This directory contains library extensions for various purposes
contributed by members of the IF community

# NewMenu.h

A replacement for the default menu code in Inform,
particularly for the 5/12 version of the libraries,
by Mike Phillips.
[file is linked from

# adhints

a subdirectory with the Adaptive Hints library
by Mike Phillips

# adname.h

Adname Library release 1, by Andrew Clover.
Provides adnames, i.e. words that refer to an object but
don't imply it.

# attrtest.h

AttrTest release 2, by Julian Arnold.
Provides a new debugging verb which allows you to list or
change the attributes of any object in your game whilst
you play it.

# date.h

An Inform 5.5 library extension to print the date.
Recognises 30 and 31 day months and leap years.
Written by L. Ross Raszewski.

# daemons.h

Priority Daemons Library by Andrew Plotkin, release 1.
Support for daemons that execute in a determined order.

# floating_contents.h

Floating Contents Library by Julian Arnold, release 2.
A new system for handling floating objects in Inform;
either complements or replaces `found_in'.

# follower.h

Follower Library release 3,
by Gareth Rees and Andrew Clover.
Support for creatures that can be followed by the player.

# footnote.h

An Inform Library extension for Inform 5.5 or greater
to produce sequentially numbered footnotes, by
L. Ross Raszewski

# hints.h

Invisiclues-style Help menu "tool kit" for Inform 5.5
or later by L. Ross Raszewski

# locktest.h

An Inform library to choose default keys to open locks,
by L. Ross Raszewski

# mapdemo.inf

A demonstration of an auto-mapping implementation
for Inform 5.5, by Nathan Eady

# mapdemo.z5

A compiled version of mapdemo.inf

# newlock.h

A replacement for Lock and Unlock to implement multiple
keys and key-side definition, by L. Ross Raszewski

# ordinal.h

An Inform 5.5 library extension to print an
ordinal number ("first", "second", etc.)
Written by L. Ross Raszewski.

# physics.h

A complex weight/size system to replace the 'capacity'
property, version 1.1, by Sam Hulick.

# pluralobj.h

Plural Objects Library release 2, by Andrew Clover.
Changes to the library messages to make them plural-aware
and use plural forms appropriately.

# scenery.tar.Z

Scenery non-objects to provide verbose descriptions,
by Joe Mason, 9/95. Includable header in two parts,
reworked from Richard Barnett's "A Scenic View" example
(release 1; release 2 is now available as

# senses.h

An Inform library to handle sensory perception,
by L. Ross Raszewski. Supports recursive senses, sense
muting, invisible objects, and sense-specific opacity.

# showobj.h

Show Objects Library by David Wagner,
version 3 (07nov95) for library 5/12.
Debugging tool that reconstructs an object's definition
as it would appear in the Inform source code.

# smartcantgo.h

Smart "Can't Go" Library by David Wagner,
version 3 (08nov95).
A routine that lists the exits of rooms instead of just
"You can't go that way.".

# timewait.h

Time/Wait Library release 3, by Andrew Clover.
Support for parsing times of day and "wait until three
o'clock" commands.

# use.h

An Inform 5.5 library extension to add a handy
"use" verb. Written by L. Ross Raszewski.

# waittime.h

An Inform library to provide understanding of
English time strings, to give an enhanced "wait"
command. Written by L. Ross Raszewski.

# whatis.h

An improvement upon "What is" commands such as the
Zork-like "What is a Grue" and "Who am I", by
By L. Ross Raszewski
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adname.h1995-12-15 05:00 4.8K
attrtest.h1996-08-29 04:00 4.8K
floating_contents.h1995-10-09 04:00 5.2K
timewait.h1995-12-15 05:00 8.0K
senses.h1996-09-15 04:00 8.2K
waittime.h1996-06-21 04:00 8.6K
physics.h1996-01-04 05:00 11K
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