Enigma (by Deimel)
tuid: orebya43jmkeu87d

Enigma, an interactive instant, by Simon Deimel.
Release 8 / Serial number 160202
(the original competition entry is in

# Epyk.zblorb
tuid: 83em8cgnv91ixiuw

Epyk, by Ivan Mattie.
Release 1 / Serial number 091111

# Escape!.zblorb
tuid: zhrjqkgldtvext4d

Escape!, by Corey Bastarache.
Release 1 / Serial number 130210

# Eurydice.zblorb
ifwiki: Eurydice
tuid: d75pric1fdfi75bd

Release 1 / Serial number 121206
(the original competition entry is in

# FFF.z5
ifwiki: Fox, Fowl and Feed
tuid: wcf4j7gwipv1cc0

Fox, Fowl and Feed, an Interactive Exercise in
Transportation, by Chris Conroy.
Release 2 / Serial number 080121
(the original competition entry is in

# FailSafe.z5
ifwiki: Fail-Safe
tuid: c6x835i6o9zqfc59

Fail-Safe, a science-fiction story by Jon Ingold.

# Fairyland.z8
tuid: psea7v6ojhd09rit

Fairyland, a small game about fairies by Daniel Gunnell.
Release 1 / Serial number 190815

# Figaro.zblorb
ifwiki: Figaro
tuid: xnpdrkjsezmjl2ha

Figaro, a co-authored revenge by Victor Gijsbers,
Innovation Comp Entry, released under the GPL v3.
Release 2 / Serial number 100911
(source code is in games/source/inform/Figaro-source.zip)

# FindTheBed.zblorb
ifwiki: Find the Bed
tuid: m89r1uudygsasos5

Find the Bed, by Jacob Mianecki.
Release 1 / Serial number 100708

# FineTune.z8
ifwiki: Fine-Tuned
tuid: 39pi00x5dls5z2l2

Fine-Tuned, An Auto-mated Romance
by Dennis Jerz (writing as Dionysius Porcupine).
Release 8 / Serial number 020520
(the original competition entry and a solution are in
games/competition2001/inform/finetune/, and an MS-DOS
executable is in games/pc/FineTune.exe)

# Fingertips_I_Found_a_New_Friend.zblorb
ifwiki: Fingertips: I Found a New Friend
tuid: 8tta72493k4nvec

Fingertips: I Found a New Friend, a heart-warming story
of friendship, by Adri.
Release 2 / Serial number 140106

# Fingertips_Please_Pass_the_Milk_Please.zblorb
ifwiki: Fingertips: Please Pass the Milk Please
tuid: bl5mt8ug8i6uquh3

Fingertips: Please Pass the Milk Please, an interactive
snack, by Adri.
Release 3 / Serial number 140312

# FirstDayOfMyNewLife.zip
ifwiki: The First Day of My New Life
tuid: 1yrxq7im3nw5utap

The First Day of My New Life: an Interactive Pastiche,
by Birion.
Release 4 / Serial number 110119

# Forest_Demo.zblorb
tuid: ss3dg8l9wka5jwwp

Forest Demo, by Andrew Johnson.
Release 1 / Serial number 121216

# Fork.z5
ifwiki: FORK: The Great Underground Dining Room
tuid: m7lww6dmshyf7kbm

Fork: The Great Underground Dining Room,
by Chris Federico.
Release 1 / Serial number 071205

# FormerlyHiddenNaziMode.zip
ifwiki: The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode
tuid: 7a3yn4x0aor0jxfd

The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode.
A cute game for unattended young children,
by Victor Gijsbers.
Release 1 / Serial number 100911
Archive includes game file, source code and
accompanying essay.
[file is linked from games/source/inform/FormerlyHiddenNaziMode.zip]

# Frobozzi.z5
tuid: d4p85c0s06a5nr7e
ifwiki: Encyclopedia Frobozzica

The Encyclopedia Frobozzica (Abridged Edition),
edited by Nino Ruffini and ported to the Inform
format by Digby McWiggle.
(source code is in </if-archive/games/source/inform/>Frobozzi.inf)
[file is linked from </if-archive/infocom/info/>Frobozzi.z5]

# FragileShells.zblorb
ifwiki: Fragile Shells
tuid: xvnvmmm4yok7a25b

Fragile Shells, An Interactive Escape by Stephen Granade.
Release 6 / Serial number 111109
(the original entry in the Jay Is Games Casual Gameplay
Design Competition #7, in which it was runner-up,
is in games/mini-comps/cgdc7/FragileShells.zblorb)

# Fyleet.z5
tuid: j7er2tv4ee7int05

Fyleet, by Jonathan R. Partington (Cambridge University,
1985). Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson,
Adam Atkinson and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Fyleet.z5]

# GA.z5

Geocaching Adventure - GC3JJ9C - #6 in the Cryptic
Puzzle Series, by MrCryptic.
Release 1 / Serial number 120510

# GBVB.zblorb
ifwiki: Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box
tuid: r3ed77yd9te07y5d

Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box, a novelty by Arthur DiBianca.
Release 1 / Serial number 191106
(the original competition entry is in
 games/competition2015/Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box/GBVB.z8)

# Galatea.zblorb
tuid: urxrv27t7qtu52lb
ifwiki: Galatea

Galatea, by Emily Short.
Release 3 / Serial number 040208.
(the original Year 2000 IF Art Show entry, which
won "Best of Show",
is in art/if-artshow/year2000/galatea.z5)

# Gamer.zblorb

Gamer: Digital Limbo, by Ian Ross.
Release 1 / Serial number 120415

# GerbilRiot.z5
ifwiki: The Gerbil Riot of '67
tuid: 13yihrzjzw1j86uz

Gerbil Riot, originally written by Simon Avery and
ported from The Quill to Inform by Duncan Cross.
Release 2 / Serial number 000513

# Glass.zblorb
tuid: 29l04xfgii5roq63
ifwiki: Glass

Glass, a fractured fairy tale, by Emily Short. One of
the demonstration games for Inform 7.
Release 1 / Serial number 061008

# Glik_I.zblorb
tuid: fvwmf74kunm2x48j

Glik part 1: Undead Menace, by Logan Edwards.
Release 1 / Serial number 111211

# Gnu_in_the_Zoo.zblorb
ifwiki: Gnu in the Zoo
tuid: n4j6siv2qsgtclb

Gnu in the Zoo, a Freedom-Focused Fantasy, by Alex Ball.
Release 3 / Serial number 160331

# GoWest.zblorb
tuid: 25tvza96jojhdjw5

Go West, a Surreal Adventure by 'Hulk Handsome'.
Release 3 / Serial number 120425

# GourmetGaffe.zblorb
tuid: av32uluswxcp65zb

Gourmet Gaffe, a Historically Inaccurate Adventure
by 'Hulk Handsome'.
Release 1 / Serial number 120624

# GreatXavio.z5
ifwiki: The Great Xavio
tuid: yi1y0xymiimqkk82

The Great Xavio, A Todd and Hagerston Mystery,
by Reese Warner.
Release 3 / Serial number 041204
(the original competition entry is in

# GreenRain.zblorb
ifwiki: A Green Rain
tuid: 3xzjj7z5932w3lof

A Green Rain, an abstraction, by Jason Love.
Release 1 / Serial number 100611

# GrowingUp.zblorb
tuid: 5i53mr5dbhy5bgsc

Growing Up, by Andy Van Deventer.
Release 1 / Serial number 110825

# Grue.z8
ifwiki: Grue (by Mangin)
tuid: ji9b06p3iyhcyf8y

GRUE, by Charles Mangin.
Release 5 / Serial number 170810

# Gumshoe.z5
tuid: 1ho4lvchvukpgfld

Gumshoe, An Interactive Investigation by Mike Oliphant.
Release 1 / Serial number 960331

# HLAinform.z5
tuid: ba6xlbvc9gq3fks9

HLA Inform: A Classic Quest. Originally written by
Paul Panks and converted to Inform by "Roger Pepitone".
Release 1 / Serial number 050715
(source code is in games/source/inform/HLAinform.zip,
and the original is in games/pc/paul-panks/hlaadv.zip)

tuid: jhin6voi6vzmpk68

HOLY ROBOT EMPIRE, by Caleb Wilson.
Release 2 / Serial number 140601

# HallowEve.z8
tuid: as93uowvtbqfy2to
ifwiki: Hallow Eve

Hallow Eve, an interactive fiction of horror,
by Michael Wayne Phipps Jr.
Release 2 / Serial number 111028.
(the original competition entry is in

# Ham_House.zip
ifwiki: In the House of Professor Evil: The HAM HOUSE
tuid: nt5qro7omvmu8uqx

In the House of Professor Evil: The HAM HOUSE,
an Utterly Epic Text Adventure from Cumberland Games,
written by S.John Ross.
Release 10 / Serial number 081124

# Hamil.z5
tuid: neox2d3gwb8ubm1c

Hamil, by Jonathan R. Partington (Cambridge University,
1982). Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson,
Adam Atkinson and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Hamil.z5]

# Hat.z5
ifwiki: Oh No, Mr Crab Stole Your Hat!
tuid: ug830j33pb9qpe5v

Oh No, Mr Crab Stole Your Hat! by Brown Cow.
Release 1 / Serial number 130216

# Head_Case.zip
tuid: 8bdwbmkius8qv8c

Head Case, version 1.06, by C. Scott Davis.
Release 1 / Serial number 230310

# Heliopause.zblorb
ifwiki: Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home
tuid: ykccumi5xc5rltev

Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home,
by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 6 / Serial number 100703

# HelloSword.zip
ifwiki: Hello Sword
tuid: k8fovtn8hqnlawnh

Hello Sword - The journey, by Andrea Rezzonico.
Archive contains English and Italian versions.
Release 3 / Serial number 060113
[file is linked from games/zcode/italian/HelloSword.zip]
(the original competition entry is in

# HellsBasement.zblorb
tuid: l7qmhsmhjbp9bnge

Hell's Basement, by Simon Leek and Peter Laskin.
Release 1 / Serial number 140826

# Help.z8
ifwiki: When Help Collides
tuid: 71so2t5p2cg90nm1

When Help Collides: The Wreck of the H.M.S. Snark,
a Parodic Drama by J. D. Berry.
Release 2 / Serial number 030208
(the original competition entry is in
there are also help files for the game in
solutions/geishaCheatSheet.html and

# Heroine.z8
ifwiki: Heroine's Mantle
tuid: 0lw7xjk3cplb0we7

Heroine's Mantle, written by Andy Phillips.
Release 3 / Serial number 001211

# Hidden_Verbiage.zblorb
tuid: e42b91ddesea9wju

Hidden Verbiage, by Linus Hamilton. A puzzle from the 2018 Caltech Puzzle Hunt.
Release 1 / Serial number 181127

# Hide_a_pachyderm!.z5
tuid: fkitx3t7bymkxbuw

Hide a pachyderm! An interactive joke, by Simon Deimel.
Release 10 / Serial number 151011

# Home.z5
ifwiki: Home (by Romano)

Home, by Natalie Romano.
Release 1 / Serial number 110204

# Homecoming.zblorb
ifwiki: Homecoming
tuid: 2ottee5x0vwqxl0p

Homecoming, by Carolyn VanEseltine.
Release 1 / Serial number 140903

# HouseOfDreamOfMoon.z8
ifwiki: House of Dream of Moon
tuid: 20f753czrlhoorfh

House of Dream of Moon, an Interactive Collaboration
by The IF Whispers Team.
Release 1 / Serial number 071204

# HugeCave.z8
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure in Humongous Cave, David Malmberg's AGT version
of Adventure, ported to Inform by Al Golden.
Release 1 / Serial number 000001
(a Windows package is in games/pc/HCWinPkg.zip, and
a Mac package is in games/mac/HCMacPkg.sit)

# HugeHint.z5
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Humongous Cave Hints, originally written by Dave Malmberg
and ported to Inform by Al Golden.
Release 1 / Serial number 000001

# Hummingbird.zblorb
ifwiki: Flight of the Hummingbird

Flight of the Hummingbird, an Interactive Costumed Caper,
by Michael Martin.
Release 2 / Serial number 110101
(the original competition entry is in
 and source code is in

# I-0.z5
ifwiki: I-0
tuid: a3ym4ipix7sjsfrf

I-0: the "jailbait on the interstate" game, Release 5
(v2.00), Serial number 14729; contains some adult content.

# IFAquarium.zblorb
tuid: 6a9miznv190xj8k

IF Aquarium, a short piece of Interactive Art,
by Michael Kichline and Michael Eckhart.
Release 2 / Serial number 100515

# IF_Whispers_5.z8
tuid: 3xcq5vv8yu8u8rpb

IF Whispers 5, an Interactive Collaboration, by The
IF Whispers Team (Chris Conley, Joey Jones,
Marius Müller, Tom Blawgus, and Porpentine).
Release 2 / Serial number 120312

# IPressedOnBeingChased.zblorb
tuid: jr7js5hfqehanm2

I pressed on, being chased by a stapler with my name on it.
Written by Charlie Marcou.
Release 1 / Serial number 130323

# Ibo.z5

Ibo, a trial on Interactive Flash Fiction,
by Bahri Gordebak.
Release 1 / Serial number 120109

# Iceweb.zblorb
tuid: 5nxyo41kpp4ocqf2

Iceweb, by Gil Williamson.

# Imiagination.zblorb
ifwiki: Imiagination
tuid: 2royd7eu1lm99oz

Imiagination, by Lou Ferrand, Maria Rabarison,
Michaël Schwartz and Grégoire Yakan.
Release 1 / Serial number 110608

# ImpossibleStairs.z8
ifwiki: Impossible Stairs
tuid: 85jr6xdzreuac9e

The Impossible Stairs, an interactive fiction by Mathbrush.
Release 2. Serial number 220706.
(source code is in games/source/dialog/ImpossibleStairs.dg)

# InAManorOfSpeaking.zip
ifwiki: In a Manor of Speaking
tuid: og03iq6afol27gez

In a Manor of Speaking, version 3, by Hulk Handsome.
Release 3 / Serial number 180117
(the original competition entry is in

# InTheSkinOfALionQuest.zblorb

In the Skin of a Lion Quest: Caravaggio's Journey,
by parrishka.
Release 1 / Serial number 121106

# Inevita.z5
tuid: cefpt9ubleq41v3w
ifwiki: Inevitable

Inevitable, by T. L. Heinrich (a.k.a. Kathleen M.
Fischer). Release 2 / Serial number 030428
(the original 2003 Spring Thing entry is in

# Informat.z5
ifwiki: Informatory
tuid: d6mws3jpq68wo2ks

Informatory, a Not Very Interactive Pastiche with
Tutorial Pretensions, by William J. Shlaer.
Release 2 / Serial number 981211
(the original competition entry is in

# Intangible.zblorb
tuid: yrgz1ot45lhynrdh

Intangible, by bzzz.
Release 1 / Serial number 131229

# InteractiveFictionPlayer.zblorb
tuid: cvka0embexysjwfj

Interactive Fiction Player, by Charlie Marcou.
Release 1 / Serial number 130325

# InterviewWithARockStar.zblorb
tuid: 5xpin5mu9c3arcpk

Interview with a Rock Star, a Few Minutes Interview,
by Molly G.
Originally made for a "game duel" on the TIGSource forums,
this was released again (with some improvements) for the
IGF Pirate Kart, and a "Deluxe" version was made for
Pirate Kart 5.
Release 3 / Serial number 120223

# In_The_Cubicle.zblorb

In The Cubicle, a Short Interactive Claustrophobia,
by Tom Fox.
Release 1 / Serial number 160411

# IraqiInvasion.zip
ifwiki: Iraqi Invasion
tuid: c3nyd7wv3rmrqhbm

Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure,
Interactive Propaganda by Anonymous.
Contains .z8/.zblorb versions and source code.
Release 88 / Serial number 080131
[file is linked from games/source/inform/IraqiInvasion.zip]

# Islands.zblorb

Islands Far Away - An Entry in the Ludum Dare Game
Competition #17, by Shanon Fernald.
Release 1 / Serial number 100426

# Jigsaw.z8
ifwiki: Jigsaw
tuid: 28uhmejlntcbccqm

Jigsaw, An Interactive History by Graham Nelson.
Release 3 / Serial number 951129
Complete version (game and help information); must be
played with an interpreter that can handle V8 games.

# Jigsaw_Footnotes.z5
ifwiki: Jigsaw
tuid: 28uhmejlntcbccqm

Jigsaw: Rules and Footnotes, by Graham Nelson.
Release 3 / Serial number 951129.
Help and background information only.

# Jigsaw_Game.z5
ifwiki: Jigsaw
tuid: 28uhmejlntcbccqm

Jigsaw, An Interactive History by Graham Nelson.
Release 3 / Serial number 951129.
Game only without help information.

# Juicehead.zblorb
tuid: hsowl06bkcnmz9rf

Juicehead, an interactive binge, by Simon Deimel.
Release 5 / Serial number 150112

# Just_Another_Day.zblorb
tuid: t3863cqfh8e3pq0u

Just Another Day, by Theodore C. Lim.
"This game is a tribute to any and all working parents."
Release 2 / Serial number 170129

# KeepingDido.zblorb

Keeping Dido, a brief interactive story, written by
Brendan Desilets, based on the opera by Nahum Tate and
Henry Purcell.
Release 1 / Serial number 120516

# Kentish_Plover.z8
tuid: lmwi2ixg9a6jeu9

Kentish Plover, by Daniel Gunnell (writing as Kentish Plover).
Release 1 / Serial number 200118

# KierkegaardsSpider.zblorb

Kierkegaard's Spider, by Michael Tillman.
Release 1 / Serial number 120413

# Killing_Machine_Loves_Slime_Prince.zblorb
tuid: 9dnb8x2iiehnyyd4

Killing Machine Loves Slime Prince.
A weird little exploration game by C.E.J. Pacian.
Release 5. Serial number 230819.

# LASH.z8
ifwiki: LASH
tuid: frfoh6e7hur2beiu

LASH -- Local Asynchronous Satellite Hookup, by Paul O'Brian.
Release 11 / Serial number 000806
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/LASH.zip, and
a Mac executable is in games/mac/LASH-r11.hqx)

# LDoDoom.z5
tuid: o2gjzn84u9xyy1d0

Last Days of Doom, Copyright 1999 by Peter D. Killworth.
Release 1 / Serial number 000801

# LLR3.z8
ifwiki: A Little Like Rogue
tuid: ufpd7eyc7ns5828w

A Little Like Rogue, a W&W Scenario by Guy Hungerford,
based on Graham Nelson's "Reliques of Tolti-Aph".
Release 1 / Serial number 070314

# LMS_TVG.zblorb
tuid: m3553nzigj81nqlp

LMS The Video Game, an Action Interactive Fiction Game
by John Goettle.
Release 7 / Serial number 081227
(a Glulx version is in games/glulx/LMS_TVG.gblorb, and
source code is in games/source/inform/LMS_TVG.txt)

# Lex.zblorb

Lex, by Zane Mariano.

# LiveJoseph.zblorb
tuid: z22lbztjaukgb5r
ifwiki: LiveJoseph

LiveJoseph, an interactive non-fiction, by Joseph Miller.
Release 1 / Serial number 111227

# Locked_Door.zblorb
tuid: embvdrjotvjib97

Locked Door, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220116

# Locked_Door_II-Fair_Trade.zblorb
tuid: igccp3svdjtuayao

Locked Door II:  Fair Trade, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220118

# Locked_Door_III-Crate_Expectations.zblorb
tuid: 7ydwbl5iigiev03u

Locked Door III:  Crate Expectations, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220119

# Locked_Door_IV-Safety_In_Numbers.zblorb
tuid: 3igmh34kn9jhcrbd

Locked Door IV:  Safety In Numbers, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220119

# Locked_Door_V-Switched_On.zblorb
tuid: 53xiyjgm2z0dkp8s

Locked Door V:  Switched On, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220121

# Locked_Door_VI-It_Takes_Two.zblorb
tuid: mbaaov2kuxc4spub

Locked Door VI:  It Takes Two, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220123

# Locked_Door_VII-Out_Of_Line.zblorb
tuid: apd7cy7cxsrgbb4v

Locked Door VII:  Out Of Line, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220125

# Locked_Door_VIII-Enemy_Mine.zblorb
tuid: 6f7xbetzqnu919rv

Locked Door VIII:  Enemy Mine, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220126

# Locked_Door_IX-Under_Obstruction.zblorb
tuid: fkboebf8e5tb38a

Locked Door IX:  Under Obstruction, a minimalist interactive fiction, by Cody Gaisser.
Release 1 / Serial number 220129

# LookingToTheSky.zblorb
ifwiki: Looking to the Sky

Looking to the Sky, by Isaac Dudney.
Release 1 / Serial number 110313

# LostPig.z8
ifwiki: Lost Pig
tuid: mohwfk47yjzii14w

Lost Pig And Place Under Ground, by Admiral Jota.
Winner of the 2007 IF Competition.
Release 2 / Serial number 080406
(the original competition entry is in

# LostPig.zblorb
ifwiki: Lost Pig
tuid: mohwfk47yjzii14w

Lost Pig And Place Under Ground, by Admiral Jota.
Winner of the 2007 IF Competition.
Release 2 / Serial number 080406
(the original competition entry is in

# LostSheep.z5
ifwiki: The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep
tuid: 3q4jekm4creceb58

The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep, a light-hearted
adaptation of the Parable of the Lost Sheep,
by Ben Pennington.
Release 1 / Serial number 130000
(the original competition entry is in

# Magic_Muffin_-_The_Desert.zblorb
tuid: t9dj1gdgxzvvfdnf

Magic Muffin - The Desert, by Charlie the Spiffy.
Release 1 / Serial number 120505

# Mahadev.z5
tuid: v8fqg8rj3pn5nvz

Mahadev: Painless Little Stupid Games #6, by Bob Reeves.
Release 1 / Serial number 110527

# MakeItGood.z8
ifwiki: Make It Good
tuid: jdrbw1htq4ah8q57

Make it Good, by Jon Ingold.
Release 15 / Serial number 091227

# Mask.z5
ifwiki: Masquerade
tuid: zws1j2x2yiqywywi

Masquerade, written by Kathleen M. Fischer.
Release 4 / Serial number 010122
(the original competition entry is in

# Mercury_Trucking.z5
tuid: 6y7z0x9obqu0ftpr

The Mercury Trucking Company, an Interactive Job Worth
Doing, by Alan Trewartha.

# Mercy.z5
ifwiki: Mercy
tuid: r2vshl7noxxpjma4

Mercy, A short story by Christopher Klimas.
Release 2 / Serial number 980217
(The code (from release 1) for the computer in this
game can be found in games/source/mercycomp.txt)

# Misdirection.z5
ifwiki: The Act of Misdirection
tuid: 0f4x5i2elojxez6l

The Act Of Misdirection, An Interactive Performance,
written by Cal Harrison.
Release 6 / Serial number 060304

# Misdirection.txt
ifwiki: The Act of Misdirection
tuid: 0f4x5i2elojxez6l

Announcement for The Act Of Misdirection.

# MissingGrandpa-LostInTime.zblorb
tuid: 3jo2k7n9tyazupik

Missing Grandpa: Lost in Time, by Becky Kinkead.
Release 1 / Serial number 120319

# Mobius.zblorb
ifwiki: Möbius
tuid: xm4ltaarp0fje5yd

Möbius, an Interactive Twist by J.D. Clemens.
Release 2 / Serial number 061119
(the original competition entry is in

# MonzasPhantom.zblorb
ifwiki: Monza's Phantom
tuid: z28gbu6w6bcg49s8

Monza's Phantom, by Sebastiano and Federico Gobbo.
Release 1 / Serial number 070219

# Moon-Shaped.zblorb
ifwiki: Moon-Shaped
tuid: d93xs619qx1au1ua

Moon-Shaped, a Fairy Tale Retold by Jason Ermer.
Release 2 / Serial number 080710
(the original competition entry is in

# Moonwrecked.zblorb
ifwiki: Moonwrecked
tuid: a6dk2f6i4pym1m2

Moonwrecked, by Colin Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine.
Release 1 / Serial number 110309

# More.z8
ifwiki: More
tuid: hy06tvz613jexr3q

More, by Jason Dyer (Originally "Erin Canterbury").
Release 2 / Serial number 140604

# Mountain.zip
tuid: dkh9krjsk9towj5v

Mountain, an Interactive Expedition, by Benjamin Penny.
Release 6 / Serial number 030317

# MouseQuest_Ch1.zblorb

Mouse Quest Chapter 1 - The Arrival of Winter,
by Bryan and Sean Lian.

# Mulldoon.z8
ifwiki: The Mulldoon Legacy
tuid: k6yq5koj2zjzstpt

The Mulldoon Legacy, a Tale of Time and Self,
by Jon Ingold.
Release 6 / Serial number 000724

# Mullmurd.z5
tuid: fkk37ywm4eig3q65

The Mulldoon Murders, An Interactive Sequel,
by Jon Ingold.
Release 3 / Serial number 020214

# Murdac.z5
tuid: q36lh5np0q9nak28

Murdac, by Jonathan R. Partington (Cambridge University,
1982). Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson,
Adam Atkinson and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Murdac.z5]

# MyLastDuchess.zblorb

My Last Duchess, a Dramatic Monologue by Robert Browning
and Jonas Persson.
Release 1 / Serial number 140510

# MyLittleProjectConceptIsProven.zblorb

My Little Project Concept is Proven, by Jake Johnson.
Release 1 / Serial number 120620

# My_Angel.z5
ifwiki: My Angel
tuid: r67ofzas8p6y0ay4

My Angel, by Jon Ingold.
Release 2 / Serial number 001218
(the original competition entry is in

# MysteriousOceanTower.zblorb
ifwiki: Love, Hate and the Mysterious Ocean Tower
tuid: t2fhbsa546g11hln

Love, Hate and the Mysterious Ocean Tower.
A weird romance, by C.E.J. Pacian.
Release 2 / Serial number 110510
(the original Speed-IF entry is in

# Nautilisia.zblorb
ifwiki: Nautilisia
tuid: so1gjj9uy7vzien

Nautilisia, a bizarre and whimsical dream-world steeped
in pseudo-Jungian symbolism, by Ryan Veeder.
Release 2 / Serial number 130422

# Nidus.z5
tuid: vmza11v9ptyhplxh

Nidus, by Adam Atkinson (Cambridge University, 1986).
Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson
and David Kinder.
Version 1.140416 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Nidus.z5]

# NightBeforeChristmas.zblorb
ifwiki: An Abbreviated Night Before Christmas
tuid: bu0jpc1uo487nc3n

An Abbreviated Night Before Christmas, a Barely
Interactive Pastiche by Adam Thornton.
Release 1 / Serial number 061224

# Nihilism.z8

The Abyss, by Jamie Phelan.
Release 1 / Serial number 151001

# NudistsGoneWild.z8
tuid: nfylt32grtg6m993

Nudists Gone Wild, by 'Hulk Handsome'.
Release 2 / Serial number 120425

# One_Game_in_Search_of_a_Story.z5
tuid: n51u1uyjpr4runxd

One Game in Search of a Story, by NOM3RCY.
Release 326 / Serial number 101102

# OneGirl.z5
ifwiki: One Girl
tuid: ed9w1m9dyz0y15z7

One Girl, by Dr. Khel.
Release 1 / Serial number 020113
WARNING: Contains adult content.

# OnYourBack.z5
tuid: k89ezleinm2v7y1c

On Your Back, by Dan Doyle III.
Release 1 / Serial number 130506

# Ottumwa.z5
tuid: 1cq6xseeyl1y1wsd

PDFA Ottumwa, a Police Department Forensics Analyst
story, by David A. Faught.
Release 5 / Serial number 021409
(a Glulx version is in games/glulx/Ottumwa.gblorb)

# Out_of_the_Pit.zblorb
tuid: tzo8u7fd98h0fxky

Out of the Pit, by Evil Roda.
Release 1 / Serial number 110515

# PLSG.zip
tuid: dj4i80i11qrh7wk3
tuid: aixamxezzos7b4e6
tuid: uxki9uhnrhs5sdpa
tuid: iu94sqv7nr99pu98
tuid: wio7esv6474kvx6d

"Painless Little Stupid Games", a collection of five
small games ("Dinnertime", "To Get To The Other Side",
"They're After You!", "Mazemapper" and "The Mean Story"),
originally written in Alan and then converted to
Inform 7, by Bob Reeves.
(the original Alan versions are in games/alan/plsg.zip)

# PS.z8
tuid: 4txz0ha97pmw7sc

The Quest for the Philosopher's Stone, by Hew.
Release 1 / Serial number 427301

ifwiki: Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle
tuid: 6vej1yd9quwfm9qn

Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle.
The latest in a long series of silly games.
Release 2 / Serial number 010618
Written by David Dyte, Steve Bernard, Dan Shiovitz,
Iain Merrick, John Cater, Liza Daly, Ola S. Bauge,
J. Robinson Wheeler, Jonathan Blask, Dan Schmidt,
Stephen Granade, Rob Noyes and Emily Short.

# PaleBlueLight.zblorb
ifwiki: Pale Blue Light
tuid: t04uu0b1j1qzjcjl

Pale Blue Light, a story by Kazuki Mishima.
Release 2 / Serial number 110708

# Parallel.zblorb
tuid: 3gby8gwsi4e5nteo

Parallel, by Ethan Crosthwaite.
Release 4 / Serial number 140414

# Paranoia.zblorb
ifwiki: Paranoia (by cpuguy)
tuid: acu9ag7o5mlg5eys

Paranoia, by Josh.
Release 1 / Serial number 090803

# Parc.z5
tuid: 8b4mkbqebmvvkba0

Parc, by John Rennie (Cambridge University, 1983).
Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson
and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Parc.z5]

# Peacock.z5
ifwiki: Not Made With Hands
tuid: axm2ffjjzr2xxt2n

Not Made With Hands, an Interactive Demonstration,
written by Emily Short.
Release 1 / Serial number 000208

# Pegasus.zblorb

Pegasus, by Joshua Mandell.
Release 1 / Serial number 130708

# PerrysWorld.zblorb
ifwiki: Perry's World

Perry's World, by Jim Wilbur.
Release 1 / Serial number 070501

# Photograph.zblorb
ifwiki: Photograph
tuid: qf7h94jq56f6iswd

Photograph, a Portrait of Reflection, by Steve Evans.
Release 5 / Serial number 040827
(the original competition entry is in

# Primer.zblorb
tuid: t1d8pxbejj19s115

Primer, by Christina Nordlander.
Release 1 / Serial number 171025

# Primrose.zblorb
ifwiki: The Primrose Path
tuid: pvgfinfdphogk292

The Primrose Path, by Nolan Bonvouloir.
Release 4 / Serial number 091222
(the original competition entry is in

# Probing.zip
ifwiki: Offensive Probing
tuid: nfbfwb2gp3sxsk3u

Offensive Probing, an Epic Sci-Fi Adventure,
by Ben Croshaw.
Release 1 / Serial number 990919
Archive includes the z-code game file, an
MS-DOS executable version and documentation.
[file is linked from </if-archive/games/pc/>Probing.zip]

# Puppet.zip
tuid: pvce1d452cag3r25

The Puppet-Man (Larsoft Adventure number 5).
Originally written by G.H. Larsen (1987) and
converted to Inform by William Stott.
Release 2 / Serial number 040803
(the original BBC version is in games/bbc/Puppet.zip)

# QuestForTheMagicMuffin.zblorb
tuid: nl6kzqajo2hbsz98

The Quest for the Magic Muffin, by Charlie the Spiffy.
Release 1 / Serial number 120326

# QuestForTheMagicMuffin3.zblorb
tuid: vki877q2w9t77xk9

Quest for the Magic Bagel...Err Muffin 3,
by Charlie the Spiffy and Arf.
Release 1 / Serial number 120505

# QuidditchFinal1954.zblorb
tuid: vwomwgu95qrqntac

The Quidditch Final of 1954, by Joseph Miller.
"It's May 15th, the day of the Quidditch final, which
will take place in a few hours. You are the Gryffindor
Seeker, and the game will rest largely on your
Release 4 / Serial number 121022

# RBD.z8
ifwiki: Rachel's Bad Day
tuid: 51s7wpmcvyb3r6i

Rachel has a bad day, by Sly Old Dog. Originally written
with ADRIFT and ported to Inform by Roger Pepitone.
Release 5 / Serial number 070328
(source code is in games/source/inform/bad-day-src.zip, and
the ADRIFT original is in games/adrift/rachels-bad-day.zip)

# RPN.zblorb
tuid: qmspaoalrqows1o8

RPN, by benjabby.
Release 1 / Serial number 090531

# Ralph.z5
ifwiki: Ralph (by Schmidt)
tuid: og54uzaryp1nh1jh

Ralph, An Interactive Sniffing by Miron Schmidt.
Release 9 / Serial number 040309
(the original competition entry is in

# Reddex.z8
tuid: 7lv91qfb3y6ar6uf

Reddex, an interactive adventure, by Phlegethon.
Release 1 / Serial number 200124

# Relief.z5
tuid: z8wgwnz83s66y3ku

The Hunt For Relief, a toilettic experience,
by Christian Gaertner.
Release 1 / Serial number 000820

# RetroFatale.zip
tuid: c7wvo7453qvozsh3

Retro Fatale, a Deadly Game, by Aaron Arendt.
Written for Game Gale 2010 on rpgmaker.net.
Release 1 / Serial number 110713

# Rise_of_the_Necropolis.zblorb

Rise of the Necropolis, by Noelle Correa and Amiel Cox.
Release 1 / Serial number 171208

# RoTA.zblorb
tuid: nnhm4yp172oivtd9
ifwiki: The Reliques of Tolti-Aph

The Reliques of Tolti-Aph, a W&W Scenario by Graham Nelson.
Release 1 / Serial number 060430.
(a Spanish translation is in games/glulx/spanish/rota.zip)

# RoomSerial.z8
ifwiki: Room Serial
tuid: bdey5bvuxsq6jcll

Room Serial, an escape game, by merricart.
Release 2 / Serial number 120627

# RtDoom.z5
tuid: bh11oq849rqspg7v

Return to Doom, Copyright 1999 by Peter D. Killworth.
Release 1 / Serial number 000831

# SameGame.z5
tuid: ph0y9c8b9ugvxdrv

SameGame, another episode in the Z-Machine abuse
saga, by Kevin Bracey. SameGame is an implementation
of a simple arcade game and is also a stress test
of Z-Machine interpreters.
Release 1 / Serial number 980731
(source code is in games/source/inform/SameGame.inf)

# Sangraal.z5
tuid: htskkm315iyr9uga

Sangraal, by Jonathan R. Partington (Cambridge
University, 1987). Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson,
Adam Atkinson and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Sangraal.z5]

# SantasSleighRide.zip
ifwiki: Santa's Sleigh Ride
tuid: a8l9yzh11dupy0k

Santa's Sleigh Ride, a moment in the life of
Santa Claus, by Molly Geene.
Release 4 / Serial number 081227

# Savoir-Faire.zblorb
ifwiki: Savoir-Faire
tuid: p0cizeb3kiwzlm2p

Savoir-Faire, an Interactive Search for Loot,
by Emily Short.
Release 8 / Serial number 040205

# Savoir-Faire_Feelies.pdf
ifwiki: Savoir-Faire
tuid: p0cizeb3kiwzlm2p

The "feelies" for Savoir-Faire, scanned as a PDF file,
by Emily Short.

# School.z5
tuid: a1f3kx4uzq4fdfm8

Inform School, a tutorial game about Inform
written in Inform, by William J. Shlaer.
Release 1 / Serial number 991217

# ShadowOfMemories.zblorb
ifwiki: Shadow of Memories
tuid: lw7w6i8ur0jscka8

Shadow of Memories, by Bethany Horbury.
Release 1 / Serial number 061124

# ShadowSoldiers.zblorb

Shadow Soldiers, by Arvind Pillai.
Release 1 / Serial number 070625

# Shallow.zblorb
tuid: z2fkxwaeu61ya1r

Shallow, by Austin Eady.
Release 1 / Serial number 121109

# Slackerx.z5
tuid: mu8py0ovp7u6wfup

Slacker X, A scatological breakthrough
in adventure gaming.
Release 1 / Serial number 971009
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/slackerx.zip)

# SleepCycle.zblorb
ifwiki: Sleep Cycle
tuid: ae0tpl5fm5xztdht

Sleep Cycle, by Thomas Cross.
Release 1 / Serial number 101217

# Snafufun.zip
tuid: t8rm5lb8mtzblrst

SNAFUFUN, a simple hypertext adventure
originally written in BASIC by Chris Kerton
and converted to Inform by Duncan Cross.
Archive contains z-code game file, Inform
source code and the original BASIC source code.
[file is linked to games/source/inform/Snafufun.zip]

# Snowquest.zip
ifwiki: Snowquest
tuid: 3oez457dpng7ktzb

Snowquest, a Curious Tale by Eric Eve.
Release 2 / Serial number 100127
Archive includes Z-code game file and a walkthrough.
(the original competition entry is in

# SoFar.z8
ifwiki: So Far
tuid: rcrihauxixy48svr

So Far, An Interactive Catharsis by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 6 / Serial number 961218

# SoReality.z8
tuid: paxrsjmsnzi3mdqu

So Reality, by Kenya Miller.
Release 1 / Serial number 100127

# So_Youve_Never_Played_a_Text.zblorb
tuid: z9mk3i7w95wtdqnz

So, You've Never Played a Text Adventure Before, Huh?
An Introduction to Interactive Fiction by Ryan Veeder.
Release 1 / Serial number 140327

# Somewhere.z5
ifwiki: Somewhere
tuid: jkegjiy55tyn1cp0

Somewhere, an Interactive Poem by Kazuki Mishima.
Release 2 / Serial number 080129

# SpAdventure.z5
tuid: 5xpygvyn0oyt401b

SpAdventure by Jay Walton. The original Adventure
with a twist - you play as an Enchanter with spells.
Release 2 / Serial number 971030
(source code is in games/source/inform/SpAdventure.inf)

# Spring_2020.z8
tuid: zlqh0lpw3fmf8qor

Spring 2020, by Phillip J. Rhoades.
Release 1 / Serial number 200414

# Spycatcher.z5
tuid: 3rwn57i2b6nnnd2j

Spycatcher, by Jonathan R. Partington and
Jonathan Thackray (Cambridge University, 1989).
Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson
and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
This game was later released for 1980s home computers
as "Spy Snatcher".
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Spycatcher.z5]

# Starborn.zblorb
ifwiki: Starborn
tuid: xxzy1f49yw1n6ghj

Starborn, an interactive story, by Juhana Leinonen.
Release 2 / Serial number 110116

# Starry_Seeksorrow.zblorb
tuid: b74ur5fu47hipfnq

Starry Seeksorrow, by Caleb Wilson.
Release 2 / Serial number 160602

# Stealing_the_Stolen.zblorb
tuid: 7f6hlvxwkssyhoqp

Stealing the Stolen, by Rachel and Sabrina.
Release 1 / Serial number 161222

# StormCellar0.zblorb
tuid: rqpt1xqds7red6zm

Storm Cellar, an Interactive Work of Horror by
P. F. Sheckarski. This is the first installment in a
planned series, to be released episodically.
Release 2 / Serial number 081022
(the original IntroComp entry is in

# StrangeWorld.zblorb

Strange World, by Matt Salaiz.
Release 1 / Serial number 091012

# Sturdlint.z5
tuid: oisq1t4ekpmi3zz9

Sturdlint (The Mempotnaclob): Painless Little Stupid
Games #7, by Bob Reeves.
Release 1 / Serial number 110630

# Suicide.z8
ifwiki: Suicide (game)
tuid: kmoymj14weszx5a1

Suicide, a self-ordered death sentence,
by Dan Doyle III.
Release 1 / Serial number 101103

# SundayAfternoon.z8
ifwiki: Sunday Afternoon
tuid: yv4mjm4han072fg

Sunday Afternoon, by Christopher Huang (originally
writing as "Virgil Hilts").
Release 3 / Serial number 121213
(the original competition entry is in

# SurprisingCaseOfBrianTimmons.zblorb
ifwiki: The Surprising Case of Brian Timmons
tuid: qnctd1t1exifgwsi

The Surprising Case of Brian Timmons.
An Interactive Enigma, by Marshal Tenner Winter.
Release 1 / Serial number 130114

# Sushi.zblorb
ifwiki: A Day for Fresh Sushi
tuid: 7yiyxcnrlwejoffd

A Day For Fresh Sushi, by Emily Short.
Release 1 / Serial number 010416
(original .z5 version is in

# Swineback.z5
ifwiki: Swineback Ridge
tuid: c55q98mhkkngsrkq

Swineback Ridge, A Desperate Battle by Eric Eve.
Release 1 / Serial number 060422

# Take_the_Dog_Out.zblorb
tuid: 8cfrh2p2imthsgss

Take the Dog Out, a Short Constitutional, by Ell.
Release 1 / Serial number 210328

# Tangle.z5
ifwiki: Spider And Web
tuid: 2xyccw3pe0uovfad

Spider And Web, Interactive Fiction by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 4 / Serial number 980226

# TauntingDonut.zblorb
ifwiki: Taunting Donut
tuid: 6cih55ybfll9o7o8

Taunting Donut, a super-short interactive fiction by
Kalev Tait.
Release 1 / Serial number 080612

# TCOTY.zblorb
ifwiki: The Citizen of the Year: The Game
tuid: w4v7ynal6nkcmzyb

The Citizen of the Year: The Game, written by "KG".
Release 1 / Serial number 060908

# TGM.z5
tuid: d0u17szgcj34ex3r

The Great Machine - a fragment, by Jonas Kyratzes
Version 1.0
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/TGM.exe and a
Windows installer is in games/pc/TGM_Setup.exe)

# That_Damn_Elevator.zblorb
tuid: ujsos65tx7kh86g

That Damn Elevator, by Binkley Beardman.
Release 1 / Serial number 160710

# ThatDamnRemote.zblorb

That Damn Remote, a short farcical interactive fiction
romp, by Jamie Phelan.
Release 1 / Serial number 091214

# TheAdventuresOfHoudini.zblorb
ifwiki: The Adventures of Houdini
tuid: s5v5lxj6fdfc405a

The Adventures of Houdini, by Colleen Boye.
Release 4 / Serial number 120511

# TheAlgophilistsPenury.zip
ifwiki: The Algophilists' Penury
tuid: vkwkux39rfr13ary

The Algophilists' Penury, by Jon Stall.
Release 1 / Serial number 120528
Archive includes game file and source code.
[file is linked to games/source/inform/TheAlgophilistsPenury.zip]

# TheDayIShotHitler.z5
ifwiki: The Day I shot ...
tuid: hpqjj4d36s6427ua

The Day I Shot..., an interactive party, by Marius Muller.
Release 2 / Serial number 081206
(the original version is in games/mini-comps/speedif/SpeedIF_NewYear.zip)

# TheDogHouse.zblorb
tuid: goobkwp4x2rdr09p

The Dog/House, a Brief Excursion,
by Byron Alexander Campbell.
Release 2 / Serial number 101130

# TheEmptyRoom.zblorb
tuid: hrm301o9rup2rvnp

The Empty Room, an Interactive Escape, by Matthew Alger.
Release 1 / Serial number 100813

# TheEnchantedCastle.zblorb
ifwiki: The Enchanted Castle
tuid: r5jlzvx3g5iijjm

The Enchanted Castle, by Gregg Roberts.
Release 1 / Serial number 190627

# TheForgottenGirls.zblorb
ifwiki: The Forgotten Girls
tuid: xzywzo759jigu965

The Forgotten Girls, by Brent H.
Release 1 / Serial number 120817

# TheGarlicCage.z8
ifwiki: The Garlic Cage, Episode I
tuid: 1hygnm4xhma9ovx

The Garlic Cage, Episode I, by Taro and NOM3RCY.
Release 326 / Serial number 120209

# TheGrandQuest.z5
ifwiki: The Grand Quest
tuid: m2pvo856238t7zen

The Grand Quest, an interactive struggle, by Owen Parish.
Release 2 / Serial number 091209
(the original competition entry is in

# TheGreatPancakeDetectives.zblorb
tuid: 7sz1rc19cb5euagn

The Great Pancake Detectives - Case #27, by Hulk Handsome.
Release 2 / Serial number 180117

# TheHorriblePyramid.zblorb
ifwiki: The Horrible Pyramid
tuid: y3njzbvdp6zyike5

The Horrible Pyramid, a cautionary tale of sorts,
by Ryan Veeder.
Release 1 / Serial number 131201
(the original Ectocomp entry is in

# TheHouse.zip
ifwiki: The House (by Remington)
tuid: 83noiwzup8nsasob

The House, by Jazz Remington.
Release 1 / Serial number 070714

# TheHouseOfFear.zblorb
tuid: byksqp7x5kvtutoj

The House of Fear, or, Loplop Introduces the World,
a Hermetic Journey by Gwen Katz.
Release 3 / Serial number 141121
(an illustrated version is in games/glulx/TheHouseOfFear.gblorb)

# TheInvestment.z5
tuid: boew0e2h7sq2x17m

The Investment, by Xal and Pepper Ivy.
Release 1 / Serial number 200916

# TheIsland.zblorb
ifwiki: The Island (by Williams)
tuid: y48gvlnxy4m3b2ov

The Island, by Patrick Williams.
Release 1 / Serial number 130226

# TheKazooist.zblorb
ifwiki: The Kazooist
tuid: v06730xugqijxl1v

The Kazooist, by Charlie Marcou.
"You are at your birthday party and your about to eat
some cake and stuff, but then some weird stuff happens..."
Release 2 / Serial number 130105

# TheLastDarkDay.z5
tuid: qt4q4pbf6vod2kfj

The Last Dark Day: Painless Little Stupid Games #8,
by Bob Reeves.
Release 1 / Serial number 110822

# ThePriceOfFreedom.zblorb
tuid: tgynzzq0ca57suj

The Price of Freedom, by Wyatt Ryder.
Release 1 / Serial number 120919

# ThePrize.zblorb
tuid: 2vlwxzphtdo8xk8y

The Prize, by Simon Vigonski.
Release 1 / Serial number 120827

# TheRealisticNascarEXperience.z5
tuid: cicidaxpvqhz4zw8

The Realistic Nascar eXperience,
by Nathaniel Tayerle.
Release 1 / Serial number 130827

# TheSmallRoom.z5
tuid: l9b4y019ff41mgdq

Trapped in a Small Room, by Anthony.
Release 1 / Serial number 100805

# TheSpotlight.z8
tuid: 2284zipgormhintu

The Spotlight, an interactive murder by Casino Stadium.
Release 1 / Serial number 140531

# TheTerribleOldManse.zblorb
ifwiki: The Terrible, Old Manse
tuid: 6q2gxvc1m746qijk

The Terrible Old Manse: 8bit fun in 7bit ASCII,
by Joe Johnston.
Release 1 / Serial number 100819

# TheTownMusicians.zblorb
tuid: owxx78amaprs74ov

The Town Musicians, by Colleen Boye.
Release 1 / Serial number 120125

# TheValleyHouse.z8
ifwiki: The Valley House
tuid: jnunbjelez0zf4sg

The Valley House: Painless Little Stupid Games #10,
by Bob Reeves.
Release 1 / Serial number 111118

# TheWarblersNest.zblorb
ifwiki: The Warbler's Nest
tuid: he5spzmz6vr4dgej

The Warbler's Nest, a fairy tale, by Jason McIntosh.
Release 22 / Serial number 131221
(the original competition entry is in

# The_Awakening.zip
ifwiki: The Awakening (by PKProStudio)
tuid: 8i7hq6gdo677mzm1

The Awakening: The prologue to the Saturn Chronicles, by PKProStudio.
Release 1 / Serial number 100326

# The_Cenric_Family_Curse.zip
ifwiki: The Cenric Family Curse
tuid: ydpzujvvatlukt9

The Cenric Family Curse. Cursed and running out of time,
by Jonathan Snyder.
Release 3 / Serial number 131218
(the original competition entry is in

# The_Computer_Lady.z8
tuid: 3v4m4b5i01vzotbe

The Computer Lady, an Interactive Coding Exercise,
by Daniel Gunnell.
Release 1 / Serial number 190702

# The_Enigma_of_the_Old_Manor_House.zblorb
tuid: xpkv5crl0r964n9y

The Enigma of the Old Manor House, an Interactive Mystery, by Daniel M. Stelzer.
Release 2 / Serial number 221121

# The_Fifth_Continent.z8
tuid: 30hxwjuxqtfwidcj

The Fifth Continent, a travel through the Romney Marsh,
by Daniel Gunnell.
Release 1 / Serial number 190719

# The_Garden_of_Verging_Paths.zblorb
tuid: io1qmj3u0g4xdxtb

The Garden of Verging Paths, by Quinn Spence.
Release 1 / Serial number 151027

# The_Grand_Tour.z8
tuid: ur7o5zonjzbhxsty

The Grand Tour, a short I7 demonstration,
by Daniel Gunnell.
Release 1 / Serial number 190512

# The_Minimalist_Game.z5
ifwiki: The Minimalist Game
tuid: rihbmh4jwzaa8f6

The Minimalist Game, by NOM3RCY.

# The_Mundane_Tale_of_the_Morning.zblorb
ifwiki: The Mundane Tale of the Morning After
tuid: irkfnb1qbuiek0fk

The Mundane Tale of the Morning After, a tiny
anti-adventure, by Adri.
Release 1 / Serial number 140109

# The_Paper_Bag_Princess.z8
ifwiki: The Paper Bag Princess
tuid: 4hxafaltfdegrx2x

The Paper Bag Princess, an interactive fairy tale,
by Adri.
Release 4 / Serial number 150818

# The_World_Turned_Upside_Down.zblorb
tuid: o89pnw94ll1t3z9k

The World Turned Upside Down: A Cape side story,
by Bruno Dias.
Release 2 / Serial number 151224

# ThreeCowsAndTwoDoors.z5
tuid: 3zrt1y6ce9c4u2js

Three Cows and Two Doors, by NOM3RCY.
Release 332 / Serial number 120208

# Threediopolis.zblorb
ifwiki: Threediopolis
tuid: gn913naa45qwdv2t

Threediopolis, a Futuristic Word-Play Gofering,
by Andrew Schultz.
Release 3 / Serial number 140817
(the original competition entry is in

# TimeForTea.z8
ifwiki: Time For Tea
tuid: cb2mmy74e2g5414k

Time For Tea: A Game of Tea, Cakes, and Deadly Secrets,
by kaibutsu.
Release 1 / Serial number 100617

# ToaSK.zip
ifwiki: Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom
tuid: 8upuvdnsk4sho6ac

Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom.
Originally by Dr. Saul Leeman, with Henry and Dinah Riley,
and adapted by S. John Ross.
Release 9 / Serial number 130614

# ToK.zblorb
ifwiki: ToK
tuid: 766qt8e56s7xp9jq

ToK, written by Sacra.
Release 1 / Serial number 100227

# Tokyo2.z5
ifwiki: Downtown Tokyo, Present Day
tuid: 4ipti3pkye3wkucz

Downtown Tokyo Present Day, by Digby McWiggle.
Release 2 / Serial number 000615
(the original competition entry is in

# Towers_of_Hanoi.zblorb
tuid: orlwxd8x4srbw5

Towers of Hanoi, An Exercise in Inform 7, by Phil Riley.
Release 2 / Serial number 220627

# Tower.zblorb
ifwiki: Tower (by Deimel)
tuid: ny2i4ekxsbefa4m4

Tower, a surreal trip, by Simon Deimel.
Release 5 / Serial number 151228
(the original competition entry is in

# Toxin.z8
ifwiki: Toxin X
tuid: fbnnrh33a2ldckvw

Toxin X, by Sam Schrag.
Release 1 / Serial number 110519

# Trapped.zblorb
ifwiki: Trapped
tuid: ygkesj941rx2inl4

Trapped, by Kate Barnard.
Release 1 / Serial number 110413

# Tutorial.zblorb
tuid: 9ia8wxpijijmln7b

Tutorial, by Nereare.
Release 1 / Serial number 111030

# TutorialHotel.z5
tuid: fpg8obr5lzenkpu1

Hotel Tutorial, by Leandro Ribeiro.
A tutorial game for new IF players.
Release 1 / Serial number 100713

# Tuuli.zblorb
ifwiki: Tuuli
tuid: ngcuiadqoqzy1yn0

Tuuli, an interactive ritual,
by Daurmith and Ruber Eaglenest.
Release 4 / Serial number 180501
(the original competition entry is in

# UMW.z8
tuid: f7fx44x2jw0dvqqm

Life of a UMW student, by Daley Jennings and Kat Raffa.
Release 1 / Serial number 201215
(source code is in games/source/inform/UMW.zip)

# Underground.zip
tuid: 2pdvzl4wlmq14gq7

Underground, an interactive fantasy, by phlegethon.
Release 2 / Serial number 191215
This zip file contains both Z-code and Glulx versions, as well as cover art
and an audio file.
[file is linked to games/glulx/Underground.zip]

# UnderTheBed.z8
ifwiki: Under the Bed
tuid: bsifhw1ik8524evd

Under the Bed: Your baby brother's last chance,
by Dan Doyle III.
Release 1 / Serial number 120522

# UngodlyHour.zblorb
tuid: uu719pniia9iy1ww

Ungodly hour, an interactive nightmare, by Simon Deimel.
Release 7 / Serial number 140927

# UniPool.z5
ifwiki: The Unicorn Pool
tuid: p8oja5e142ymm1n2

The Unicorn Pool, a fable owing much to
Theodore Sturgeon, Thomas Hardy, and the film
A Kid For Two Farthings, written by Tiddy Ogg.
Release 1 / Serial number 100914

# Vacation.z5
tuid: w7siqe43yn0rb2pd

Vacation Gone Awry, by Johan Berntsson, Fredrik
Ramsberg, and Staffan Friberg.
Release 3 / Serial number 060527
(an archive containing this file and the Windows Frotz
interpreter is in games/pc/Vacation.zip)

# Violet.zblorb
ifwiki: Violet
tuid: 4glrrfh7wrp9zz7b

Violet, a Distraction by Jeremy Freese.
Release 3, November 2008.
Winner of the 2008 IF Competition.
(the original competition entry is in

# Virtuality.zblorb
ifwiki: Virtuality
tuid: g1gno99dv2qbfxib

Virtuality, by Mark.
Release 1 / Serial number 100131

# Walk_Among_Us.zblorb
tuid: ux665ah3dni7vu46

Walk Among Us, An Interactive Horror Punk
by Roberto Colnaghi.
Release 2 / Serial number 181202

# WalkInThePark.z5
ifwiki: A Walk In The Park
tuid: yd7zeqlghemq83wj

A Walk in the Park, a multiple-ending adventure,
by Matthew Alger. A short, comedic game with three
humorous endings.
Release 1 / Serial number 100213

# Wallpaper.zblorb
ifwiki: Delightful Wallpaper
tuid: jf4rk3cvmlajhl2r

Delightful Wallpaper, by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 5 / Serial number 061117
(the original competition entry is in

# We_Are_Unfinished.zblorb
tuid: 1ib2w8aopdus8pa

We Are Unfinished, by Ade McT.
Release 1 / Serial number 160419

# Wedding.zblorb
tuid: a30o796duklrp6cv

Wedding, an interactive Life Story, by Kenya Miller.
Release 1 / Serial number 100221

# WeirdCityInterloper.zblorb
tuid: wrt29d4nlm71udll

Weird City Interloper, an interactive tale of strange
conspiracy by C.E.J. Pacian.
Release 1 / Serial number 140613

# WerewolvesAndWanderer.zblorb
tuid: o68a3yq314cjna4s

Werewolves and Wanderer, a classic BASIC adventure.
Originally published in 1983 in 'Creating Adventure
Games On Your Computer' by Tim Hartnell, and adapted
to Inform 7 by Kristopher Neidecker.
Release 1 / Serial number 080705

# WernersQuest.zip
tuid: t8buiu68gvxst8ng
tuid: l44l6fbqnk5rvxqw
tuid: jiz6aljelhhpdj2n
tuid: 89xz965u52d31xzv

Werner's Quest Parts 1-4, a series of parodies of Zork
and Enchanter. Originally written by Jan Åberg and
converted to ZCode by Fredrik Ramsberg.
Archive includes ZCode game files and the C64 originals
in a D64 disk image.
[file is linked to games/c64/WernersQuest.zip]

# WhiteHouses.zblorb
ifwiki: White Houses
tuid: h3n3xzgylxxtyd85

White Houses, by Mr Stamp (Jason Lautzenheiser).
Release 3 / Serial number 140511

# WiR1.zblorb
tuid: 9i30k6shg9ccnngm
ifwiki: When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste

When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste, by Emily Short.
One of the demonstration games for Inform 7.
Release 2 / Serial number 060503

# WiR2.zblorb
tuid: qx277z01nf6adwan
ifwiki: When in Rome 2: Far from Home

When in Rome 2: Far from Home, by Emily Short.
One of the demonstration games for Inform 7.
Release 1 / Serial number 060503

# Wildflowers.zblorb
tuid: cqmsin544ao83cf9

Wildflowers, version 1, by Carolyn VanEseltine.

# Wrenlaw.zblorb
tuid: z1owjprlmrms8f8s

Wrenlaw, an interactive afternoon, by Ryan Veeder.
Release 1 / Serial number 130429

# Xeno.z5
tuid: w655d71wu41owcg9

Xenophobia, by Jonathan Mestel (Cambridge University,
Translated to Z-code by Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson
and David Kinder.
Version 1.111115 / Phoenix v1.04
[file is linked from phoenix/games/zcode/Xeno.z5]

# Youve_Got_a_Stew_Going.zblorb
ifwiki: You've Got A Stew Going!
tuid: dqqpdmlkuw8o9e05

You've Got A Stew Going! An Interactive Fiction
in one act, by Ryan Veeder.
Release 3 / Serial number 150410

# ZCatalog.chm
tuid: 3z2rnroqhrtm78ka

The Z-Files, a Z-Code Catalog.
Michael Baum's catalog of Z-Code games and programs
converted to a Windows HTML Help File
by Paul de Valmency.
[file is linked from info/Zcatalog.chm]

# ZCatalog990722.zip
tuid: 3z2rnroqhrtm78ka

A catalog of all Z-Code games and programs,
in HTML format. Written by Michael Baum,
based on previous catalogs by Brendon Wyber,
Neil Brown and Gunther Schmidl.
Last updated 22 July 1999
[file is linked from info/ZCatalog990722.zip]

# ZCatalog990722.txt
tuid: 3z2rnroqhrtm78ka

Detailed description of ZCatalog990722.zip
[file is linked from info/ZCatalog990722.txt]

# ZEDIT.zip

ZEDIT, The World's Most Portable Text Editor,
Copyright 1997 Charles Briscoe-Smith.

# ZTUU.zip
ifwiki: Zork: The Undiscovered Underground
tuid: 40hswtkhap88gzvn

Zork: The Undiscovered Underground, a text adventure
prequel to Zork Grand Inquisitor, programmed by
Gerry Kevin Wilson, and ported to Inform 7 by Al Golden.
Release 16 / Serial number 970828
Archive includes the game file, a map and a walkthrough.

# ZTornado.z5
tuid: 4wgs6i7jxgktgril

Z-Tornado, a two-player weather action game.
Originally written by Oliver Feiler and Rene Puls,
and ported to Inform by Sophie Frühling.
Release 2 / Serial number 030711
(source code is in games/source/inform/ztornado.zip)

# Zokoban.z5
tuid: cqkjbwux1m2swmbb

Zokoban, a Z-Machine implementation of the puzzle
game Sokoban, written by Jake Wildstrom.
Release 1 / Serial number 990810

# ZorkNplus9.zblorb
tuid: fekiho5j0pdsqp6t

Zork N plus 9, by Sonny Rae Tempest.
A revision, in (N+9) Oulipo form, of Dean Menezes'
Inform 7 port of Zork.
Release 1 / Serial number 120517

# Zork_LXIX.z5
tuid: dj48s6ron6wnq5

Zork LXIX: The Great Underground Hot Dog, or, Painless
Little Stupid Games, #9 by Bob Reeves.
Release 0 / Serial number 110901

# ZorkianStories1-GUE.zblorb
tuid: iad2jc9l3usqazgx

Zorkian Stories 1: G.U.E.
A diversion, by Marshal Tenner Winter.
Release 1 / Serial number 121014

# aasmasters.z5
ifwiki: AAS Masters
tuid: 2fo0u9hcpxsf53t1

AAS Masters, in which all is revealed, by "David
Banner." (Actually by Stephen Granade.) Ported by
Adam Biltcliffe.
(the original AAS version of this game is in

# acorncourt.z5
ifwiki: The Acorn Court
tuid: tqvambr6vowym20v

The Acorn Court, An Interactive Text Adventure
by Todd S. Murchison
Release 3 / Serial number 970904

# across.zip
ifwiki: Across The Stars
tuid: a64jwvfed5vdsrcq

Across the Stars, a Science Fiction Adventure,
by Infodarkness Productions.
Release 4 / Serial number 100329
(the original competition entry is in
and source code is in

# adamsinform.zip
tuid: 7nkd8ib4xbeqr7pm
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: 89kxtet3vb9lzj87
tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 89qmjvv4cb0z93t5
tuid: 025dj4on6jr2c867
tuid: cj05ocxhay4dbrfs
tuid: hew4c6rciycb6vog
tuid: rlxb5i0vjrnfr6x9
tuid: wkaibkem4nxzo53y
tuid: aqy6km542aq20jh4
tuid: 4yo4je8dh53ug9qs
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: rp9eibu02f9vp2sv
tuid: m85x5yr0zbopyuyb
tuid: 4blbm63qfki4kf2p
tuid: ngi8ox3s9gfcand2
ifwiki: Adventureland
ifwiki: Pirate Adventure
ifwiki: Secret Mission
ifwiki: Voodoo Castle
ifwiki: The Count
ifwiki: Strange Odyssey
ifwiki: Mystery Fun House
ifwiki: Pyramid of Doom
ifwiki: Ghost Town
ifwiki: Savage Island, Part I
ifwiki: Savage Island, Part II
ifwiki: Golden Voyage
ifwiki: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
ifwiki: Return to Pirate's Island
ifwiki: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
ifwiki: The Hulk
ifwiki: Spiderman

17 Scott Adams adventures and a sample mini-adventure,
all converted from ScottFree to Inform (.z5):

- Adventureland
- Adventureland (sample version)
- Buckaroo Banzai
- The Count
- Ghost Town
- The Golden Voyage
- The Hulk
- Mystery Fun House
- Strange Odyssey
- Pirate Adventure (aka Pirate's Cove)
- Pyramid of Doom
- Return to Pirate's Isle
- Savage Island, Part I
- Savage Island, Part II
- Secret Mission (aka Mission Impossible)
- Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
- Spiderman
- Voodoo Castle

[file is linked from scott-adams/games/zcode/adamsinform.zip]

# adv440.z8
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure II, the 44 point version of Adventure aka
Colossal Cave, by Jack Pike and Peter Luckett, from 1978,
converted to C99 and compiled as Z-code with a modified
vbccz compiler by Arthur O'Dwyer.

# adv550.z8
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure 3, the 550 point version of Adventure aka
Colossal Cave, by Dave Platt, from 1979, converted to
C99 and compiled as Z-code with a modified vbccz
compiler by Arthur O'Dwyer.

# adv551.z8
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure 6, aka Colossal Cave, extended to ~500 points
(David Long, 1979-1980) and then to 551 points
(Doug McDonald, 1985-1990), converted to C99 and
compiled as Z-code with a modified vbccz compiler by
Arthur O'Dwyer (2014-2017).

# advent.z3
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, the original 350 points
version ported to ZIL by Jesse McGrew, based on ealier
work by Graham Nelson and Dave Baggett, with some
elements of the original Fortran version restored.
Release 1 / Serial number 151001
(source code is in infocom/compilers/zilf/old/zilf-0.7.zip)

# advent.z6
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, the original 350 points
version ported to Inform by Graham Nelson, based on Dave
Baggett's TADS reconstruction "Colossal Cave Revisited".
This version (based on Graham's release 5) has been
recompiled as a Version 6 game by Jason Penney, using
his V6Lib Inform library.
Release 10 / Serial number 011123

# advent.z8
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, the original 350 points
version. This is Don Knuth's CWEB implementation,
converted to C99 and compiled as Z-code with a modified
vbccz compiler by Arthur O'Dwyer.

# adverbum.z5
ifwiki: Ad Verbum
tuid: xi4s5ne9m6w821xd

Ad Verbum, written by Nick Montfort.
Release 11 / Serial number 060905
(the original competition entry is in

# affront.zip
tuid: 0a72c4cpc5lxmgha

Annoyotron IV: Affrontotron, by Joe Mason.
Release 1 / Serial number 040226

# alice3.z5
tuid: b4sjbco0i9cyuxwc

Alice Through the Looking Glass, version 3, the first
room of a game based on the Lewis Carroll book.
Written by Gareth Rees, and updated for Inform 6 by
David Cornelson.
Release 1 / Serial number 030501

# amish.z5
tuid: rwseuddvj1gbo481

Amishville, a plain adventure. A parody of Amissville,
by Jacob Amman.
Release 1 / Serial number 020603

# amiss.z5
tuid: d0grbkci38aviz03

Amissville, by "A.P. Hill".
Release 1 / Serial number 020409
(This is a parody of the actual Amissville)

# anchor.z8
ifwiki: Anchorhead
tuid: op0uw1gn1tjqmjt7

Anchorhead: an Interactive Tale of Lovecraftian
Horror, by Michael S. Gentry
Release 5 / Serial number 990206

# animals.z5
ifwiki: Animals
tuid: vevcfm7edolbumfc

Animals 1.1, a logic and observation word puzzle,
written for the C-40 ZCode competition by David Fisher.

# annoy.z5
ifwiki: Annoyotron
tuid: fksojip0gz8sg1sn

Annoyotron, The Most Annoying Game of All Time,
by Ben Parrish
Release 1 / Serial number 990127

# appall.z5
ifwiki: Appallatron
tuid: 7h6o7vcranfncy52

Appallatron: Annoyotron 3, by Sean Barrett. An
unofficial sequel to Annoyotron and Aggravatron.
Release 1 / Serial number 020422

# atrocitron.z5
tuid: hq83p361oqgfgdtt

Atrocitron, An Interactive Puzzlebox,
by Michael C. Martin.
Release 1 / Serial number 161215
(source code is in games/source/inform/Atrocitron.zip)

# ats.z8
tuid: rsjzz9w60k6o6od4

A Tight Spot, A Z-machine Sokoban by Quim K. Holland.
Release 1 / Serial number 000001
(source code is in games/source/inform/atssrc.tar.gz)

# awitl.z5
tuid: ldv3pevm4rqsxnc6

A Week In The Life, An Interactive Self,
by Neil James Brown.
Release 3 / Serial number 980215

# awaken.z5
ifwiki: The Awakening
tuid: 12pkmwaekw4suh7g

The Awakening, by Dennis Matheson.
A horror game based loosely on the work of
H.P. Lovecraft.
Release 1 / Serial number 980726
(source code is in games/source/inform/awaken.inf)

# ayac.z5
ifwiki: Are You A Chef?
tuid: fty7wad8h6uot2x1

Are You A Chef? An interactive ifMUD-saving,
by Adam Biltcliffe.
Release 1 / Serial number 010107

# b2demo.z5
tuid: yk81lyb64utk4sa4

Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die, Part 2,
an interactive demonstration by R. Noyes.
Release 2, Serial number 961017

# baby_tree.zblorb
ifwiki: Baby tree
tuid: pi16ca1uk4o9t7hb

baby tree, version 1, by Lester Galin.

# back2wakeup.zip
ifwiki: Back to WakeUp
tuid: f6d7vq9nig2z3il

Back to WakeUp, a Backpacker Tale by Daniel Roperto.
Release 1 / Serial number 080313.
Created as a part of Lab2, Computer Game Design course,
UTS, Australia. Archive includes game file, source and
a walkthrough.
[file is linked from games/source/inform/back2wakeup.zip]

# ballerina102.z8
tuid: cg4j40i7wq34ggo1
ifwiki: Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina

Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina,
An Interactive Seasonal Shopping Emergency,
written by Jim Aikin.
Release 1 / Serial number 991128

# balt24.zip
tuid: 1ymyzuvvjhr61rik

Baltimore:24, An Exercise in Interactive Fiction
by Howard A. Sherman. Z5 game file and README.
Relase 2 / Serial number 970706

# bathtub.z5
ifwiki: There's a Snake in the Bathtub
tuid: c8q1g0ivr5gne0e6

There's a Snake in the Bathtub, a Test of Patience,
by Edward Griffiths.
Release 1 / Serial number 060409

# bazic-0.1.zip
tuid: v0bpwacilg6qkrod

baZic version 0.1, an implementation of BASIC for the
Z-Machine, by David Given. The Z-Code file includes the
interpreter and several example BASIC programs.
(source code is in games/source/inform/bazic-0.1.tar.gz)

# bear.z5
ifwiki: A Bear's Night Out
tuid: c9ll6cr8zr1txtfe

A Bear's Night Out, an Interactive Children's Story
by David Dyte.  Release 5 / Serial number 990224
(the original competition entry and a solution are in

# bedlam.z5
ifwiki: Bedlam
tuid: 3oj97yagdl2990cs

Bedlam, An Interactive Preview by Michael Zey.
Release 1 / Serial number 970711

# beneath.z5
tuid: 1wl2zxgyggwy3x78
ifwiki: Beneath: a Transformation

Beneath: a Transformation, by Graham Lowther.
Release 2 / Serial number 080107
(source code is in games/source/inform/beneath.inf,
and the original competition entry is in

# bishoes.z5
tuid: zy2o84xckwqgdn2l
ifwiki: Buried In Shoes

Buried In Shoes, by Kazuki Mishima.
Release 4 / Serial number 090513
(source code is in games/source/inform/bishoes.zip,
and the original competition entry is in

# bj.z5
ifwiki: Blow Job Drifter
tuid: h25oyg05bdu0wd30

Blow Job Drifter, An Interactive You Kno What, by Big Al.
Release 5 / Serial Number 981103
WARNING: This game is about oral sex.

# blair.z5
tuid: efhg9zr2j2o9ph0q
ifwiki: Tales From The College Presents A Breath Of Fresh Blair

Tales From The College Presents A Breath Of Fresh Blair,
an Interactive In-Joke by Jesse Burneko.
Release 2 / Serial number 971119

# bluechairs.z5
ifwiki: Blue Chairs
tuid: uva1vc6ico5u65zg

Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas.
Release 2 / Serial number 041229
(source code is in
and the original competition entry is in

# blues.z5
tuid: 4bmqk187943zmwze
ifwiki: Tinseltown Blues

Tinseltown Blues: A quest for success in Hollyweird,
by Chip Hayes. Winner of Adam Cadre's 2002 Spring Comp.
Version 1.1 / Serial Number 020618
[file is linked from games/springthing/2002/blues.z5]

# bofh.z5
ifwiki: BOFH
tuid: 8hq3dwcm86omsz3p

The Bastard Operator from Hell, written by
Howard A. Sherman, based on the characters created
by Simon Travaglia.
Release 8 / Serial number 030202
(the original competition entry is in

# bomber.z5
tuid: kbcjvrtghsw57ldp

The Mad Bomber - a Z-Machine version of the classic
Bomber game, by Neil James Brown. Needs an interpreter
that supports timed input, and an interpreter
supporting colour is recommended.
Release 3 / Serial number 971123
(source code is in games/source/inform/bomber.inf)

# bookvol.z5
ifwiki: Book and Volume
tuid: timl7wld6zp9otsf

Book and Volume by Nick Montfort,
Release 8, 2005-12-25. Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License 2.5.

# booth.z5
ifwiki: Pick Up The Phone Booth And Die
tuid: 4gb36vjo20qpvxty

Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die, a NyQuil nightmare
by R. Noyes.  Release 619, Serial number 960409

# boothdye.z5
tuid: mjh2cehac8untebh

Pick up the Phone Booth and Dye, by Eric Schmidt.
Release 2 / Serial number 345678
(source code is in games/source/inform/boothdye.inf)

# brainofthenightguest.z8
tuid: rpvhmln4tve5wmww
ifwiki: Brain of the Night Guest

Brain of the Night Guest, by Colin Sandel and
Carolyn VanEseltine.
Release 1 / Serial number 110312

# break-in.z5
ifwiki: Break-In
tuid: nwsrknyhdae8u0a3

Break-In, an Interactive Burglary, by Jon Ingold.
Release 9 / Serial number 000926

# bryantcollection.zblorb
tuid: no3imuno2uq7aexi
ifwiki: The Bryant Collection

The Bryant Collection, an Interactive Anthology,
by Gregory Weir. Release 1.

# bse.z5
ifwiki: BSE
tuid: 290phmec0t6qcy85

BSE, An Interactive Epidemic by Chris Smith.
Release 3 / Serial number 970110
Winner of the Acorn User 1996 IF Competition

# buccaneers_cache.z3
tuid: hkrr69d1yfujs517

Buccaneer's Cache, a PunyJam #1 game, by Wilfried Elmenreich.
Release 2 / Serial number 210522

# building.z5
tuid: hsf421jla3gpq4nh
ifwiki: Building

Building, by Intaligo Productions.
Release 17 / Serial number 030706

# bunny.z5
tuid: r5igk4radvvxumbf

The Night of the Vampire Bunnies by Jason Dyer,
somewhat a cross between a black comedy and a B-movie,
ported from QBASIC to Inform by Patrick Kellum.
Release 4 / Serial number 971205
(source code of this version is in
the original BASIC program is in

# burglar.z5
tuid: btbvrvpttrzts917

Burglar! A Learning Experience in Inform,
by Doug Roberts.
Release 3 / Serial number 010925

# busted.zip
tuid: v5xsbaedcb9p29bq

Busted! A game of high cunning and low humor,
by Jon Drukman, ported from AdvSys to Inform by the author.
Release 4 / Serial number 941223

# byod.zip
tuid: aywe0eo0424tr92e
ifwiki: BYOD

BYOD, by n-n.
Release 2 / Serial number 230325.
Story file, ancillary material, and Inform 7 source code.
(the original Spanish version is in games/zcode/spanish/byod.z8,
and the original English IFComp entry is in
[file is linked from games/source/inform/byod.zip]

# cabal.z5
ifwiki: The Cabal
tuid: i8rgwxt2m2nf8fco

The Cabal: The Interactive Illuminati,
by Stephen Bond.
Release 3 / Serial number 041127

# calypso.z5
tuid: apo771qxl1ba4lsy

Calypso, by Dave Footitt.
Release 5 / Serial number 140421

# candy.z5
tuid: h1pb07z9f6wdw69i

Candy, An Attempt at Reliving Childhood,
by Rybread Celsius. Beta One.
Release 1 / Serial number 970621

# cars2.zip
tuid: bg1vjdmdi99rcyj9

ASCII Cars!!!  A game of racing with the imagination
by Jorge Arroyo. Includes two versions for different
Release 1 / Serial numbers 980923 and 981010

# castle.z8
ifwiki: Castle Adventure (by Chenoweth)
tuid: qfawv15gf50ev8yb

Castle Adventure! An Interactive Fiction for the
not-quite-beginning adventurer - old-school style!
by Ben Chenoweth.
Release 2 / Serial number 121207
(the original competition entry is in

# castles-1.1.z5
ifwiki: Silicon Castles
tuid: j7xkckqtw6lx7k6v

Silicon Castles, an Interactive Board Game.
"Nearly Working" Version 1.1, by David Given.
Release 112 / Serial number 011119
(source code is in games/source/inform/castles-1.1.tar.gz
and the original competition entry is in

# catseye.z3
ifwiki: Catseye
tuid: e0tz136ysdnfnvck

Cat's Eye, Miniventure #2 by Dave Bernazzani, release 3.
"When your uncle Xevion asks you for a favor, you simply
can't refuse. But what mysteries lie in his strange

# causality.z5
tuid: hbtuhl6wiig7doab

Causality: The Search for Eternal Life, by Hugo Martay.
Release 4 / Serial number 240304

# cavern.z5
tuid: eba0215er02csy6d

Zork: The Cavern of Doom. Originally published in 1983
as a multiple choice adventure book. Written by Steve
Meretzky, and translated to Inform by Manfred Pfeiffer.
Release 1 / Serial number 030312

# caverns.zip
tuid: ig23908psvui4gxx

Caverns of Chaos, a multiple-choice adventure. Original
written by Paul Martinez and Alison Castro, ported
to Inform by Lemonhead. Version 1.6792
Archive includes z-code game file and Inform source.
[file is linked from games/source/inform/caverns.zip]

# cavetrip.z5

The Spelunking Trip: From the House to the Cave and a
Trip Around It, by Chris Solaas.
Release 2 / Serial number 041225

# ccake.zip
ifwiki: Arthur Yahtzee: The Curse of Hell's Cheesecake
tuid: 61mddgfhspk5xfhm

Arthur Yahtzee: The Curse of Hell's Cheesecake,
An Interactive Tale of Weirdness Within,
written by Ben Croshaw.
Release 1 / Serial number 000311
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/Ccake.zip)

# chaosgame.zblorb

Chaos, by Bloodbath.
Release 1 / Serial number 090526

# cheater.z5
ifwiki: Cheater
tuid: i9n10ur9c7vrpas6

Cheater, An Annoying Adventure by Martin Wesley Osam.
Release 1 / Serial number 960920

# cheeseshop.z5
ifwiki: Cheeseshop
tuid: 8np0gcwu470mojgt

Cheeseshop, an interactive re-creation of the sketch
from Monty Python's Flying Circus, by David Welbourn.
Release 2 / Serial number 021230

# cheshire-cat.z5
ifwiki: Save the Cheshire Cat
tuid: j6purjagso6i5b0

Save the Cheshire Cat! An interactive intrigue
originally written in Italian and then translated into
English by the game's author, Marco Vallarino.
Release 1 / Serial number 141012

# chico.z5
tuid: 5ptl8w9r3b3d1zq8

Chico and I Ran: Remoteless television, remote
possibilities. A CRT romp by J.D. Berry.
Release 1 / Serial number 000413
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/chico.exe)

# chix.z5
ifwiki: Chicks Dig Jerks
tuid: mx72qeuuisvp76qg

Chicks Dig Jerks, by Robb Sherwin.
Release 2 / Serial number 991124
WARNING: This game contains adult language and
situations and is not intended for children.
(an MS-DOS version is in games/pc/chix.exe,
a Mac version is in games/mac/chix.hqx, and
the original competition entry is in

# cia.z5
tuid: c8656ugbdfxth98f

CIA Adventure by Hugh Lampert, ported to Inform by
J. Kevin Thomas, based on a GWBASIC version by Pete Wohlmut.
Release 1 / Serial number 961218
This game was originally published by CLOAD Magazine.
(source code of this version is in

# claw.z5
ifwiki: Wearing the Claw
tuid: zflseqfngmbhwhny

Wearing the Claw, an Interactive Fantasy by Paul O'Brian.
Release 3 / Serial number 970327
(the original competition entry is in

# coke.zip
ifwiki: Coke Is It!
tuid: igcp4nw7md3ylwjs

Coke Is It! An Inform pastiche of various works of IF,
with the added bonus of Coca-Cola product placement
by Lucian Smith, Adam Thornton, J. Robinson Wheeler,
Michael Fessler, Adam Cadre, Dan Shiovitz, and David Dyte.
Release 1 / Serial number 990331

# coldiron.z8
ifwiki: Cold Iron
tuid: x8ohk12d1a6f12ge

Cold Iron, a hot summer's tale by Andrew Plotkin
(writing as "Lyman Clive Charles").
Release 6 / Serial number 111119
(the original competition entry is in

# coloromc.z5
ifwiki: Color of Milk Coffee
tuid: ka11wj4yszn1evvo

Color of Milk Coffee, a trial on Interactive Flash
Fiction, by Bahri Gordebak.
Release 1 / Serial number 120110

# creepydemo.zip

A Day in the Creepy Life of Bob, by Nicholas Parkanyi.
Shareware: this is demo version 0.1.
Release 1 / Serial number 100317

# cryptographer.z5
ifwiki: Cryptographer
tuid: n50tjboida64gxi5

Cryptographer 1.4, a simple code breaking game,
written for the C-40 ZCode competition by David Fisher.

# csbb.z8
ifwiki: Crystal and Stone Beetle and Bone
tuid: 4qfjt6y5pkan2220

Crystal and Stone Beetle and Bone, an Interactive
Fantasy by Jenny Eriksson.
Release 4 / Serial number 130209
"You are the last God. Lornedei is your only true
believer. She must help you stop the coming darkness.
Can you guide her? Will she follow?"

# curses_rel16.txt
ifwiki: Curses
tuid: plvzam05bmz3enh8

Description of Curses release 16, by Graham Nelson.

# curses.z5
ifwiki: Curses
tuid: plvzam05bmz3enh8

Curses, An Interactive Diversion by Graham Nelson.
Release 16 / Serial number 951024

# curves.z8
ifwiki: Dangerous Curves
tuid: ov7wpv4l1fth1tro

Dangerous Curves, an Interactive Whodunit,
written by Irene Callaci.
Release 9 / Serial number 010613
Note: This game contains very mild swearing and
very mild sexual content.

# cycles.z5
ifwiki: Vicious Cycles
tuid: abbys81jz2sigdeu

Vicious Cycles, by Simon Mark.
Release 3 / Serial number 020222
(the original competition entry is in

# darkiss1.z5
tuid: ozmtl3j82zwtpwxn
ifwiki: Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 1: The Awakening

Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 1: The Awakening.
An interactive horror tale by Marco Vallarino. Originally
written in Italian and then translated into English.
Release 2 / Serial number 160130
(the original English competition entry is in
games/competition2015/Darkiss - Chapter 1 - the Awakening/,
and the Italian original is in games/zcode/italian/darkiss.z5)

# deadpavane.zblorb
tuid: a4nv3q9ne0q8e7z
ifwiki: Dead Pavane for a Princess

Dead Pavane for a Princess, by Emily Boegheim.
Release 2 / Serial number 131204

# deadreck.z5
tuid: 39oo68pcnu7s9bg
ifwiki: Olvido Mortal

Dead Reckoning, a translation of the Spanish
"Olvido Mortal", by Andres Viedma Pelaez.
Translated into English by Nick Montfort.
Release 1 / Serial number 030730
(the Spanish original is in games/zcode/spanish/Olvido.zip)

# death.z5
tuid: r65yuipqtv1hzxlw
ifwiki: Death to my Enemies

Death to my Enemies, an Interactive Tale of Revenge,
by Jonathan Blask.
Release 419 / Serial number 030309
(the original competition entry is in

# deephome.z5
tuid: x85otcikhwp8bwup

Deephome, a Telleen Adventure, The Return: Part 1,
written by Joshua Wise.
Release 1 / Serial number 991210

# degen.z5
tuid: teyeu9x87mf2tbhv
ifwiki: Degeneracy

Degeneracy, by Leonard Richardson.
Version 0.50 / Serial number 010330

# dejavu.z3
tuid: bhu49t1gxfwetcru

Deja Vu, An Interactive Demonstration by Graham Nelson
Release 1 / Serial Number 930921
Note: This game is archived here only for its historical
interest, being the earliest inform-compiled file known
to exist. Do not pester Graham about it!

# detective.z5
tuid: 1po9rgq2xssupefw
ifwiki: Detective

Detective, originally by Matt Barringer. This is a
straight port to Inform, by Stuart Moore.
Release 1 / Serial number 000715
(source code is in

# devdoit.z5
ifwiki: The Devil Made Me Do It
tuid: meqlzyiilf18spix

The Devil Made Me Do It, an Interactive Fiction Morality
Check by David A. Cornelson.
Release 2 / Serial number 000724
(the original version is in games/mini-comps/speedif/SpeedIF03.zip)

# devours.z5
tuid: 5e23lnq25gon9tp3
ifwiki: All Things Devours

All Things Devours, by "half sick of shadows" (Toby Ord).
Release 3 / Serial number 050325
(source code is in games/source/inform/devours.inf)

# dewdrops.z5
ifwiki: Within a Wreath of Dewdrops
tuid: pulxnp0ozz0o3hlt

Within a Wreath of Dewdrops, or, A Poisoned Zenith.
A play by Alphonse de l'Entaille.
Release 1 / Serial number 050115

# djinni.z5
ifwiki: The Djinni Chronicles
tuid: zu3xhhd3l9y6r177

The Djinni Chronicles "Undercurrents of Manipulation"
written by J.D. Berry.
Release 2 / Serial number 001117
(an MS-DOS executable version is in
games/pc/djinni.exe, and
the original competition entry is in

# dogslife.z5
tuid: pflmbv4qf44s7n7f

It's a Dog's Life, an interactive Heeling,
by "Mr. WiggleButt".
Release 1 / Serial number 981015

# doll.z5
tuid: vdzom99fus581ak8
ifwiki: The Zuni Doll

The Zuni Doll: An Interactive Horror Story,
by Jesse Burneko.
Release 1 / Serial number 971031

# dontgo.z5
tuid: 9tskmaak3hzkfuqa
ifwiki: Don't Go

Don't Go, a trial on Interactive Flash Fiction,
by Bahri Gordebak.
Release 1 / Serial number 120119

# dotd.zip
ifwiki: Dawn of the Demon
tuid: gqr7l2vg8us35h4u

Dawn of the Demon, a Text Adventure Prequel to
Zork: The Hidden Evil,  by Paul Drallos.
Archive includes game file and a map.
Release 0 / Serial number 050619

# dracula.z8
tuid: hy4inhlsv3udyu9g

Dracula - Prince of Darkness, by Paul Johnson.
Release 3 / Serial number 051012

# dragon.zip
tuid: sjiyffz8n5patu8l

Dragon Adventure, a simple text adventure for players
aged 9 and over, by William Stott.
Release 2 / Serial number 040211
(a Glulx version with pictures and sound effects is in
games/glulx/dragon.zip, and a RISC OS version is in

# dreamhold.z8
tuid: 3myqnrs64nbtwdaz
ifwiki: The Dreamhold

The Dreamhold, a tutorial adventure by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 5 / Serial number 041231.
(source code is in games/source/inform/dreamhold-src.tar.gz)

# dumont.z5
tuid: s261gocee0qwv4rs
ifwiki: Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.

Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.
Revision 4.11, Inform Version 1.1.
Text, script and design by Muffy and Michael Berlyn,
Inform translation by Mark J. Musante and
Michael Berlyn, hints by Gunther Schmidl.
Release 1 / Serial number 990223

# dumontfeelies.pdf
tuid: s261gocee0qwv4rs
ifwiki: Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.

Scans of the additional material supplied with
Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I., PDF format.

# dumontmanual.pdf
tuid: s261gocee0qwv4rs
ifwiki: Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.

Manual for Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I., PDF format.

# eas.zip
ifwiki: Earth and Sky
tuid: xtlhfet0vixthar5

Earth And Sky: Episode 1. Serial interactive fiction
by Paul O'Brian.
Release 2 / Serial number 011204
(the original competition entry is in

# edifice.z5
ifwiki: The Edifice
tuid: 4tb9soabrb4apqzd

The Edifice, An Interactive Allegory, By Lucian Smith.
Release 2 / Serial number 980206
Winner of the 1997 IF competition.
(the original competition entry is in

# eleven.zip
ifwiki: Film at Eleven
tuid: n4dvdlpmny46zhy6

Film at Eleven, by Bowen Greenwood.
Release 2 / Serial number 001231
The archive contains the zcode file and a solution
(the original competition entry is in

# enter.z5
tuid: ld1f3t5epeagilfz

The Enterprise Incidents: A Middle School Fantasy,
written by Brendan Desilets.
Release 1 / Serial number 020428
(a later Glulx version is in games/glulx/)

# entropy.z8
ifwiki: Entropy
tuid: 3ksy7nefpc7ifnu

Entropy, an Interactive Fiction Endeavor in Time and
Space, by David A. Cornelson.
Beta Release A / Serial number 090516

# erden.zip
ifwiki: Travels in the Land of Erden
tuid: 40bt4qpy7j9gc1f3

Travels in the Land of Erden: In Quest of the Adventure,
by Laura A. Knauth.
Release 2 / Serial number 980131
Z8 game file and solution included.
(the original competition entry is in

# eric_dm.z5
tuid: qawnevgvynodretd

Eric The Power-Mad Dungeon Master, by Mark Arenz.
Release 1 / Serial number 000001

# escapade.zblorb
ifwiki: Escapade!
tuid: pxs5jlc2cjxhnrd7

Escapade! by Juhana Leinonen.
Release 3 / Serial number 100111

# escape.zblorb
ifwiki: An Escape To Remember
tuid: em7o99947wdhq6ew

An Escape To Remember, an Interactive Collaboration by
the IF Whispers Team: Dan Shiovitz, Sean Barrett,
N.B. Horvath, Mark Musante, Roger Carbol,
Mordechai Shinefield, Tom Blawgus, Lucian Smith,
Ricardo Dague, Carl Muckenhoupt, Josh Giesbrecht,
Karl Parakenings, John Cater, and Jeremy Douglass.
Release 1 / Serial number 060705

# f209.z5
ifwiki: Apartment F209
tuid: hzjwkt6w6k4921bn

Apartment F209, an Interactive Pigsty, by Ben Parrish.
Release 1 / Serial number 970806

# fable.z5
tuid: kbuiu2xayq5qagp8

A Fable, originally by Stan Heller. This is a
straight port to Inform, by Stuart Moore.
Release 3 / Serial number 000715
(source code is in games/source/inform/Fablesrc.zip)

# faculty.zblorb
ifwiki: The Care and Feeding of Adjuncts.
tuid: xbmhiokt9jiflnfp

The Care and Feeding of Adjuncts, by Eric Remy.
Release 1 / Serial number 080116

# fantasydimension.z3
tuid: 9gcujue3zpxbhj6k

The Fantasy Dimension, a PunyJam 3 game by Johan Berntsson.
Release 2 / Serial number 230313.
(source code is in games/source/inform/fantasydimension.inf)

# farm.z5
tuid: e2y0j4op7hkzamgt

The Farmer's Daughter, an Interactive Pit Stop.
Original 64 game by R.W. Fisher and D.W.J. Sarhan,
ported and modified by the Despoiler.
Release 1 / Serial number 020101
WARNING: Contains strong adult content.
(The original is in games/c64/Adult_Int-Fic_1.zip)

# figueres.zblorb
ifwiki: Figueres in my Basement
tuid: oszryjtl33cwgivl

Figueres in my Basement, an interactive poem by
Kazuki Mishima. Release 1.

# findesick.z8
tuid: z4jg7vwyz6nmmpg

fin de sickleburg, an Interactive Flash Fiction,
by Caleb Wilson. Written for the Gothic Novel Jam of
2018, over the course of its last three days.
Release 1 / Serial number 180802

# fmvpoker.zip
tuid: wm5h7xe91k9mzuuo

Frobozz Magic Video Poker, a Z6 card game that borrows
graphics from Infocom's Zork Zero. The zip archive
includes Frobozz Magic Video Poker, Release 60 / Serial
number 001227, and Solitaire Poker, a similar card
game that uses ASCII symbols. Both are by Zach Matley.
Release 5.1 / Serial number 000913

# forms.z5
ifwiki: Of Forms Unknown
tuid: 7mw2jyiioft6t7y7

Of Forms Unknown, an Interactive Excursion
by Chris Markwyn.
Release 3 / Serial number 970206
(the original competition entry is in

# frankie.zip
ifwiki: Frankenstein's Legacy
tuid: bnhi5znd2ex20goe

Frankenstein Adventure. Originally published in the Cload
TRS-80 magazine, October 1981 (author unknown), and
converted to Inform by William Stott.
Release 1 / Serial number 040304
(a RISC OS version is in games/archimedes/frankie.zip)

# freefall.z5
tuid: ohjrdv0wx6cd7zzx

Free Fall, An, uh, Interactive Z-Code Demonstration
by Andrew C. Plotkin. Release 2 / Serial number 951111

# fracture.z5
ifwiki: Metamorphoses
tuid: j61yaux1cqbptxyb

Fractured Metamorphoses (Example Version),
by Emily Short.
Release 1 / Serial number 010306
A modified and clipped version of Metamorphoses,
intended for those interested in understanding the
game's inner workings.
(the proper version of Metamorphoses is in

# frozen.z5
tuid: npl74q0vd4g5lyf6

Frozen: A Night at the Lab, by Jeremy Farnham.
Release 1 / Serial number 960620

# gamlet.z5
ifwiki: Gamlet
tuid: ce8v9rp8yovsh5ys

Gamlet, by Tomasz Pudlo.
Release 2 / Serial number 041223
(the original competition entry is in

# gardening.zblorb
ifwiki: Gardening for Beginners
tuid: 8h52vtue96f9vq7f

Gardening for Beginners, an Interactive Gardening
Experience by Juhana Leinonen.
Release 2 / Serial number 080412

# gatoron.z5
ifwiki: GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands!
tuid: g0hz9mn5hir35b67

GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands! by Dave Horlick.
Release 2 / Serial number 091116
(the original competition entry is in

# gaucho.z5
ifwiki: Gaucho - An Interactive Geek Western
tuid: ijqbkacn2m89es8e

Gaucho, an Interactive Geek Western, by Dave Bernazzani,
Steven Robert and Jason Hanks.
Release 21 / Serial number 120805

# gd.z5
tuid: 2scn26v0lqtbf6m

Goodbye Doggy, by Meri and Mark.

# geb.z5
ifwiki: Goose, Egg, Badger
tuid: a41gh0946u9rxc39

"Goose, Egg, Badger", an Eccentric Girl's Birthday by
Brian Rapp.
Release 2 / Serial number 051028
(the original competition entry is in

# geist.z5
tuid: p1aeyayy7mdw2ea6

Geist, an Interactive Geek Horror, by Dave Bernazzani,
Dean Svendsen, Jonna Hind and Steven Robert.
Release 21 / Serial number 140115

# ghost.z8
ifwiki: Ghost Train
tuid: puy56alubcq0c4e9

The Ghost Train, by Paul Johnson.
Release 7 / Serial number 290912

# ghostmountain.z5
tuid: xlrrojgi6yjuzov

Ghost Mountain, by Michael Cox.
Release 3 / Serial number 210509

# godot.z5
tuid: ven2iw32u9xc8v0h

Looking For Godot,
An Interactive Looking-Around-For-A-Lost-English-Book,
by Patrick Shaughnessy.
Release 1 / Serial number 960599

# gold.z5
ifwiki: Goldilocks Is A Fox!
tuid: 59ztsy9p01avd6wp

Goldilocks is a FOX! Originally written in ADRIFT by
J.J. Guest, and ported to Inform by Mark Tilford.
Release 1 / Serial number 090410
(the ADRIFT original is in games/adrift/Goldilocks.zip)

# golf.z5
ifwiki: Textfire Golf
tuid: ezit1n3a1idd6bn3

Textfire Golf by Adam Cadre (writing as J.T. Adams)
Version 1.01
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/golf.exe)

# gostak.z5
ifwiki: The Gostak
tuid: w5s3sv43s3p98v45

The Gostak, by Carl Muckenhoupt.
Release 2 / Serial number 020305
(the original competition entry is in

# gourmet.zblorb
ifwiki: Gourmet
tuid: sj4rxxt9ec0n5zy9

Gourmet, an Interactive Comedy by Aaron Reed and
Chad Barb.
Release 2 / Serial number 031116
(the original competition entry is in

# guard.zip
ifwiki: Guard Duty
tuid: fssgocb2swnmrdod

Guard Duty, an Interactive Vigil, by Jason F. Finx.
Release 1 / Serial number 991231
(the original competition entry is in

# guess.z5
ifwiki: Guess the Verb!
tuid: 35arqepm2q92hcqu

Guess The Verb! An Effective Enumeration, written by
Leonard Richardson.
Release 4 / Serial number 001210
(the original competition entry is in

# guestret.z5
tuid: yn6mjnurqtgrvfot

Life on Gue Street, a parody of the 1999 competition
game "Life on Beal Street", written by Chris Charla.

# gussdeath.z3
tuid: 3qb0fwqz2atw8i7m

Guss's Death, an Exercise in Interactive Fiction,
by Kyle Frownfelter.
Release 1 / Serial number 040131

# hangar_22.z5
ifwiki: Hangar 22
tuid: 9e02f0cesyaqceux

Hangar 22, by Rob O'Hara.
Release 1 / Serial number 110617

# happy.z5
tuid: yefgt5h3ld5mpulc

Happy Ever After, an Interactive (Modern) Fairy Tale,
by Robert M. Camisa.
Release 1 / Serial number 130114
(the original competition entry is in

# hauntedhouse.zip
ifwiki: Haunted_House
tuid: pps1ho75c2rannke

Haunted House, An Interactive Fiction Remix, by Pedro
Release 2 / Serial number 170103

# hauntings.z8
ifwiki: Hauntings
tuid: o6ccff8k8dc8tdo

Hauntings, a short horror story, by E. Joyce.
Release 2 / Serial number 111109

# heist.z8
tuid: dnqnvbtgkfhni3b8

Heist: The Crime of the Century, by Andy Phillips.
Release 5 / Serial number 990217
(a DOS executable is in games/pc/Heist.zip)

# hell.zip
tuid: i61ldwzmh7leojcx

Welcome to Hell, by Kevin Norton and Brandon Myers.
Release 1 / Serial number 980816
The included readme file contains a walkthrough and names
the authors as Chode Smoka and The Velvet Jester.

# heroes.zip
tuid: j1uj9pygpuw3v9pc

Heroes, an interactive vice-tainter by Sean Barrett.
Release 2 / Serial number 011130
(the original competition entry is in

# hobbit-true_story.zip

The Hobbit - The True Story - Redux, Director's Cut,
by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson.
Release 3 / Serial number 170601
Originally an MS-DOS adventure released by Milbus
Software (tm) 1993. Redux, Director's Cut released by
Milbus Software (tm) 2001. This port created with
Inform 7 by A.N. Onymous 2017.
(A different and extended port from 2001 is in

# hoosegow.zblorb
ifwiki: Hoosegow
tuid: p2bxy33newzb930t

Hoosegow, a Wild West Wreck, by Ben Collins-Sussman
and Jack Welch for the 2010 Jay Is Games
"One-Room-Escape" competition. For more information,
see <http://code.google.com/p/hoosegow>.
Release 16 / Serial number 130320

# housekey1.z5
ifwiki: Housekey,_Part_I
tuid: fk4xqamdeyercs1i

Housekey, Part I, by Arien Holthuizen
Release 1 / Serial number 080112

# how_to_play_these_games

How to play "Z-code" games, by Gareth Rees. Last updated October 1995.
[file is linked from </if-archive/infocom/demos/>how_to_play_these_games]

# huntdark.z5
ifwiki: Hunter,_in_Darkness
tuid: mh1a6hizgwjdbeg7

Hunter, in Darkness.
A Cave Crawl by "Dave Ahl Jr." (Andrew Plotkin)
Release 4 / Serial number 991119
(a Mac version is in games/mac/HuntDark-R4.hqx;
the original competition entry is in

# hyperrpg.zblorb

Hyper RPG Game! Based on a childhood game by CKY.
Release 2 / Serial number 090630

# identity.z5
tuid: ty2z1c41ec7i6mf6

Identity, an interactive science fiction short story
by Dave Bernazzani.
Release 7 / Serial number 041121
(source code is in games/source/inform/identity.zip;
the original competition entry is in

# ifquake.zip
tuid: lkr2jf03np19ieix

A text adventure interpretation of the first level
of id's classic first-person shooter, created by
Jason Bergman.
Release 1 / Serial number 040812

# ill.z5
ifwiki: I'll
tuid: vphis4h7mqvb5w8q

I'll, by Sean Barrett.
Release 1 / Serial number 000218

# inform-gamelist.txt
tuid: 3z2rnroqhrtm78ka

A Non-Interactive List of Inform Games,
by Neil James Brown.
Based on a previous list by Brendon Wyber.
Release 5 / 971015
[file is linked from info/inform-gamelist.txt]

# inhumane.z5
ifwiki: Inhumane
tuid: wvs2vmbigm9unlpd

Inhumane: An Infralogic Massacre, by Andrew C. Plotkin.
Revision 2, ported from Applesoft BASIC to Inform by the
author. This is a parody of Infocom's Infidel, written by
Andrew when he was about 15.

# insight.z5
tuid: enfw92zc3tf92xn6

Insight, an interactive investigation, by Jon Ingold.
Release 4 / Serial number 030209

# intruder.zip
tuid: rwe59f7qfzihd20q

Intruder - Interactive Fiction: A Burglary, by
Volker Lanz. A cross between a mystery and a treasure
hunt, set in France.
Archive includes a HTML manual, readme and zcode
story file.
Release 59 / serial number 990210

# invisible.z8
ifwiki: The_Believable_Adventures_of_an_Invisible_Man
tuid: 6goxl3lwhy5n75i5

The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man: a
Reasonably Realistic Revenge Romp, by Hannes Schueller.
Release 2 / Serial number 100130
(the original competition entry is in

# jack.z5
tuid: vchsmiok2zmrsnze

The Bean Stalker, by Jack Welch.
Release 2 / Serial number 180105

# jet.z8
tuid: mjydjzqtoidccadp

Jet-Blue, by Paul Johnson.
Release 5 / Serial number 051012

# jewel.z5
ifwiki: The_Jewel_of_Knowledge
tuid: hu60gp1bgkhlo5yx

The Jewel of Knowledge, "a somewhat traditional cave crawl"
by Francesco Bova.
Release 2 / serial number 990710

# karn.z5
tuid: bx8118ggp6j7nslo

Return to Karn, by Patrick Wigfull.
Release 2 / serial number 961207
Based on the television programme "Doctor Who".

# kidnapsea.z8
ifwiki: Kidnapped_-_On_the_Sea

Kidnapped - On the Sea. An Interactive Story by Ally
Release 3 / Serial number 110608

# kiiwii.z5
tuid: vyhpiu9vlxf64nn0

Kii!Wii! A tiny friend to brighten your day, by Adri.
Release 1 / Serial number 141113

# killing.zip
tuid: neb2f84qmnbjx2ls

Killing the Doctor, by Victor Verbitsky.
Release 1 / Serial number 010221
Archive contains z-code game file, Inform source code
and a walkthrough.
[file is linked to games/source/inform/killing.zip]

# kirby.z5
tuid: 8xj29azmogq31tqd

The X-Child, The Second Installment In The Kevin
Johnson Residence Hall Saga, by Jesse Burneko.
Release 3 / Serial number 062776

# kitten.z5
tuid: kxvfs295b8adixqu

robotfindskitten, a Zen Simulation. Originally written
by Leonard Richardson, and converted to Inform by
David Griffith.
Release 8 / Serial number 220120
(Source code is in games/source/inform/kitten.tar.gz)

# kooku.z5
tuid: m55h7hzmi44ny39x

Kook U, An Interactive Kook Adventure.
Release 1 / Serial number 971119

# lambs.z5
tuid: n5vydjyuieoe34qz

Silence of the Lambs, An Interactive Horror.
Release 2 / serial number 971010
Ported to Inform by Gunther Schmidl, original author
(the original TADS game is in games/tads/lambs.gam)

# lambs2.z5
tuid: jt1v7k2utyak1b0f

Silence of the Lambs 2, An Interactive Inanity,
written by "The Thief of Bad Gags".
Release 1 / Serial number 021230

# largemac.z5
tuid: w4wy7h2jgv6ch13c

Large Machine, a Meta Puzzle by Gringo G. Scumm.
Release 1 / Serial number 010905

# leaptime.z8
ifwiki: Leap_Time
tuid: m6berjjxx1mei0ea

Leap Time, an Interactive Lull by Sarah Morayati.
Release 2 / Serial number 081230
(the original competition entry is in

# lecture.zblorb
tuid: iq229ydvxexbv3x7

Lecture Feature, by Paul Equinox Collins. The sequel to
"Teacher Feature".
Release 1 / Serial number 200414
(source code is in games/source/inform/lecture.txt)

# librarian_inform7.zip

Life of A Librarian (Inform 7 version), by Timewalker.
Release 1 / Serial number 130211
[file is linked to games/source/inform/librarian_inform7.zip]

# library.z5
ifwiki: All_Quiet_on_the_Library_Front
tuid: 400zakqderzjnu1i

All Quiet on the Library Front, An Interactive Vignette
by Michael S. Phillips. Release 2 / serial number 951204.
(the original competition entry is in

# library_of_horror.z3
tuid: pzq2r7j7efzm6d3

The Library Of Horror.
A PunyInform demo game, by Pablo Martinez and Fredrik Ramsberg.
Release 10 / Serial number 231010

# life.zip
tuid: f5jw8dv02umjdxzz

Life or Death, an interactive biological diversion,
by David S. Glasser. The archive includes a
z-code game file and Inform source code.
Release 1 / Serial number 980702
[file is linked to games/source/inform/life.zip]

# lily.z5
tuid: nj6m4geyq40l6ns8

The Black Lily, by Hannes Schüller.
Release 2 / Serial number 150318
(the original competition entry is in
games/competition2014/The Black Lily/lily.z5)

# limp.z5
tuid: h2sl4ks8zsc2u8pv

Limp, an interactive thingy, by Rybread Celsius.
Release 1 / Serial number 980517

# lion.z5
tuid: z69xitgxqpj96jwx

The Nemean Lion: another anonymous joke game that
happens to have been posted on adamcadre.ac

# lists.z5
tuid: zj3ie12ewi1mrj1t

Lists and Lists, an Interactive Tutorial by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 3 / Serial number 960823
(Source code to this version is in
the original competition entry is in

# loose.z5
ifwiki: Mother_Loose
tuid: 4wd3lyaxi4thp8qi

Mother Loose, an Interactive Nursery Rhyme
by Irene Callaci.
Release 2 / Serial number 981128
(the original competition entry is in

# lost.z5
ifwiki: The_Lost_Spellmaker
tuid: m7bgf8mop636i32o

The Lost Spellmaker, An Interactive Mission
by Neil James Brown.
Release 3 / Serial number 980116
(the original competition entry is in

# lucidnight.z5
tuid: 29zoyki7ow0bjdav

Lucid Night, by Dee Cooke.
Release 1 / Serial number 230226

# ludicorp.z5
ifwiki: The_Ludicorp_Mystery
tuid: r6g7pflngn3uxbam

The Ludicorp Mystery, by Cal Henderson.
Release 12 / Serial number 031010

# magic-toyshop.z5
tuid: 52x2zxt8ers4rxc0

The Magic Toyshop, a fun game for all the family
by Gareth Rees. Release 1, serial number 951018.
(Source code to this version is in
the original competition entry is in

# mansion.z5
ifwiki: Mansion_(by_Barley)
tuid: bpk1o1ver1er00k

Mansion, an Interactive Inheritance, by Derek Barley.
Release 2 / Serial number 220406

# mary.z5
tuid: mr67fiyrvgai97ms

Revenger, by Robb Sherwin.
Release 2 / Serial number 000403
This game contains adult language and situations and is not
intended for children.
(a DOS executable is in games/pc/mary.exe)

# medusa.z5
tuid: 29pgq4rm62zyk725

Medusa, an Example in NPC Conversations, by Jim Fisher.
Release 106 / Serial number 030314
(source code is in games/source/inform/medusa.inf)

# memorylane.z5
tuid: xme3964bmqcjj6z3

Memory Lane, a world where you don't exist, by ComSha.
Release 2 / Serial number 230311

# metamorp.z5
ifwiki: Metamorphoses
tuid: j61yaux1cqbptxyb

Metamorphoses, by Emily Short.
Release 4 / Serial number 020222
(the original competition entry is in
and a special version intended to show how the
game works is in games/zcode/fracture.z5)

# mhpquest.z5
tuid: fefl7lv3sdoawkhc

Quest for the Magic Healing Plant, by Adam Crutchlow.
Release 2 / Serial number 960613
Ported by the author from AGT to Inform.
(the AGT original is in games/pc/mhpquest.zip)

# midpoints.zip
tuid: 1yaqv1ou7zif2qfp

Midpoints, an Interactive Nightmare by Mike Hnatushko.
Release 1 / Serial number 010330
Archive includes ZCode game file and brief notes.

# mimesis.z5
tuid: n8c9whn8wjp1y422

Sins Against Mimesis: An Interactive Theosophy,
by Adam Thornton.
Release 3 / Serial number 980110
(Source code to this version is in
the original competition entry is in

# mindelec.z5
ifwiki: The_Mind_Electric
tuid: del5wj27flagk67r

The Mind Electric, An Interactive Vision by Jason Dyer.
Release 3 / serial number 941008 (should be 951008)
(the original competition entry is in

# mines.z5
tuid: 10lmbbwutsf2m3tt

Mines version 2010.10.29, a randomly generated maze
exploring game, by James L. Dean.
(Source code is in games/source/inform/mines.inf)

# minster.z5
ifwiki: Christminster
tuid: fq26p07f48ckfror

Christminster, An Interactive Conspiracy by Gareth Rees.
Release 4, serial number 961117

# monster-maker.z8
tuid: 2s5t0432kt1llzz9

Monster Maker, a silly character creation toy, by Adri
(aka "Erin Gigglecreek").
Release 2 / Serial number 150817

# moonglow.z3
ifwiki: Moonglow
tuid: 5e9zrkcfgq2moinh

Moonglow, Miniventure #1 by Dave Bernazzani, release 3.
"What do you do when a mysterious orb crash-lands in your
field? It's not your typical day at the farm!"

# mortlake.z8
tuid: 5acwwdfbclwq9bj4

Mortlake Manor. a gentle introduction to Interactive
Fiction, by Ben Chenoweth.
Release 1 / Serial number 120304

# mr-p.z5
tuid: 1y6n7ki6jqcpasq7

The Story of Mr. P. by Hannes Schüller.
Release 3 / Serial number 140620.
(the original Spring Thing entry is in
the German original is in games/zcode/german/herr-p.z5)

# mst3k1.z5
tuid: imopnqh4llwkvfne

Detective, An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science Theater
3000) of Matt Barringer's AGT game "Detective",
Silver Screen Edition, by Christopher E. Forman.
Release 101 / Serial number 960831
(Source code for this version is in
the original competition entry is in
an AGT conversion by Graeme Cree is in

# mst3k1_2.z5
tuid: imopnqh4llwkvfne

Detective, An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science Theater
3000) of Matt Barringer's AGT game "Detective",
by Christopher E. Forman, updated by Stuart Moore.
Release 7 / Serial number 000715
(Source code is in games/source/inform/MST3k1src.zip,
the original competition entry is in
an AGT conversion by Graeme Cree is in

# mst3k2.z5
tuid: xg4sdz91rtj847l6

A Fable, an interactive MiSTing-up of Stan Heller's
GAGS game "A Fable". Original AGT MiST-ed version
by Graeme Cree, ported to Inform by Stuart Moore.
Release 5 / Serial number 000715
(Source code is in games/source/inform/MST3k2src.zip,
and the AGT version by Graeme Cree is in

# murderer.z5
tuid: qqrbwtulmq6tryg

What The Murderer Had Left, a trial on Interactive Flash
Fiction, by Bahri Gordebak.
Release 1 / Serial number 120117

# musician.z8
ifwiki: The_Musician
tuid: q97lsacrx90ng8hx

The Musician, by Phillip Skains.
Release 1 / Serial number 070820

# muse.z5
ifwiki: Muse:_An_Autumn_Romance
tuid: j2e98wy467jfih8q

Muse: An Autumn Romance, by Christopher Huang.
Release 2 / Serial number 990922
(the original competition entry is in

# mysterious_inform.zip
tuid: lkt6sm3mgarb02bo
tuid: v148gq1vx7leo8al
tuid: g7h92i8ucy0sfll2
tuid: z7ettlqezn4mcnng
tuid: bdnprzz9zomlge4b
tuid: tbrvwzmvgmmnavhl
tuid: fy9klru0b5swgnsz
tuid: g25uklrs45gj7e02
tuid: gti5j0nqvvqqvnzo
tuid: u1kmutsdwp8uys1h
tuid: up2ak731a6h2quna

The 11 Mysterious Adventures by Brian Howarth
(1981-83), converted from ScottFree to Inform (.z5):

- The Golden Baton
- The Time Machine
- Arrow of Death Part 1 and 2
- Escape from Pulsar 7
- Circus
- Feasibility Experiment
- The Wizard of Akyrz
- Perseus and Andromeda
- Ten Little Indians
- Waxworks

[file is linked to scott-adams/games/zcode/mysterious_inform.zip]

# mysterious_z6_blorb.zip

The 11 Mysterious Adventures by Brian Howarth
(1981-83), converted from ScottFree to Inform (.z6)
with Blorb format graphics, by Colin Davies:

- The Golden Baton
- The Time Machine
- Arrow of Death Part 1 and 2
- Escape from Pulsar 7
- Circus
- Feasibility Experiment
- The Wizard of Akyrz
- Perseus and Andromeda
- Ten Little Indians
- Waxworks

[file is linked to scott-adams/games/zcode/mysterious_z6_blorb.zip]

# mysterious_z6_noblorb.zip

The 11 Mysterious Adventures by Brian Howarth
(1981-83), converted from ScottFree to Inform (.z6)
with graphics drawn directly by the game's code,
by Aldo Cumani:

- The Golden Baton
- The Time Machine
- Arrow of Death Part 1 and 2
- Escape from Pulsar 7
- Circus
- Feasibility Experiment
- The Wizard of Akyrz
- Perseus and Andromeda
- Ten Little Indians
- Waxworks

[file is linked to scott-adams/games/zcode/mysterious_z6_noblorb.zip]

# mystery-of-winchester-high.z5
tuid: y6kdlr6q8c95u5g6

The Mystery of Winchester High, by Garry Francis.
Release 1 / Serial number 230531

# nameless.z8
tuid: 7vtm1rq16hh3xch

Endless, Nameless v1.07 (2013.1206), by Adam Cadre.

# newday.z5
tuid: 33d1xjeqyglg6io9

A New Day, by Jonathan Fry.
Release 3 / Serial number 560827
(the original competition entry is in

# night.z5
tuid: ydhwa11st460g9u3

Night at the Computer Center, An Interactive Nocturnal
Chase, by Bonni Mierzejewska.
Release 1 / Serial number 961118

# njag.z5
tuid: fg73hgne2htwpbak

Not Just A Game, by John Menichelli.
Release 3 / Serial number 210603
(source code is in games/source/inform/njag_source.zip)

# ninepts.z5
ifwiki: Nine Points
tuid: sk8yxsxkonozfvqi

Nine Points:
A Demonstration of an Interactive Fiction Game,
by Robert Janelle and Brad O'Donnell.
Release 12 / Serial number 961127
(solution is in </if-archive/solutions/>ninepts.sol)
[file is linked from </if-archive/starters/>ninepts.z5]

# northnorth.z8
tuid: a7ysdefal48plt1z

The Northnorth Passage, by Snowball Ice.
Release 2 / Serial number 141114

# noroom.z5
tuid: p8txeb031n4dnxnz

No Room, by Ben Heaton.
Release 2 / Serial number 040117
(the original competition entry is in
and source code in games/source/inform/noroom.inf)

# nuntalylihu.z5
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

nuntalyli'u, a translation of Adventure, aka Colossal
Cave, into Lobjan. Translated by Nick Nicholas, with
Jay Kominek, Eugene Mayes and Robin Powell, based on
Graham Nelson's Inform version of Adventure.

# oad.z5
ifwiki: Only_After_Dark
tuid: lsnpv1bkylr6vsva

Only After Dark, by Gunther Schmidl.
Release 2 / Serial number 000913

# odieus.zip
tuid: mtglkpecro1rq2mp

Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot (beta release),
author unknown. Original game converted from LADS to AGT
and "embellished" by David Malmberg, then ported to Inform
by Teo Kwang Liak.
Release 1 / Serial number 941021
(AGT source code is in games/source/agt/odieusrc.zip;
the compiled AGT game is in games/pc/odieus.zip)

# omniquest.z5
tuid: mygqz9tzxqvryead

OMNIQuest, originally written in 1988 in Commodore 64
BASIC by Chris Barden and Chris Ethridge, and adapted
for Inform by Chris Barden.
Release 2 / Serial number 040127
(source code is in games/source/inform/omniquest.inf)

# orevore.z8

Orevore Courier, by Brian Rapp.
Release 2 / Serial number 071116
(the original competition entry and accompanying
graphics files are in

# orient_express.z5
ifwiki: Bloodless_on_the_Orient_Express
tuid: 3fmgwtnx2x6zbsje

Bloodless on the Orient Express, a Murderous Travelogue
through the Balkans, by Hannes Schueller.
Release 2 / Serial number 111217

# orion.z5
tuid: u442grrweznars3p

The Orion Agenda, by Ryan Weisenberger.
Release 10 / Serial number 041123
(the original competition entry is in

# pad.z5
tuid: qp99cqw14kefo1oz

Total Paddling Mania, An Interactive Punishment Jag
by Dr. Aloysius Beltway, PH.D
Release 1 / Serial number 314159

# paint.z5
tuid: 3smmikbeodg0tqzz

Paint and Corners: Still Another Abuse of the
Z-Machine, by L. Ross Raszewski.
Release 1.0B / Serial number 980316

# paperchase.z5
tuid: yq8eqjou1mk3sw2q

Paper Chase, An Interactive Education by Chris Skapura.
This game was originally published as a TRS-80 BASIC
listing titled "Collegiate Capers" in '80 Micro' magazine,
August 1983.

# parallel.z5
ifwiki: Parallel
tuid: 5zarqfzke417ujry

Parallel, by David Hughes.
Release 1 / Serial number 080219

# paranoia.zip
tuid: 04quwg97k5ng9nqd

Paranoia, a not-very-interactive future.
Originally from an article by Sam Shirley, implemented in
C on a Vax 11/780 by Tim Lister and converted to Inform
by Glenn Hutchings.
Release 1 / Serial number 981208
Archive contains a Z-Code game file, Inform source and
the original C source on which the game is based.
[file is linked to games/source/inform/paranoia.zip]

# pas-de-deux.zip

Pas De Deux, an Interactive Performance by Linus Åkesson.
Release 1. Serial number 190923.

# pathway.zip

Pathway to Destruction, by Richard Otter. Originally
written with ADRIFT and ported to Inform by the author.
Release 2 / Serial number 080511
(the ADRIFT original is in games/adrift/pathway.zip)

# pentari.z5
tuid: llchvog0ukwrphih

Pentari, an Interactive Prequel to "The Mission",
by Howard Sherman.
Release 6 / Serial number 030206

# permagic.z5
tuid: bm7tel165u7oglf7

Perilous Magic, a really short interactive comic
tragedy, by David Fillmore.
Release 10 / Serial number 990821

# phlegm.z5
ifwiki: Phlegm
tuid: 64wb1kucje0a7l3p

Phlegm, an Interactive Interactive by Adjacent Drooler,
(aka Jason Dyer). Release 3 / Serial number 970804
(the original competition entry is in

# photopia.z5
tuid: ju778uv5xaswnlpl

Photopia, by Adam Cadre. Version 1.30 (2012.0416).
(a DOS executable is in games/pc/photopia.exe;
the original competition entry is in

# piece_v3.z5
tuid: 0qjsfw4stwz2g1zd

Piece of Mind, an Interactive Short Story by Giles Boutel.
Release 3 / Serial number 970816
(the original competition entry is in

# pigpancake.zblorb
ifwiki: Pigpancake
tuid: r6b2jkkpeuxuxerk

Pigpancake, by Aubra Penner.
Release 1 / Serial number 110410

# piracy_2.z5

Piracy 2.0 - A Text Adventure in Space, by Sean Hunter.
Release 2 / Serial number 100408
(the original competition entry is in

# pirrail.zblorb
tuid: 6o2iw5dd9yra6n9i

Pirate Railroad, by Utkonos. Released in honour of
International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011.
Release 1 / Serial number 110920

# praser5.z5
tuid: pnleii72sdlxs2ib

Praser 5, an Interactive Puzzle by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 4 / Serial number 050509

# princess.zip
tuid: un2z1dwz5qham5ec

The Ice Princess, an Interactive Fairy-Tale
by Ruediger Hanke. Release 8 / Serial number 960901
(the original Amiga only version by the same author is in

# promoted.z5
ifwiki: Promoted
tuid: 8zaihyx1hoj1lhaq

Promoted! by Mike DeSanto, ported from REXX Adventure to
Inform by Johannes Steingraeber. Release 1.1 of port.
(the original OS/2 only competition entry is in

# puerto.z5
tuid: j9exhifcypylzczd

The board game Puerto Rico, ported to Inform by
J. Robinson Wheeler.
Release 1.1 / Serial number 20050101
(source code is in games/source/inform/puerto.inf)

# punkpnts.z5
ifwiki: Punk_Points
tuid: 4qzzgru2dttas1t7

Punk Points, a Video Game in Three Acts by Jim Munroe.
Release 2 / Serial number 010108
(the original competition entry is in

# pytho.z8
tuid: spsnevz1br6f2z3v
ifwiki: Pytho's Mask

Pytho's Mask, by Emily Short.
Release 3 / Serial number 020223.
(a Glulx version is in games/glulx/pytho.blb)
[file is linked to games/mini-comps/smoochie/pytho.z8]

# quick2.zblorb
tuid: dynvlb9nvre2dpxh

A Simple Theft 2: A Simple Theftier: an Interactive
Larceny by Mark J. Musante.
Release 2 / Serial number 110601

# rameses.zblorb
ifwiki: Rameses
tuid: 0stz0hr7a98bp9mp

Rameses, a Tale of Heroes, by Stephen Bond.
Release 3 / Serial number 061023
(the original competition entry is in

# rans.zip
tuid: n2f4o8ce30xthyvs

RANS, an interworld progress, by Bob Reeves.
Release 3 / Serial number 000918
Archive includes game zcode file and hints in a
separate zcode file.

# reading.z5

A Reading in May, a trial on Interactive Flash Fiction,
by Bahri Gordebak.
Release 2 / Serial number 120109
(source code is in games/source/inform/reading-src.zip)

# reser.z5
ifwiki: Rock'Em_Sock'Em_Robots
tuid: k3efp2e5gvh64gsz

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, an Interactive Boxing Match
by Benjamin Mullins.
Release 1 / Serial number 050209
(source code is in games/source/inform/reser.inf)

# residnt2.z5
tuid: w2xiqosjzdr11qje

The Resident, by Mike DeSanto, ported from REXX Adventure
to Inform by Johannes Steingraeber.
'The Resident' is a cyberspace adventure; its main quest is
to escape from a virtual world.

# reverb.z5
tuid: dop7nbjl90r5zmf9

Reverberations, a Hectic Voltairian Adventure,
by Russell Glasser.
Release 1 / Serial number 990110
(the original competition entry is in

# reverzi.z5
tuid: fjlayhnu7to4zogo

Reverzi, Version 1.0, a port of Reversi to the
Z-Machine by John Menichelli
(source code is in games/source/inform/reversi.inf)

# ribbons.z5
ifwiki: Ribbons
tuid: 54vhvrkowf5pl2kz

Ribbons, an IF Art Show 2001 Still Life,
written by J.D. Berry.
Release 2 / Serial number 010702

# risorg.zblorb
tuid: t0pidhghzbo91i12
ifwiki: Risorgimento Represso

Risorgimento Represso, an Interactive Invigoration,
written by Michael Coyne.
Release 6 / Serial number 171114
(a Glulx version is in games/glulx/risorg.gblorb, and
the original competition entry is in

# robots.z5
tuid: hvnocxjj0z1q2pi0

Robots - another abuse of the Z-Machine -
A nostalgic diversion by Torbjörn Andersson.
Release 6 / Serial number 980115.
(source code is in games/source/inform/robots.inf)

# rogue.z5
tuid: oao0sdbcgitastyz

zRogue, a port of the classic game Rogue. Ported
by Gevan Dutton, based on Tim Stoehr's Rogue 5.3
Release 2 / Serial number 980706

# samhain.z5
tuid: 2wo9zdfeil46j7ly

Samhain: Pick Up The Pumpkin and KILL,
a brief Halloween-themed game, by Ed Mueller.
Release 1 / Serial number 001021
Not suitable for children.

# sanddancer-dialog.zblorb
tuid: k0lganicxejz31s9

Sand-dancer: a Desert Fable, by Aaron Reed, Alexei Othenin-Girard, and
Howard M. Lewis Ship. A re-implementation of Aaron Reed’s Sand-dancer
game in Dialog.
Release 7. Serial number 201004.

# saveprinceton.z8
tuid: x8ai96w31jkizy4n

Save Princeton, originally by Jacob Weinstein and
Karine Schaefer, and ported to Inform by Mike Caesar.
Release 21 / Serial number 041125
(the original TADS version is in tads/saveprinceton20.gam)

# scald.z5
tuid: zi0eplddiseigmvo

Scald, by John Baptist.
Release 1 / Serial number 180206

# schooldays.z5
tuid: oc4jf24yotpal4ve

Schooldays, an Interactive Story by Andrew MacKinnon.
Release 3 / Serial number 092800
(source code is in games/source/inform/schooldays.inf)

# scopa_z6.zip
ifwiki: Scopa

Scopa, a graphical (Z-code V6) version of the Italian
card game of the same name, by Aldo Cumani.
Release 1 / Serial number 110321.
Archive includes Z-code and source.
(file is linked to games/source/inform/scopa_z6.zip)

# selection.z5
tuid: o7knzkbjicpiw729

Final Selection, by Sam Gordon.
Winner of the 2006 One Room Game Competition.
Release 3 / Serial number 061009

# seacoral.z5
tuid: wicolxpm1tsj6rew

Sea Coral, a deep sea adventure for Punyjam #3, written by Jeffrey Greer.
Release 1 / Serial number 230225
(source code is in games/source/inform/seacoral.inf)

# sfiction.z8
ifwiki: Speculative_Fiction
tuid: hq39kkky5ydqie

Speculative Fiction: Beginner's Lessons from "The Big
Book of Financial Crimes", by Diane Christoforo and
Thomas Mack.
Release 2 / Serial number 120706
(a walkthrough of the game is in
a map of the game is in solutions/maps/sfiction.pdf,
and the original competition entry is in

# sgate.z5
tuid: ylu1ii2vwpwx5gcc

Shadowgate, originally implemented on the NES by ICOM
(1989) and reimplemented in Inform by David Griffith.
Release 8 / Serial number 040616
(source code is in games/source/inform/sgate.tar.gz)

# sh1.z5
tuid: 262qc5dnh6ucx42e

Murder at the Diogenes Club, an adaptation of the
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries gamebook #1.
The book was written by Gerald Lientz, and adapted for
Inform by "Doc".
Release 1 / Serial number 021024

# sh2.zblorb
tuid: 05aqnleagcdwgh9w

The Black River Emerald, an adaptation of the
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries gamebook #2.
The book was written by Peter Ryan, and adapted for
Inform by "Doc".
Release 1 / Serial number 021101

# sh3.z5
tuid: zk91u2ydzo90bg1i

Death at Appledore Towers, an adaptation of the
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries gamebook #3.
The book was written by Gerald Lientz, and adapted for
Inform by "Doc".
Release 1 / Serial number 021114

# sh4.z5
tuid: ykx31scnaam48vkz

The Crown vs Dr. Watson, an adaptation of the
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries gamebook #4.
The book was written by Gerald Lientz, and adapted for
Inform by "Doc".
Release 1 / Serial number 021231

# shade.z5
ifwiki: Shade
tuid: hsfc7fnl40k4a30q

Shade, a brief story by "Ampe R. Sand"
(aka Andrew Plotkin).
Release 3 / Serial number 001127
(a Mac version is in games/mac/Shade-R3.hqx, and
the original competition entry is in

# sherbet.z5
tuid: 273o81yvg64m4pkz

The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet,
by Angela M. Horns (aka Graham Nelson).
Release 2 / Serial number 961216
Winner of the 1996 IF competition.
(the original competition entry is in

# shrapnel.z5
ifwiki: Shrapnel
tuid: 82mn545s8bt3csa4

Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre
Version 1.01 (12 February 2000) / Serial number 9504
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/shrapnel.exe)

# shrapnel.txt
tuid: 82mn545s8bt3csa4

Brief notes on Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre

# six-gray-rats.z8
tuid: 35wpub57athrjbpk

Six Gray Rats Crawl Up The Pillow, a Gothic Vignette,
by Boswell Cain.
Release 2 / Serial number 150331

# snowed-in.zip

Snowed In, by Jason Self.
Release 4 / Serial number 220809
Archive contains game file and source code.
[file is linked to games/source/inform/snowed-in.zip]

# softporn.zip
tuid: iumkhjn240gq59ws

Softporn Adventure, by Chuck Benton.
Release 0 / 971018
An Inform port of Softporn Adventure, by Patrick Kellum.
This is an early beta port, please read the enclosed
softporn.txt file.
Benton's original was the predecessor of Leisure Suit
Larry I.
(The original is in games/appleII/softporn.zip, and
DOS ports of this game are in
games/pc/softporn.zip (Gary Thompson, executable only) and
games/pc/softporp.zip (Paul Schlyter, executable and source))

# solitary.z5
tuid: iw6s3e37s7suv6n9

Solitary, A Single Room Reminiscence, by Kahlan.
Release 2 / Serial number 040607

# solitary.txt
tuid: iw6s3e37s7suv6n9

Notes on Solitary, by the game's author.

# spacest2.z5
tuid: p3vgmr8ji1vckus7

Space Station, a science fiction story based on the
example transcript included with Infocom's Planetfall,
by David Ledgard.
Release 2 / Serial number 040130
(the original competition entry is in
and source code is in games/source/inform/spacest2.zip)

# spacez.z5
tuid: xmw7lmceqylyt0vp

Space InvaderZ, a Z-Machine implementation of Space
Invaders, by L. Ross Raszewski.
Release 1 / Serial number 980710

# spirit.readme
tuid: tqpowvmdoemtooqf

Description of SpiritWrak, by Daniel S. Yu.

# spirit.z5
tuid: tqpowvmdoemtooqf

SpiritWrak, An Interactive Fantasy Adventure
by Daniel S. Yu.
Release 3 / Serial number 960606

# sporkery1.z5
tuid: 4wl6mbckjhx61s1i

Sporkery 1: There Will Be Sporking, by David Hughes.
Release 1 / Serial number 080111

# spot.z5
tuid: 5w48q2kbm6275k1b

The Spot, by Kid Vicious.
Release 0 / Serial number 021025

# spring.z8
ifwiki: She's_Got_a_Thing_for_a_Spring
tuid: km1xagfje83xzkbp

She's Got a Thing For a Spring, an Interactive Dip in a
Hot Spring, by Brent VanFossen.
Release 4 / Serial number 080207
(the original competition entry is in

# starlight.z8
tuid: cbq5wqbxd17krwdn

Starlight, by Timothy Laubach.
Release 1 / Serial number 130802
(a Glulx version is in games/glulx/starlight.gblorb)

# stiffmst.z5
tuid: 6g2wak6bb0ow7bjb

Stiffy Makane: Mystery Science Theater 3000.
An Interactive MiSTing of Mark Ryan's AGT game
"The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane"
Release 69 / Serial number 690609
(Source code is in games/source/inform/stiffmst.inf)

# stiffy.z5
tuid: kvw4jbopz0ly85jm

Stiffy Makane: Inform Edition.
Release 71 / Serial number 069105
An Inform 6 port of The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane, derived
from Drunken Bastard and Dastardly Coward's Mystery Science Theater 3000
version, by Drunken Bastard.
(Source code is in games/source/inform/stiffy.inf)

# stinkorswim.z8
ifwiki: Stink_or_Swim
tuid: 2djonx9h7ifzpk1p

Stink or Swim, an Interactive Non-Olympic Event,
by Renee Choba.
Release 1 / Serial number 090105

# stonecage.z5
tuid: e96flh1x3qnxdywx

The Stone Cave, by Kevan Davis.
Written in 24 hours for the 4th Hours of Inform.
Release 1 / Serial number 091103

# strike_force.z5
tuid: b4k7iwzxt4glb007

Strike Force: The Hydrogen Annihilator. Part 3:
Infiltration at the Arctic Circle, by Christopher Drum.
Release 1 / Serial number 230227

# submarine-sabotage.z3
tuid: rw2jsnyoqxsdvyug

Submarine Sabotage, by Garry Francis.
Release 3 / Serial number 230512

# submarine-sabotage.z5
tuid: rw2jsnyoqxsdvyug

Submarine Sabotage, by Garry Francis.
Release 3 / Serial number 230512

# sunburn.zblorb
tuid: 5mmtogd6ujhe7uom

Sunburn, a Social Justice Horror Story, by Caelyn Sandel.
Release 3 / Serial number 150214

# sunburst.z6
tuid: 6caq1sssnkciy0c4
ifwiki: Sunburst Contamination

A science fiction adventure game for the C64 by
Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson, ported to the
Z-machine by Johan Berntsson. Version 1.
(the original BASIC source code is in infocom/tools/bas2inf.zip)

# sutwin.z5
tuid: egtt6j8vif0plzrc

The Space Under the Window, by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 2 / Serial number 970402

# suvehnux.z5
ifwiki: Suveh_Nux
tuid: xkai23ry99qdxce3

Suveh Nux, a game of magical experimentation, version 1.1,
by David Fisher. Winner of the 2007 One Room Game Comp.
Release 1 / Serial number 150314
(the original competition entry is in

# sycamora.z5
tuid: jbfma0jzxinw92a5

Sycamora Tree, How your game should look for submission,
written by David Dyte.
Release 2 / Serial number 980107

# tBLW.zip
ifwiki: The_Blood_Lust_Warrior
tuid: mbvatk4n2x2n6x8

The Blood lust Warrior, an Interactive RPG by
Zorkfire Games.
Release 11 / Serial number 121030
Contains story file and source code.
(a Glulx version is in games/glulx/tBLW.zip)

# taipan.z5
tuid: zb0tnkkpzh6alwhx

Taipan! A game based on the China trade of the 1800s.
Created by Art Canfil and ported to the Z-Machine by
D. Jacob Wildstrom.
Release 2 / Serial number 020520
(Source code is in games/source/inform/taipan.tar.gz)

# tatctae.z8
tuid: eu3ed84ww7n1dryf

Time: All things come to an end, by Andy Phillips.
Release 7 / Serial number 970521
(a DOS executable is in games/pc/Tatctae.zip)

# tcom_remake.zip

A remake of the 1986 text adventure The Colour of Magic,
by Delta4, based on the Terry Pratchett novel of the
same name. Reconstructed in Inform by David Rogers, with
the help of UnQuill (by John Elliott).
Archive includes Z-code and Glulx versions, with and
without graphics.
Release 1 / Serial number 121103
[file is linked to games/glulx/tcom_remake.zip]

# teacher.z5
tuid: fbnhbbvyjmprwtjy

Teacher Feature, by Paul Equinox Collins.
Release 1 / Serial number 071126
(source code is in games/source/inform/teacher.inf)

# tell.z5
tuid: wur3k204i44j7zfs

William Tell: The Game, by Kid Vicious.
Release 1 / Serial number 021025

# telling.zblorb
tuid: ezqljtd04d1dnukf
ifwiki: Whom The Telling Changed

Whom The Telling Changed, by Aaron A. Reed.
Release 3 / Serial number 060518
(the original Spring Thing entry is in

# temple.z5
ifwiki: The_Temple
tuid: kq9qgjkf2k6xn1c0

The Temple, an Interactive Homage to H.P. Lovecraft,
written by Johan Berntsson.
Release 2 / Serial number 021118
(the original competition entry is in

# terror_tabby.z5
tuid: spmq6auw2ativ5i7

Attack of the Terror Tabby!
A brief exercise in futility by Eric Mayer.
"Oh no! The cat is ticking. It must have swallowed a bomb!"
Release 1 / Serial number 080514

# tess.z5
tuid: 0u4eqnk37mohejhu

Beyond The Tesseract, an Abstract Adventure by David Lo,
ported to Inform by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 2 / Serial number 031227
(the original game is in games/pc/tess.zip)

# the_job.z5
tuid: g5rflxpmycdl67ps

The job, a PunyJam #1 game by Fredrik Ramsberg.
Release 5 / Serial number 210930
(source code is in games/source/inform/the_job.inf)

# the-mall.zip
tuid: xg8falih5h3chm8g

The Mall, by Jason Self.
Includes Inform 6 source code.
Release 0 / Serial number 190718

# theatre.z5
ifwiki: Theatre
tuid: bv8of8y9xeo7307g

Theatre, An Interactive Night of Horror, by Brendon Wyber.
Release 2 / Serial number 951203

# thegallery.z5
tuid: 71fl3c9k6omgojaq

The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp, by Mike Vollmer.
Release 2 / Serial number 080621

# thegreat.z5
tuid: xkktdschfapus2v1

The Great, A Voyage To The Inner Self by Peter Blanston.
Release 1 / Serial number 010902

# thestargods.z8

The Star Gods, by William Taylor.
Release 1 / Serial number 111216

# the_witch.zip
tuid: gdpzsvrw8osj2d4i

The Witch, by Charles Moore, Jr.
Release 1 / Serial number 230529
Archive includes the Z-code game file, hints and maps.

# thorn.z5
ifwiki: The_Thorn
tuid: b87eumakxhjmhcif

The Thorn, by Eric Mayer.
Release 1 / Serial number 030701
(an Italian translation is in games/zcode/italian/rovo.z5)

# threemore.z5
tuid: 8ff0n6c5kt5hcs7

Three More Visitors, a Speed-IF Melodrama for New Year,
by Paul Stanley. Release 2.

# tirehoax.zblorb

My Magic Tire Hoax, by nd.
Release 1 / Serial number 080104

# tKatC-SE.z8
tuid: 4f3imlwmn92pqznw

The King and the Crown, Special Edition. A little big game,
by Wes Lesley.
Release 1 / Serial number 151121
(the original competition entry is in
games/competition2015/The King and the Crown/)

# tk1.z5
tuid: rkazisufaujsc9fm

Time Killer #1: Claustrophobia, a time-killer by Sam Hulick.
Release 1 / Serial number 950925

# troll.z5
ifwiki: Zork: A Troll's Eye View
tuid: 1ya4d9l464gpy7sh

Zork: A Troll's Eye View, an interactive tedium
by Dylan O'Donnell.
Release 3 / Serial number 980518

# trw.z5

Tull Road Warrior, by Sam Thirouin.
Release 2 / Serial number 021229

# tryst205.z5
tuid: ic0ebhbi70bdmyc2

Tryst of Fate, An Interactive Horse-Opera by
Gregory M. Zagurski.
Release 205 / Serial number 970629

# tube.z5
tuid: vsjvn4dabwh3r6um

Tube Trouble, a mini-adventure by Richard Tucker.
Release 0 / Serial number 950901
(the original competition entry is in

# tundra-alpha.zip
tuid: 90ljpmjxyd34d837

Tundra, a Short Story of the Frozen Wastes, by David Dyte.
Release 1 / Serial number 980127.
Alpha test release of a short, unfinished game.

# typo.zip
tuid: pcxemfypj7d9fyoa

Typo!, by Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn.
Release 1 / Serial number 041119
(the original competition entry is in

# uhoh-demo.z5
tuid: f93ss2de8sfqfp3x

Uh-oh! (demo version), by Scott Covert.
Release 1 / Serial number 980218

# under.z5
tuid: 055wty792vfyamss

The Underoos that ate New York!, by Gerry Kevin Wilson.
Release 1 / Serial number 970329
(This is a conversion by the author of the TADS
original, which is in games/tads/underoos.gam)

# uninvited.z5
tuid: vf927o7ye3jf1m03

Uninvited, originally implemented on the Apple Macintosh
by ICOM (1986) and reimplemented by in Inform by
David Griffith.
Release 3 / Serial number 190918
(a version containing sound effects is in uninvited.zblorb)

# uninvited.zblorb
tuid: vf927o7ye3jf1m03

Uninvited, originally implemented on the Apple Macintosh
by ICOM (1986) and reimplemented by in Inform by
David Griffith.
Release 3 / Serial number 190918
(a version without sound effects is in uninvited.z5)

# vagueness.zblorb
ifwiki: What_Happens_in_Vagueness
tuid: xrofykwwtvx686gr

What Happens In Vagueness, an Interactive
Collaboration by The IFW4 Team.
Release 1 / Serial number 080825

# vampire.z8
tuid: hy4inhlsv3udyu9g

House of the Midnight Sun - A Vampire's Tale,
written by Paul Johnson.
Release 12 / Serial number 020405

# venice.z5

Not in Venice, a trial on Interactive Flash Fiction,
by Bahri Gordebak.
Release 1 / Serial number 120117

# vespers.z8
tuid: 6dj2vguyiagrhvc2

Vespers, by Jason Devlin.
Release 1 / Serial number 051128
(source code is in games/source/inform/vespers.inf,
and the original competition entry is in

# vgame.z8
tuid: ywwlr3tpxnktjasd

Varicella, by Adam Cadre
Version 1.14 (31 August 1999) / Serial number 9339
(an MS-DOS version is in games/pc/vgame.exe)

# vigilance.z5
ifwiki: Internal_Vigilance
tuid: 354tixox37lzb1mr

Internal Vigilance, version 2.0, by Simon Christiansen.
Release 2 / Serial number 070106
(the original competition entry is in

# vindaloo.z5
tuid: 1d98igkovonha9fo

Vindaloo, An Interactive Recipe by Adam G Crutchlow.
Release 1 / Serial number 960613

# vision.z5
tuid: pcsfqo6mwnqw40c8

Lack of Vision, a eye opening demo by Rybread Celsius.
Release 1 / Serial number 980412

# visitor.z5
ifwiki: The_Visitor
tuid: o5unag8agon6g0yg

The Visitor, A Chat, written by Peter Polkinghorne.
Release 1 / Serial number 000321
(source code is in games/source/inform/visitor.inf,
and the original Year 2000 IF Art Show entry is in

# vosr.zip
tuid: 0oa8mv38ui956q1a

Voices of Spoon River, based on the Spoon River Anthology
by Edgar Lee Masters. Written by Brett Shelton,
Jon Scoresby, Tim Stowell, Tom Caswell, Jared Bernotski,
Marie Duncan, Marian Jensen and Jennifer Jorgensen.
Release 1 / Serial number 060925

# wadewar3.z5
tuid: eipoymlzqmu5ps9h

The WadeWars Book III: Askin, by Jim Fisher - despite its
title the first release in the Wade Wars series.
Release 106 / Serial number 020512
Rating: beginner to intermediate.
(a DOS version from 1993 without save/restore is in

# warp.z5
tuid: ormdkpvdx3q7d5qk

Warp!, a science fiction story. Originally written by
Richard Kelly and converted to Inform by Steve Nickolas.
Release 2 / Serial number 640101
(the original, called "Chaos in Space", is in

# wcastle.z5
tuid: 5ee3nxfcwzzb9w1d

Wizard's Castle, originally from the July/August 1980
issue of Recreational Computing magazine. Written for
Exidy Sorceror by Joseph R. Power, modified for Heath
Microsoft BASIC by J. F. Stetson and ported to Inform
by Adam Biltcliffe.
(source code is in games/source/inform/wcastle.inf)

# weapon.zip
ifwiki: The_Weapon
tuid: tcebhl79rlxo3qrk

The Weapon, an Interactive Misdirection
by Sean Barrett.
Release 1 / Serial number 010706
Archive includes ZCode game file and background

# weather.z5
ifwiki: A_Change_in_the_Weather
tuid: 00wlim27k5d1hmf2

A Change in the Weather, An Interactive Short Story
by Andrew Plotkin. Release 6, serial number 960613.
Winner of the Inform category of the 1995 IF competition.
(the original competition entry is in

# weirdness.z5
tuid: p970pzlmm3surmu2

Weirdness: Strange, Different, and Altogether Weird.
Originally written by Gregory Janson for his MegaZeux
platform, and ported to Inform by Patrick Walton.
Release 2 / Serial number 030922

# whispers.z5
ifwiki: The_Corn_Identity
tuid: nq24rpyihbn95a3k

The Corn Identity, an "IF Whispers" collaborative project.
Release 1 / Serial number 050926

# winchest.z8
tuid: ksnzym96wm1kjhgj

Winchester's Nightmare, a Novel Machine
by Nick Montfort.
Release 5 / Serial number 020131

# windhal1.z8
tuid: aulmel3bib8ta99v

The Windhall Chronicles, Volume One: The Path to Fortune
by Jeff Cassidy and Christopher E. Forman.
Release 5 / Serial number 960828

# winter.z5
tuid: vtuf6hfo9aj5xs64

Winter Wonderland, version 2.0, by Laura A. Knauth.
Winner of the 1999 IF Competition.
Release 1 / Serial number 030227
(the original competition entry is in

# wireless.z5
tuid: km3kgr0scxdwaena

Get Magazine. Open Magazine. Read Article.
An interactive interpretation of an article published in
God's Rude Wireless, written by Simon Scott.
Release 1 / Serial number 040909

# woman.z8
ifwiki: Inside_Woman
tuid: jicj96i5dtdra2j8

Inside Woman, Interactive Corporate Espionage,
written by Andy Phillips.
Release 5 / Serial number 090628

# wossname.z5
ifwiki: Spodgeville_Murphy_and_The_Jewelled_Eye_of_Wossname
tuid: 6hwu0ywfwk4ksxxn

Spodgeville Murphy and The Jewelled Eye of Wossname,
written by David Fillmore.
Release 10 / Serial number 000225
(the original competition entry is in

# wscholars.zblorb
ifwiki: Weishaupt_Scholars
tuid: gnfqftiy4rvzzdnn

Weishaupt Scholars, an Interactive Secret History,
written by Michael Martin.
Release 2 / Serial number 071107
(source code is in games/source/inform/wscholars.txt)

# wump2ka.z5
ifwiki: Wumpus_2000
tuid: bsqx3xdl6epc52cu

Wumpus 2000, The Virulent Labyrinth Of Yob-Shuggoth.
A randomly-generated dungeon crawl by Muffy St. Bernard.
Release 1 / Serial number 041119
(source code is in games/source/inform/wump2ka.inf)

# wumpus.z5
tuid: wlbdh7n1ca7wy8oz

Hunt the Wumpus, originally written in BASIC in
1972 by Gregory Yob, and ported to Inform by
Magnus Olsson.
Release 1 / Serial number 991216
(source code is in games/source/inform/wumpus.inf)

# wurm.z5
tuid: gjbvgx6f1o33rxqc

Wurm, a blatant abuse of the Z-Machine by C.V.F. Knight.
Release 2 / Serial 021126
(source code is in games/source/inform/wurm.inf)

# yagwad.z5
tuid: ljqfvoa6dshtk8xa

YAGWAD: Yes, Another Game With A Dragon!
written by Digby McWiggle.
Release 2 / Serial number 001121
(the original competition entry is in

# yak_shaving.zblorb
ifwiki: Yak_Shaving_for_Kicks_and_Giggles!
tuid: zorhryuoy2iuafem

Yak Shaving for Kicks and Giggles! A Philosophical Odyssey by J. J. Guest.
Release 4 / Serial number 230911

# yomomma.zblorb
tuid: 1iqmpkn009h9gbug

Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma, an interactive
insult battle, by Juhana Leinonen.
Release 3 / Serial number 100228
(source code is in games/source/inform/yomomma-source.txt)

# z-life.z5
tuid: 6qb6z8xlrclhifoi

Z-Life, an Inform implementation of Conway's Game of Life,
by Julian Arnold. Release 3 / serial number 960121.
(source code is in games/source/inform/z-life.inf)

# zball.z5
tuid: jl5gbv7rex6pl9rf

ZassBall, Another Abuse of the Z-Machine, an arcade
game written in Inform by L. Ross Raszewski.
Release 1.0B / Serial number 980314

# zbefunge.zip
tuid: 5xmcy80x989ifyca

ZBefunge 0.7 beta, by Francis Irving.
Befunge is a 2D programming language, and this
archive contains an interpreter for Befunge written
in Inform. Includes Z-Code file and Inform source.
[file is linked from games/source/inform/zbefunge.zip]

# zcamel.z5
tuid: r8fn6ax9a10fna2x

Camel, originally by the Heath Users Group and ported
to Inform by Adam Biltcliffe.
(source code is in games/source/inform/zcamel.inf)

# zchess.zip
tuid: ty4xjwqeuwtxt4do

Z-Chess, release 4, by Eric Schmidt. An abuse of the
Z-Machine that allows two people to play chess.
Archive includes Z-code game and Inform source code.
[file is linked from games/zcode/zchess.zip]

# zdungeon.z5
ifwiki: Zork_(game)
tuid: 4gxk83ja4twckm6j

ZDungeon, a port to Inform of Dungeon, the more or
less public domain version of the original MIT Zork.
Ported by Ethan Dicks, based on the original MDL
sources, dated 22 July 1981.
Release 13 / Serial number 040826

# zenon.z5
tuid: rw7zv98mifbr3335

Escape from the Starship Zenon, by Andrew Gawthorpe.
Release 2 / Serial number 100122

# zenspeak_alpha.zip
tuid: nfsjiwg00sh5rnh9

Zen Speaks! or 1999: A Quite Brief Space Odyssey
an Eliza-style demo by Aldo Cumani.
Release 1 / Serial number 990217
Background music and speech output require a sound-capable

# zenspeak.blb
tuid: nfsjiwg00sh5rnh9

The sound and music resources for Zen Speaks!, converted
to the Blorb format by Leif Huhn.

# zfiles.z8
tuid: 3z2rnroqhrtm78ka

The Z-Files, An Interactive Guide to available Inform
games, by Gunther Schmidl. Based on the Inform Games
List by Neil Brown and Brendon Wyber.
Release 3 / Serial number 980519

# zedfunge.zip
tuid: z2deogrxm4yo83sp

ZedFunge 0.7.3 beta, by Martin Bays, based on
ZBefunge by Francis Irving. This is an extension to
ZBefunge, adding almost complete support for the
Concurrent Funge-98 specification. ZedFunge was
originally named ZFunge.
Includes Z-Code file and Inform source.
[file is linked from games/source/inform/zedfunge.zip]

# zegro.z8
tuid: 54pdtl9dwtimgqbl

Zegrothenus, by Poster.
Release 5 / Serial number 041112

# zombies.z5
tuid: p8prp8ker2m5rb0i

Zombies, yet another abuse of the Z-Machine. Written
by David Ledgard, based on Torbjorn Andersson's
game Robots.
Release 1 / Serial number 990524
(source code is in games/source/inform/zombies.inf)

# zork_285.z5
tuid: 7so4c67b82qmnjqg

An exact replica for the Z-machine of the original MDL Zork, as it was on
June 14, 1977 on the PDP-10 ITS at MIT. Originally written by Tim Anderson,
Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels, and Dave Lebling, and converted to ZIL by
Henrik Åsman.
Enter the command "about" in the game for more information.

# zracer.z5
ifwiki: ZRacer
tuid: tnljfhvnzvybysqt

ZRacer 1.0, a real-time racing game,
written for the C-40 ZCode competition by David Fisher.

# zsnake.z5
tuid: dlo4yld75dljqia7

Z-Snake, an Inform port of the classic game. Ported
by Zach Matley.
Release 3 / Serial Number 010201

# ztrek.z5
tuid: 6nwxvawygc1mm1y4

Super Z Trek, a Z-Machine implementation of the
classic Star Trek. Written by John Menichelli,
based on Chris Nystrom's C port of a BASIC version.
(source code is in games/source/inform/ztrek.inf)

# zugzwang.zip
tuid: hpesnywwgnl862rz

Zugzwang: The Interactive Life of a Chess Piece,
by Magnus Olsson.
Release 2 / Serial number 990710
This is an update to the original, which was part of
the TextFire, Inc. hoax. The original is still in
Archive contains zcode game and source code.
[file is linked to games/source/inform/zugzwang.zip]

# tristam-island.zip
tuid: 6gtq9ahrolz2ry2

Tristam Island, by Hugo Labrande.
Release 5 / Serial number 220830.
Contains game file, source, disk images, and feelies.
[file is linked from games/source/inform/tristam-island.zip]

# h2.z5
tuid: 33vo6hneh99pjd41

MILLIWAYS: the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Max Fog.
Release number 3.02 / Serial number 231119.
(Original IFComp release is at `games/competition2023/Games/Milliways the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.zip`)

# the-grumpy-cricket.z8
tuid: wy1z1sfw55rdbolu

The Grumpy Cricket (And Other Enormous Creatures), a game for the mischievous by John Goerzen.
Release 1 / Serial number 231225.
(source code is in games/source/inform/the-grumpy-cricket.zip)

# standing.z5
tuid: 8krn2lj9iob8cz36

You Are Standing, by Aaron A. Reed.
Release 3 / Serial number 240105.
Originally an exclusive bonus for the Ultimate Collector's Edition of 50 Years of Text Games.

# BlackNWhiteRag.z5
tuid: xa8yhw1551anm22e

BLACK'N'WHITE RAG - or, A Study in Something-or-Other, by Jonathan Nowell.
Release 1 / Serial number 960730.
A runner-up in the 1996 Acorn User Interactive Fiction competition.

# Transporter.z5
tuid: kmlnp63zv1hf3d67

Transporter, by Andrew Laker.
Release 1 / Serial number 960729.
A runner-up in the 1996 Acorn User Interactive Fiction competition.

# Leopold.z5
tuid: qwu43q0lys4f33sc

Leopold the Minstrel, by Jamie Murphy.
Release 1 / Serial number 960726.
Third place in the 1996 Acorn User Interactive Fiction competition.
(the original Spectrum version can be found inside
games/spectrum/zenobi128k.zip, as 128K/J.Murphy/LEOPOLD.Z80)

# wedding.z5
tuid: 5r1iabxsfwmz40ev
ifwiki: The Wedding

The Wedding, an Interactive Family Headache
by Neil James Brown.
"Acorn User CD Edition".
Release 5 / Serial number 970825.
This game came second in the Acorn User 1996 IF Competition.

# Adventureland.z5
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7
ifwiki: Adventureland

Scott Adams' Adventureland, ported to Inform by
Graham Nelson.
Release 4 / Serial number 970902.
(source code is in

# moments.zip
ifwiki: Moments Out of Time
tuid: obx6l90zk794ef7m

Moments Out of Time: Explorer Type, by L. Ross Raszewski.
Official ZBLORB version including audio and cover art.
(the original IFComp release, with separate story and sound resource files, is in games/competition2001/inform/moments)

# eliza.zip
tuid: fh8iwavcu4ldm98i

Eliza, a version of the well known program which
simulates a conversation with a psychiatrist, ported
to Inform by Ricardo Dague.
The archive contains the zcode file, Inform source,
Basic source on which this version is based, and a
sample transcript.
[file is linked to games/source/inform/eliza.zip]

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Transporter.z52024-03-19 18:27 92K
BlackNWhiteRag.z52024-03-19 18:26 42K
standing.z52024-01-05 22:54 87K
the-grumpy-cricket.z82023-12-25 20:13 334K
h2.z52023-11-28 04:32 236K
tristam-island.zip2023-11-20 04:10 14M
library_of_horror.z32023-10-10 11:22 35K
byod.zip2023-09-15 08:12 2.6M
yak_shaving.zblorb2023-09-14 12:51 672K
Killing_Machine_Loves_Slime_Prince.zblorb2023-09-03 20:53 2.6M
DuckMe.z32023-09-02 10:01 92K
The_Awakening.zip2023-08-24 17:07 1.0M
mystery-of-winchester-high.z52023-07-08 05:43 83K
submarine-sabotage.z32023-07-08 05:30 64K
submarine-sabotage.z52023-07-08 05:29 67K
the_witch.zip2023-06-08 13:09 214K
A1RL0CK.z52023-04-02 20:34 82K
memorylane.z52023-03-18 12:04 106K
lucidnight.z52023-03-14 18:22 63K
fantasydimension.z32023-03-12 23:38 59K
Head_Case.zip2023-03-10 10:23 609K
strike_force.z52023-03-01 00:40 75K
seacoral.z52023-02-27 18:31 68K
csbb.z82023-01-30 10:42 489K
The_Enigma_of_the_Old_Manor_House.zblorb2022-11-29 15:43 751K
snowed-in.zip2022-08-10 03:45 198K
ImpossibleStairs.z82022-08-09 16:34 238K
MakeItGood.z82022-07-04 08:50 484K
Towers_of_Hanoi.zblorb2022-06-27 04:09 346K
mansion.z52022-04-06 10:39 106K
escapade.zblorb2022-03-06 08:35 662K
GBVB.zblorb2022-02-26 14:07 459K
suvehnux.z52022-02-09 08:16 243K
Locked_Door_IX-Under_Obstruction.zblorb2022-01-29 06:57 695K
Locked_Door_VIII-Enemy_Mine.zblorb2022-01-27 02:19 722K
Locked_Door_VII-Out_Of_Line.zblorb2022-01-25 06:46 689K
Locked_Door_VI-It_Takes_Two.zblorb2022-01-24 01:47 649K
Locked_Door_V-Switched_On.zblorb2022-01-22 00:38 626K
kitten.z52022-01-21 08:51 46K
Locked_Door_IV-Safety_In_Numbers.zblorb2022-01-20 01:58 631K
Locked_Door_III-Crate_Expectations.zblorb2022-01-19 06:33 623K
Locked_Door_II-Fair_Trade.zblorb2022-01-19 01:56 610K
UMW.z82022-01-17 08:52 164K
Locked_Door.zblorb2022-01-17 04:53 583K
stiffy.z52022-01-07 10:15 89K
zork_285.z52021-10-10 08:58 38K
the_job.z52021-10-02 11:52 43K
njag.z52021-06-03 20:49 170K
buccaneers_cache.z32021-05-22 00:47 34K
ghostmountain.z52021-05-09 19:26 43K
tundra-alpha.zip2021-04-18 13:43 45K
Take_the_Dog_Out.zblorb2021-04-04 17:13 424K
Hidden_Verbiage.zblorb2020-12-12 08:06 466K
PS.z82020-11-06 11:21 92K
sanddancer-dialog.zblorb2020-10-07 04:07 2.1M
TheInvestment.z52020-09-17 02:32 34K
Spring_2020.z82020-04-15 18:24 313K
lecture.zblorb2020-04-14 20:53 482K
Aug4.z82020-03-31 10:49 356K
starlight.z82020-03-16 20:52 352K
Reddex.z82020-01-24 18:29 371K
Kentish_Plover.z82020-01-18 14:43 159K
Dont_Push_The_Mailbox.z82019-12-27 19:06 325K
Underground.zip2019-12-16 06:58 8.3M
pas-de-deux.zip2019-11-18 21:22 5.1M
uninvited.zblorb2019-09-29 00:49 626K
uninvited.z52019-09-29 00:48 207K
Fairyland.z82019-08-15 13:47 160K
the-mall.zip2019-07-31 22:15 167K
The_Fifth_Continent.z82019-07-20 10:58 168K
The_Computer_Lady.z82019-07-06 08:21 162K
TheEnchantedCastle.zblorb2019-06-28 01:13 445K
Andromeda_Genesis.z82019-06-10 15:21 240K
Clean_Air.zblorb2019-06-10 04:38 401K
The_Grand_Tour.z82019-05-20 16:07 156K
7doctors.z52018-12-09 02:22 122K
Mercury_Trucking.z52018-12-02 20:40 147K
Walk_Among_Us.zblorb2018-12-01 23:59 762K
B7_Snare.z82018-11-22 18:41 278K
stonecage.z52018-10-12 08:35 216K
Virtuality.zblorb2018-09-21 03:53 388K
findesick.z82018-08-02 16:52 324K
Tuuli.zblorb2018-05-01 17:44 597K
Rise_of_the_Necropolis.zblorb2018-02-19 18:21 462K
scald.z52018-02-06 21:22 190K
calypso.z52018-01-26 13:37 96K
TheGreatPancakeDetectives.zblorb2018-01-17 13:06 258K
Cheesed_Off.zblorb2018-01-17 12:22 438K
GourmetGaffe.zblorb2018-01-17 12:09 251K
InAManorOfSpeaking.zip2018-01-17 12:00 222K
jack.z52018-01-05 18:57 33K
Primer.zblorb2017-12-02 16:55 249K
risorg.zblorb2017-11-15 02:05 464K
adv551.z82017-11-11 05:59 327K
Corrupter_of_Dreams.zblorb2017-11-04 02:10 419K
Grue.z82017-10-03 18:08 357K
Egyptian_Walking_Simulator.z82017-09-07 16:37 327K
Code_Name_Silver_Steel.z82017-06-19 13:55 350K
ZEDIT.zip2017-06-10 06:07 15K
Dead_Meat_in_the_Pit.zblorb2017-06-04 00:09 246K
hobbit-true_story.zip2017-06-01 17:24 1.1M
hauntedhouse.zip2017-05-17 01:05 4.8M
brainofthenightguest.z82017-04-30 21:15 227K
gd.z52017-04-24 21:45 49K
A_Cock_and_Bull_Story.zblorb2017-04-02 07:09 874K
Magic_Muffin_-_The_Desert.zblorb2017-02-08 09:24 204K
The_Minimalist_Game.z52017-02-08 09:17 148K
One_Game_in_Search_of_a_Story.z52017-02-07 11:23 152K
Forest_Demo.zblorb2017-02-07 01:37 237K
QuestForTheMagicMuffin3.zblorb2017-02-05 18:19 429K
Just_Another_Day.zblorb2017-02-04 05:45 602K
atrocitron.z52016-12-23 00:36 90K
Stealing_the_Stolen.zblorb2016-12-22 19:03 415K
entropy.z82016-09-15 13:32 123K
ZTUU.zip2016-07-23 20:26 150K
That_Damn_Elevator.zblorb2016-07-11 21:00 405K
MouseQuest_Ch1.zblorb2016-07-07 06:17 317K
Starry_Seeksorrow.zblorb2016-06-03 06:45 1.3M
advent.z82016-05-01 15:56 144K
adv550.z82016-05-01 15:56 226K
adv440.z82016-05-01 15:56 189K
lion.z52016-04-21 14:25 76K
We_Are_Unfinished.zblorb2016-04-20 07:25 404K
Gnu_in_the_Zoo.zblorb2016-04-14 12:52 467K
In_The_Cubicle.zblorb2016-04-12 20:31 340K
deadpavane.zblorb2016-04-04 11:44 263K
darkiss1.z52016-03-22 14:41 131K
GA.z52016-03-21 08:37 174K
DontPeeYourself.z82016-03-16 08:08 207K
Iceweb.zblorb2016-02-29 15:40 495K
Enigma.zblorb2016-02-07 09:29 409K
Tower.zblorb2016-01-01 18:46 382K
The_World_Turned_Upside_Down.zblorb2015-12-28 06:41 447K
tKatC-SE.z82015-11-23 13:56 399K
Dead_Mans_Grave.zblorb2015-11-02 08:48 535K
The_Garden_of_Verging_Paths.zblorb2015-10-31 19:34 1.1M
Hide_a_pachyderm!.z52015-10-11 19:01 210K
Nihilism.z82015-10-03 14:36 311K
advent.z32015-10-03 14:36 65K
The_Paper_Bag_Princess.z82015-09-05 13:02 390K
The_Mundane_Tale_of_the_Morning.zblorb2015-09-05 13:02 280K
monster-maker.z82015-09-05 13:02 279K
kiiwii.z52015-09-05 13:02 250K
Fingertips_Please_Pass_the_Milk_Please.zblorb2015-09-05 13:02 272K
Fingertips_I_Found_a_New_Friend.zblorb2015-09-05 13:02 414K
Bureaucrocy.zblorb2015-09-05 13:02 379K
Ambassadors_Daughter.z82015-05-25 19:48 250K
Aphasia_Quest.zblorb2015-04-27 09:32 228K
Youve_Got_a_Stew_Going.zblorb2015-04-12 15:33 1.5M
six-gray-rats.z82015-03-31 20:23 419K
lily.z52015-03-19 14:23 194K
animals.z52015-03-15 19:33 32K
sunburn.zblorb2015-02-23 19:38 460K
Coin_toss.zblorb2015-02-23 19:38 307K
Advent_Crowther.z82015-01-18 22:12 422K
Juicehead.zblorb2015-01-12 16:36 266K
TheHouseOfFear.zblorb2014-11-23 09:35 559K
northnorth.z82014-11-14 15:54 339K
cheshire-cat.z52014-10-13 07:18 78K
UngodlyHour.zblorb2014-09-27 20:00 326K
Lex.zblorb2014-09-22 04:10 359K
Wildflowers.zblorb2014-09-11 21:16 507K
Homecoming.zblorb2014-09-11 21:16 1.0M
Threediopolis.zblorb2014-09-01 10:55 570K
HellsBasement.zblorb2014-08-26 19:51 269K
mr-p.z52014-06-20 20:01 171K
WeirdCityInterloper.zblorb2014-06-14 11:53 332K
More.z82014-06-05 07:43 308K
WhiteHouses.zblorb2014-06-04 15:05 413K
I-0.z52014-06-04 15:05 214K
TheSpotlight.z82014-06-01 20:14 329K
HOLY_ROBOT_EMPIRE.zblorb2014-06-01 20:14 422K
MyLastDuchess.zblorb2014-05-11 16:05 253K
Nidus.z52014-04-17 07:28 115K
Parallel.zblorb2014-04-14 08:58 206K
So_Youve_Never_Played_a_Text.zblorb2014-04-02 21:09 957K
geist.z52014-01-22 16:41 239K
gaucho.z52014-01-22 16:35 173K
Intangible.zblorb2013-12-30 07:07 297K
TheWarblersNest.zblorb2013-12-22 03:50 843K
The_Cenric_Family_Curse.zip2013-12-18 17:53 288K
nameless.z82013-12-06 10:41 461K
TheHorriblePyramid.zblorb2013-12-01 20:38 356K
Colonists.zblorb2013-09-11 21:48 522K
TheRealisticNascarEXperience.z52013-08-29 14:31 149K
Detention.zblorb2013-08-27 18:07 239K
CriticalBreach.z82013-08-20 09:05 263K
RetroFatale.zip2013-07-11 09:34 132K
Pegasus.zblorb2013-07-08 21:44 407K
OnYourBack.z52013-06-18 22:44 169K
ToaSK.zip2013-06-15 05:51 4.0M
Wrenlaw.zblorb2013-04-29 14:22 1.8M
Nautilisia.zblorb2013-04-23 04:18 1.7M
InteractiveFictionPlayer.zblorb2013-03-26 04:49 246K
IPressedOnBeingChased.zblorb2013-03-23 17:43 241K
hoosegow.zblorb2013-03-20 17:51 1.9M
CastleOfTheRedPrince.zblorb2013-02-27 19:22 354K
TheIsland.zblorb2013-02-26 16:19 347K
Hat.z52013-02-16 18:21 151K
librarian_inform7.zip2013-02-11 07:48 144K
Escape!.zblorb2013-02-11 04:13 269K
AndAHippoNewYear.z82013-02-10 07:09 310K
CrimeScene.zblorb2013-01-24 01:45 313K
BurnsNightSupper.zblorb2013-01-15 14:36 245K
happy.z52013-01-14 22:37 119K
SurprisingCaseOfBrianTimmons.zblorb2013-01-14 15:58 532K
KeepingDido.zblorb2013-01-11 19:22 324K
TheKazooist.zblorb2013-01-05 22:16 200K
TimeForTea.z82012-12-22 08:50 306K
SundayAfternoon.z82012-12-14 01:55 339K
castle.z82012-12-07 04:05 238K
Eurydice.zblorb2012-12-06 16:19 825K
tBLW.zip2012-11-10 08:57 131K
Shallow.zblorb2012-11-09 20:34 240K
InTheSkinOfALionQuest.zblorb2012-11-06 15:24 318K
tcom_remake.zip2012-11-03 21:26 1.6M
QuidditchFinal1954.zblorb2012-10-22 15:51 323K
ZorkianStories1-GUE.zblorb2012-10-15 18:10 372K
HallowEve.z82012-10-15 17:37 317K
jet.z82012-10-06 08:00 205K
dracula.z82012-10-05 07:23 296K
ghost.z82012-09-30 15:46 206K
ThePriceOfFreedom.zblorb2012-09-19 08:31 174K
ThePrize.zblorb2012-08-27 06:30 399K
photopia.z52012-08-18 22:29 234K
Islands.zblorb2012-08-18 08:33 256K
TheForgottenGirls.zblorb2012-08-17 05:04 400K
905.z52012-08-02 06:40 85K
InterviewWithARockStar.zblorb2012-07-29 03:36 238K
DeliciousBreakfast.zblorb2012-07-29 00:50 149K
sfiction.z82012-07-07 04:08 270K
RoomSerial.z82012-06-27 20:45 295K
MyLittleProjectConceptIsProven.zblorb2012-06-21 04:17 284K
LostSheep.z52012-06-19 01:08 187K
TheAlgophilistsPenury.zip2012-05-28 21:34 223K
UnderTheBed.z82012-05-23 00:20 241K
DownTheMatrix.zblorb2012-05-22 04:19 312K
ZorkNplus9.zblorb2012-05-18 04:14 393K
baby_tree.zblorb2012-05-12 09:30 287K
TheAdventuresOfHoudini.zblorb2012-05-12 03:37 566K
DashSlapneyPatrol.zblorb2012-05-10 20:59 330K
TheTownMusicians.zblorb2012-05-08 00:24 404K
QuestForTheMagicMuffin.zblorb2012-05-01 13:07 428K
BackToTheFuture-MartyQuest.zblorb2012-04-30 03:57 262K
BedTime.zblorb2012-04-29 14:27 254K
NudistsGoneWild.z82012-04-25 15:01 176K
GoWest.zblorb2012-04-25 14:59 246K
Gamer.zblorb2012-04-16 05:56 286K
KierkegaardsSpider.zblorb2012-04-13 22:46 248K
zegro.z82012-04-11 11:12 256K
Elephants.z52012-04-09 16:09 231K
Apollo18+20.zip2012-03-28 21:20 9.0M
mortlake.z82012-03-24 07:18 256K
MissingGrandpa-LostInTime.zblorb2012-03-19 13:30 576K
IF_Whispers_5.z82012-03-12 11:52 319K
TheGarlicCage.z82012-02-10 01:56 173K
ThreeCowsAndTwoDoors.z52012-02-09 00:22 150K
dontgo.z52012-01-19 13:22 191K
venice.z52012-01-17 19:56 190K
murderer.z52012-01-17 00:59 192K
GreenRain.zblorb2012-01-16 23:08 269K
threemore.z52012-01-13 23:53 152K
coloromc.z52012-01-10 22:09 190K
reading.z52012-01-10 13:31 192K
Ibo.z52012-01-09 10:43 192K
LiveJoseph.zblorb2011-12-28 03:38 259K
TheValleyHouse.z82011-12-20 14:13 254K
thestargods.z82011-12-19 15:44 262K
orient_express.z52011-12-17 13:49 185K
Glik_I.zblorb2011-12-11 20:51 345K
DragonFliesLike.zblorb2011-11-30 20:51 552K
CrystalPalace.zip2011-11-28 11:58 422K
coldiron.z82011-11-20 03:58 225K
Xeno.z52011-11-15 19:33 122K
Spycatcher.z52011-11-15 19:32 124K
Sangraal.z52011-11-15 19:31 147K
Parc.z52011-11-15 19:30 97K
Murdac.z52011-11-15 19:28 77K
Hamil.z52011-11-15 19:27 80K
Fyleet.z52011-11-15 19:26 139K
Crobe.z52011-11-15 19:25 90K
BrandX.z52011-11-15 19:25 110K
Avon.z52011-11-15 19:24 103K
Acheton.z82011-11-15 19:23 245K
FragileShells.zblorb2011-11-09 23:51 535K
hauntings.z82011-11-09 23:15 221K
hangar_22.z52011-11-08 21:23 149K
BaldersDeath.zblorb2011-11-07 17:29 248K
EdgeOfTheCliff.zblorb2011-10-31 01:08 317K
Tutorial.zblorb2011-10-30 14:29 457K
pirrail.zblorb2011-09-20 05:17 326K
Zork_LXIX.z52011-09-02 12:41 202K
GrowingUp.zblorb2011-08-25 21:53 261K
TheLastDarkDay.z52011-08-22 16:48 161K
D-Day.zblorb2011-07-21 03:28 260K
CalmMuteMoving.z52011-07-13 01:33 169K
PaleBlueLight.zblorb2011-07-09 02:17 347K
Imiagination.zblorb2011-07-06 12:00 247K
Adventure_Time.zblorb2011-07-01 02:56 351K
Sturdlint.z52011-06-30 20:42 179K
Mahadev.z52011-06-30 20:40 182K
kidnapsea.z82011-06-14 15:24 187K
quick2.zblorb2011-06-01 23:51 349K
404-Life_not_found.zblorb2011-05-25 04:45 495K
Toxin.z82011-05-20 04:27 196K
Out_of_the_Pit.zblorb2011-05-15 06:55 270K
MysteriousOceanTower.zblorb2011-05-10 20:22 300K
PLSG.zip2011-04-20 20:24 428K
Trapped.zblorb2011-04-14 16:47 248K
pigpancake.zblorb2011-04-10 08:22 231K
scopa_z6.zip2011-03-21 22:33 253K
LookingToTheSky.zblorb2011-03-14 02:33 371K
Moonwrecked.zblorb2011-03-10 04:10 258K
Home.z52011-02-05 08:01 153K
mysterious_z6_noblorb.zip2011-01-26 20:11 791K
FirstDayOfMyNewLife.zip2011-01-19 20:32 451K
Starborn.zblorb2011-01-16 00:25 409K
Hummingbird.zblorb2011-01-02 06:31 757K
SleepCycle.zblorb2010-12-17 14:56 248K
TheDogHouse.zblorb2010-11-30 21:45 695K
BurnTheKoranAndDie.zblorb2010-11-29 04:03 218K
Suicide.z82010-11-04 00:28 335K
mines.z52010-10-29 16:17 64K
BiCon.zblorb2010-10-06 16:38 358K
UniPool.z52010-10-06 09:27 109K
FormerlyHiddenNaziMode.zip2010-09-11 21:20 442K
Figaro.zblorb2010-09-11 08:38 397K
TheTerribleOldManse.zblorb2010-08-22 01:07 871K
TheEmptyRoom.zblorb2010-08-13 09:03 313K
TheSmallRoom.z52010-08-05 11:38 151K
TutorialHotel.z52010-07-13 14:03 151K
FindTheBed.zblorb2010-07-08 20:39 282K
Heliopause.zblorb2010-07-03 20:45 380K
AlongTheRiver.z52010-06-30 08:02 194K
IFAquarium.zblorb2010-05-16 00:06 230K
yomomma.zblorb2010-05-05 08:26 1.0M
piracy_2.z52010-04-08 22:57 244K
across.zip2010-03-29 20:10 1.4M
creepydemo.zip2010-03-18 16:46 71K
Wedding.zblorb2010-03-05 00:29 250K
ToK.zblorb2010-02-27 21:57 236K
Dual.zblorb2010-02-26 00:51 420K
WalkInThePark.z52010-02-13 03:38 142K
invisible.z82010-02-01 21:31 329K
SoReality.z82010-01-27 23:20 144K
Snowquest.zip2010-01-27 20:59 784K
Beyond_txt.zip2010-01-19 15:05 579K
figueres.zblorb2010-01-15 21:39 271K
Primrose.zblorb2009-12-23 01:16 606K
ThatDamnRemote.zblorb2009-12-14 06:26 246K
TheGrandQuest.z52009-12-09 21:37 178K
Cacophony.z82009-12-09 21:35 356K
Backup.zblorb2009-12-04 19:53 419K
ByzantinePerspective.zblorb2009-11-19 19:05 1.6M
gatoron.z52009-11-16 05:28 121K
Epyk.zblorb2009-11-12 02:21 231K
StrangeWorld.zblorb2009-10-12 17:35 241K
cavetrip.z52009-10-06 19:56 115K
Chaos.z52009-09-28 04:30 95K
Paranoia.zblorb2009-08-03 16:05 134K
Violet.zblorb2009-07-27 03:16 587K
Asylum.z52009-07-21 20:35 133K
Cottage.zblorb2009-07-15 17:13 602K
hyperrpg.zblorb2009-07-01 03:37 194K
woman.z82009-06-28 15:31 468K
RPN.zblorb2009-05-31 17:51 139K
chaosgame.zblorb2009-05-26 21:42 172K
bishoes.z52009-05-14 01:12 84K
Arid_and_Pale.zblorb2009-05-01 15:25 195K
gold.z52009-04-10 15:40 213K
bryantcollection.zblorb2009-04-01 04:50 516K
69105Keys.zblorb2009-03-02 18:43 191K
Ottumwa.z52009-02-18 00:55 121K
LMS_TVG.zblorb2009-01-31 01:55 185K
Acrobat.zblorb2009-01-11 22:29 2.0M
stinkorswim.z82009-01-06 04:54 227K
leaptime.z82008-12-30 07:54 229K
SantasSleighRide.zip2008-12-27 07:41 292K
TheDayIShotHitler.z52008-12-08 21:20 172K
Ham_House.zip2008-11-25 04:45 132K
StormCellar0.zblorb2008-10-23 04:51 376K
OneGirl.z52008-10-13 18:28 170K
Casting.z52008-10-13 18:19 242K
vagueness.zblorb2008-08-26 04:15 291K
trw.z52008-08-25 02:53 124K
Dracula2_The_Arrival.zip2008-08-19 16:05 64K
Moon-Shaped.zblorb2008-07-14 20:50 437K
WerewolvesAndWanderer.zblorb2008-07-05 07:10 277K
thegallery.z52008-07-03 21:14 176K
TauntingDonut.zblorb2008-06-12 13:45 164K
Addendum.zblorb2008-06-11 04:19 195K
pathway.zip2008-05-19 08:15 114K
terror_tabby.z52008-05-15 16:46 200K
Photograph.zblorb2008-04-28 13:19 258K
BeingAndrewPlotkin.zblorb2008-04-24 04:49 358K
gardening.zblorb2008-04-12 18:22 385K
DayInLife.zblorb2008-04-06 22:04 169K
LostPig.zblorb2008-04-06 20:50 381K
LostPig.z82008-04-06 20:50 279K
back2wakeup.zip2008-03-12 17:57 538K
telling.zblorb2008-03-12 01:09 309K
gourmet.zblorb2008-03-12 01:00 352K
parallel.z52008-02-20 02:59 155K
spring.z82008-02-08 06:50 323K
Somewhere.z52008-01-31 22:56 186K
IraqiInvasion.zip2008-01-31 17:54 263K
ChildsPlay.zblorb2008-01-30 15:15 523K
faculty.zblorb2008-01-23 19:15 213K
FFF.z52008-01-21 21:24 99K
housekey1.z52008-01-18 14:46 131K
sporkery1.z52008-01-11 06:27 145K
beneath.z52008-01-07 17:45 172K
tirehoax.zblorb2008-01-05 02:13 223K
Dracula_The_First_Night.zip2007-12-27 19:24 52K
cryptographer.z52007-12-17 19:24 40K
zracer.z52007-12-12 00:16 40K
HouseOfDreamOfMoon.z82007-12-06 19:51 305K
Fork.z52007-12-06 00:12 197K
teacher.z52007-11-26 16:07 116K
musician.z82007-11-23 08:55 140K
orevore.z82007-11-18 02:46 406K
wscholars.zblorb2007-11-13 01:43 573K
catseye.z32007-10-24 11:44 10K
moonglow.z32007-10-24 11:43 10K
Advent.z52007-10-20 19:35 135K
geb.z52007-10-15 23:49 162K
ayac.z52007-09-12 23:08 67K
BibleRetold.z52007-08-27 14:54 166K
Calendar.z52007-08-05 20:14 135K
CaveAdventure.zip2007-07-22 05:13 465K
TheHouse.zip2007-07-14 22:40 395K
ShadowSoldiers.zblorb2007-06-25 19:00 147K
devdoit.z52007-06-18 18:49 59K
SpAdventure.z52007-06-17 17:25 140K
erden.zip2007-06-16 15:26 204K
PerrysWorld.zblorb2007-05-02 02:43 121K
Debate.z52007-04-13 06:51 159K
RBD.z82007-03-28 20:08 263K
Accuse.zblorb2007-03-23 03:55 126K
Savoir-Faire_Feelies.pdf2007-03-18 05:20 1.3M
LLR3.z82007-03-13 15:26 161K
sunburst.z62007-02-22 10:45 64K
MonzasPhantom.zblorb2007-02-20 09:00 113K
DragonTroll.z52007-01-20 09:09 3.5K
vigilance.z52007-01-06 18:21 179K
NightBeforeChristmas.zblorb2006-12-25 05:05 122K
DreamTooReal.zblorb2006-12-03 07:29 135K
ShadowOfMemories.zblorb2006-11-27 19:39 175K
Mobius.zblorb2006-11-19 11:53 417K
Wallpaper.zblorb2006-11-18 00:21 337K
vosr.zip2006-11-10 02:19 135K
rameses.zblorb2006-11-03 03:42 163K
WiR2.zblorb2006-10-11 19:05 502K
selection.z52006-10-09 11:09 148K
Sushi.zblorb2006-10-08 22:13 320K
WiR1.zblorb2006-10-08 12:32 638K
Savoir-Faire.zblorb2006-10-08 12:30 432K
Galatea.zblorb2006-10-08 12:29 432K
Damnatio-Memoriae.zblorb2006-10-08 12:27 163K
Glass.zblorb2006-10-08 12:23 365K
Bronze.zblorb2006-10-08 12:20 481K
TCOTY.zblorb2006-09-09 03:01 461K
adverbum.z52006-09-05 21:11 135K
AOTYRZ.z52006-08-27 12:32 156K
escape.zblorb2006-07-18 02:50 278K
CatcherInTheRye.zblorb2006-06-11 21:17 194K
Vacation.z52006-06-02 20:05 243K
BeingSteve.zblorb2006-05-19 11:19 122K
RoTA.zblorb2006-05-04 00:17 656K
Swineback.z52006-04-22 09:46 109K
bathtub.z52006-04-09 22:53 84K
omniquest.z52006-03-26 23:38 94K
ludicorp.z52006-03-26 23:26 100K
building.z52006-03-24 02:57 248K
Misdirection.z52006-03-04 19:58 216K
HelloSword.zip2006-01-14 20:20 183K
bookvol.z52005-12-25 19:04 221K
dotd.zip2005-12-14 22:11 137K
HugeHint.z52005-12-02 18:59 122K
HugeCave.z82005-12-02 18:59 325K
vespers.z82005-11-29 00:49 303K
whispers.z52005-09-26 13:58 173K
Deadsville.zip2005-08-11 01:33 103K
HLAinform.z52005-07-18 03:27 165K
weirdness.z52005-06-18 22:38 88K
praser5.z52005-05-15 15:10 35K
ConanKillEverything.z52005-04-29 06:25 89K
vampire.z82005-04-04 20:46 249K
TGM.z52005-03-31 12:14 44K
devours.z52005-03-25 15:27 157K
ifquake.zip2005-03-02 18:43 63K
reser.z52005-02-10 00:32 88K
wump2ka.z52005-02-09 14:44 170K
dewdrops.z52005-01-15 10:32 107K
eric_dm.z52005-01-03 16:45 114K
puerto.z52005-01-03 01:13 62K
dreamhold.z82004-12-31 21:37 378K
bluechairs.z52004-12-29 16:10 236K
gamlet.z52004-12-23 16:11 255K
mysterious_z6_blorb.zip2004-12-12 11:03 907K
cabal.z52004-12-05 11:47 174K
GreatXavio.z52004-12-04 20:36 174K
typo.zip2004-11-25 22:39 62K
saveprinceton.z82004-11-25 20:32 282K
orion.z52004-11-23 20:48 200K
identity.z52004-11-21 14:15 124K
sgate.z52004-10-29 20:41 139K
wireless.z52004-09-09 05:33 138K
zdungeon.z52004-09-06 03:10 185K
Puppet.zip2004-08-03 19:52 95K
enter.z52004-07-31 17:05 153K
9Dancers.zip2004-07-18 17:14 86K
solitary.txt2004-06-14 22:14 1.3K
solitary.z52004-06-07 18:46 95K
causality.z52004-03-24 22:46 115K
Ralph.z52004-03-09 21:49 77K
frankie.zip2004-03-04 19:51 55K
affront.zip2004-03-01 03:19 30K
Misdirection.txt2004-02-20 17:37 5.0K
dragon.zip2004-02-14 22:28 129K
gussdeath.z32004-01-31 17:45 41K
spacest2.z52004-01-30 23:20 134K
zchess.zip2004-01-25 06:55 18K
noroom.z52004-01-17 12:13 61K
tess.z52003-12-28 04:29 92K
zedfunge.zip2003-11-11 23:15 90K
deadreck.z52003-07-31 14:52 85K
ZTornado.z52003-07-11 21:19 21K
thorn.z52003-07-05 03:17 74K
boothdye.z52003-06-18 23:16 51K
zenspeak.blb2003-06-16 23:28 141K
ccake.zip2003-05-27 22:17 52K
alice3.z52003-05-02 02:21 85K
Inevita.z52003-04-29 03:28 209K
cavern.z52003-04-18 15:15 130K
aasmasters.z52003-04-10 18:36 67K
Mountain.zip2003-03-22 11:16 114K
medusa.z52003-03-16 21:40 107K
death.z52003-03-09 10:32 118K
winter.z52003-02-28 04:27 190K
DDIV.z52003-02-10 11:47 160K
pentari.z52003-02-09 17:10 89K
bofh.z52003-02-09 17:09 99K
insight.z52003-02-09 16:56 148K
Help.z82003-02-08 15:10 280K
sh4.z52003-01-17 21:34 213K
sh3.z52003-01-17 21:33 216K
sh2.zblorb2003-01-17 21:30 279K
sh1.z52003-01-17 21:28 226K
fmvpoker.zip2003-01-05 08:13 17K
zsnake.z52003-01-05 08:12 11K
cheeseshop.z52002-12-30 13:16 84K
lambs2.z52002-12-30 00:33 59K
nuntalylihu.z52002-12-10 14:53 145K
wurm.z52002-12-08 22:24 4.0K
zbefunge.zip2002-11-28 20:14 43K
temple.z52002-11-18 10:14 105K
spot.z52002-10-25 20:10 54K
tell.z52002-10-25 20:08 67K
blues.z52002-06-19 04:27 256K
amish.z52002-06-03 20:14 50K
FineTune.z82002-05-20 19:08 287K
taipan.z52002-05-20 15:49 37K
wadewar3.z52002-05-19 06:37 141K
Cyclops.z52002-05-05 21:43 77K
ill.z52002-04-22 08:01 72K
appall.z52002-04-22 08:00 52K
amiss.z52002-04-10 02:26 141K
warp.z52002-03-21 01:46 69K
gostak.z52002-03-05 21:20 86K
WernersQuest.zip2002-03-04 22:28 171K
pytho.z82002-02-23 18:12 287K
metamorp.z52002-02-23 01:56 174K
cycles.z52002-02-22 05:52 119K
castles-1.1.z52002-02-17 18:18 207K
bazic-0.1.zip2002-02-15 16:09 14K
Mullmurd.z52002-02-14 23:25 226K
winchest.z82002-02-01 01:57 287K
farm.z52002-01-13 02:01 132K
eleven.zip2002-01-01 06:00 112K
eas.zip2001-12-17 19:23 105K
heroes.zip2001-12-01 02:54 113K
advent.z62001-11-23 13:16 116K
AllRoads.z52001-11-19 14:43 168K
burglar.z52001-09-26 14:56 70K
ats.z82001-09-24 03:50 378K
largemac.z52001-09-04 23:27 157K
thegreat.z52001-09-03 02:29 90K
weapon.zip2001-07-07 05:38 124K
ribbons.z52001-07-03 00:05 108K
PUTPBAA.z52001-06-19 01:20 129K
curves.z82001-06-13 21:51 512K
degen.z52001-03-31 11:11 164K
midpoints.zip2001-03-31 06:58 54K
break-in.z52001-03-28 19:56 204K
Biscuit.z52001-03-13 04:18 135K
fracture.z52001-03-07 08:14 109K
killing.zip2001-02-21 23:22 42K
Mask.z52001-01-22 21:19 220K
golf.z52001-01-15 05:37 191K
punkpnts.z52001-01-11 05:00 134K
schooldays.z52001-01-04 05:00 188K
zenon.z52000-12-24 05:00 66K
My_Angel.z52000-12-18 05:00 252K
FailSafe.z52000-12-18 05:00 77K
Heroine.z82000-12-12 05:00 512K
guess.z52000-12-10 05:00 230K
shade.z52000-11-28 05:00 106K
yagwad.z52000-11-20 05:00 164K
djinni.z52000-11-17 05:00 103K
rans.zip2000-11-12 05:00 135K
samhain.z52000-10-22 04:00 68K
mary.z52000-10-20 04:00 86K
RtDoom.z52000-09-20 04:00 175K
CtDoom.z52000-09-20 04:00 130K
visitor.z52000-09-19 04:00 56K
zcamel.z52000-09-18 04:00 6.5K
wcastle.z52000-09-18 04:00 34K
oad.z52000-09-13 04:00 77K
Relief.z52000-08-20 04:00 93K
LASH.z82000-08-07 04:00 362K
Mulldoon.z82000-08-04 04:00 458K
LDoDoom.z52000-08-02 04:00 196K
mst3k2.z52000-07-23 04:00 119K
mst3k1_2.z52000-07-23 04:00 138K
fable.z52000-07-15 04:00 94K
detective.z52000-07-15 04:00 106K
AtWork.z52000-07-05 04:00 77K
Tokyo2.z52000-07-03 04:00 105K
Cove.z52000-05-26 04:00 127K
GerbilRiot.z52000-05-13 04:00 78K
dumontmanual.pdf2000-05-05 04:00 40K
dumontfeelies.pdf2000-05-05 04:00 201K
dumont.z52000-05-05 04:00 220K
chico.z52000-04-13 04:00 159K
guestret.z52000-03-26 05:00 13K
ztrek.z52000-02-29 05:00 29K
wossname.z52000-02-27 05:00 76K
sycamora.z52000-02-15 05:00 53K
shrapnel.z52000-02-12 05:00 96K
shrapnel.txt2000-02-12 05:00 1.0K
Peacock.z52000-02-08 05:00 77K
heist.z82000-02-04 05:00 350K
905notes.txt2000-01-03 05:00 506
guard.zip2000-01-01 05:00 242K
School.z51999-12-18 05:00 236K
reverzi.z51999-12-18 05:00 9.5K
wumpus.z51999-12-16 05:00 13K
deephome.z51999-12-10 05:00 130K
ballerina102.z81999-11-29 05:00 497K
chix.z51999-11-25 05:00 202K
kirby.z51999-11-23 05:00 140K
huntdark.z51999-11-20 05:00 114K
ZCatalog.chm1999-10-23 04:00 185K
Snafufun.zip1999-10-03 04:00 17K
Probing.zip1999-10-03 04:00 117K
muse.z51999-09-23 04:00 171K
permagic.z51999-09-21 04:00 65K
vgame.z81999-08-31 04:00 490K
annoy.z51999-08-28 04:00 70K
caverns.zip1999-08-14 04:00 33K
Zokoban.z51999-08-11 04:00 19K
ZCatalog990722.txt1999-08-01 04:00 2.0K
ZCatalog990722.zip1999-07-22 04:00 280K
zugzwang.zip1999-07-10 04:00 52K
jewel.z51999-07-10 04:00 221K
mst3k1.z51999-06-14 04:00 104K
paranoia.zip1999-06-09 04:00 83K
zombies.z51999-06-02 04:00 7.5K
Aisle.z51999-05-28 04:00 120K
blair.z51999-05-05 04:00 82K
coke.zip1999-04-01 05:00 75K
bear.z51999-02-23 05:00 107K
zenspeak_alpha.zip1999-02-17 05:00 158K
intruder.zip1999-02-10 05:00 208K
eliza.zip1999-02-07 05:00 12K
anchor.z81999-02-07 05:00 508K
Frobozzi.z51999-01-29 05:00 180K
Enemies.z81999-01-18 05:00 283K
f209.z51999-01-17 05:00 56K
reverb.z51999-01-11 05:00 104K
Informat.z51998-12-12 05:00 138K
loose.z51998-12-03 05:00 202K
hell.zip1998-11-15 05:00 30K
cars2.zip1998-11-15 05:00 66K
bj.z51998-11-08 05:00 155K
Alpha.z51998-10-19 04:00 50K
dogslife.z51998-10-15 04:00 66K
pad.z51998-08-18 04:00 54K
SameGame.z51998-07-31 04:00 7.0K
awaken.z51998-07-27 04:00 97K
spacez.z51998-07-11 04:00 22K
life.zip1998-07-10 04:00 38K
rogue.z51998-07-06 04:00 114K
zfiles.z81998-05-19 04:00 124K
troll.z51998-05-18 04:00 63K
limp.z51998-05-17 04:00 46K
newday.z51998-04-30 04:00 123K
vision.z51998-04-12 04:00 47K
mysterious_inform.zip1998-04-06 04:00 109K
adamsinform.zip1998-03-29 05:00 207K
Slackerx.z51998-03-26 05:00 54K
stiffmst.z51998-03-17 05:00 81K
paint.z51998-03-16 05:00 9.0K
zball.z51998-03-15 05:00 12K
Tangle.z51998-03-04 05:00 216K
uhoh-demo.z51998-02-18 23:33 173K
Mercy.z51998-02-17 05:00 96K
awitl.z51998-02-15 05:00 55K
edifice.z51998-02-06 05:00 178K
mimesis.z51998-01-25 05:00 88K
lost.z51998-01-17 05:00 125K
robots.z51998-01-15 05:00 6.0K
bomber.z51997-12-08 05:00 3.5K
bunny.z51997-12-06 05:00 77K
Delusns.z51997-11-28 05:00 189K
kooku.z51997-11-19 05:00 92K
doll.z51997-11-01 05:00 75K
softporn.zip1997-10-19 04:00 62K
inform-gamelist.txt1997-10-15 04:00 67K
lambs.z51997-10-10 04:00 46K
residnt2.z51997-09-08 04:00 134K
acorncourt.z51997-09-04 04:00 54K
piece_v3.z51997-08-18 04:00 104K
phlegm.z51997-08-05 04:00 69K
balt24.zip1997-08-01 04:00 37K
promoted.z51997-07-18 04:00 122K
bedlam.z51997-07-11 04:00 58K
tryst205.z51997-06-30 04:00 162K
Comp96.z51997-06-26 04:00 83K
candy.z51997-06-20 04:00 58K
cia.z51997-06-19 04:00 54K
tatctae.z81997-05-21 04:00 370K
dejavu.z31997-05-14 04:00 22K
sutwin.z51997-04-18 04:00 31K
under.z51997-04-03 05:00 58K
claw.z51997-03-28 05:00 127K
booth.z51997-02-11 05:00 44K
b2demo.z51997-02-11 05:00 64K
forms.z51997-02-06 05:00 89K
princess.zip1997-01-31 05:00 57K
bse.z51997-01-11 05:00 87K
SoFar.z81996-12-19 05:00 293K
sherbet.z51996-12-19 05:00 171K
Balances.z51996-12-19 05:00 74K
karn.z51996-12-07 05:00 162K
lists.z51996-12-05 05:00 114K
ninepts.z51996-11-27 05:00 73K
night.z51996-11-19 05:00 73K
minster.z51996-11-17 05:00 223K
cheater.z51996-09-28 04:00 48K
windhal1.z81996-09-04 04:00 313K
frozen.z51996-06-25 04:00 62K
weather.z51996-06-13 04:00 92K
vindaloo.z51996-06-13 04:00 52K
mhpquest.z51996-06-13 04:00 52K
spirit.z51996-06-07 04:00 254K
spirit.readme1996-06-07 04:00 6.7K
godot.z51996-05-26 04:00 48K
Gumshoe.z51996-04-01 05:00 140K
z-life.z51996-01-22 05:00 6.5K
tube.z51995-12-05 05:00 49K
library.z51995-12-04 05:00 71K
theatre.z51995-12-03 05:00 182K
Jigsaw_Game.z51995-11-29 05:00 256K
Jigsaw_Footnotes.z51995-11-29 05:00 63K
Jigsaw.z81995-11-29 05:00 298K
freefall.z51995-11-13 05:00 3.5K
curses_rel16.txt1995-10-26 04:00 2.0K
curses.z51995-10-24 04:00 253K
magic-toyshop.z51995-10-18 04:00 72K
mindelec.z51995-10-09 04:00 69K
how_to_play_these_games1995-10-05 04:00 6.8K
tk1.z51995-09-25 04:00 51K
inhumane.z51995-08-18 04:00 67K
paperchase.z51995-05-03 04:00 56K
busted.zip1994-12-28 05:00 52K
odieus.zip1994-10-27 04:00 31K

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