Index            this file       A demo of Cornerstone.

how_to_play_these_games   by Gareth Rees, last updated October 1995
                  [file is linked to games/zcode/how_to_play_these_games]

minizork.z3      Mini-Zork I: data file of a demo originally distributed for
                 the Commodore 64 (see     The Mini-Zork demo from Infocom, put onto a C64 disk along with
                 the text accompanying it from the UK C64 magazine Zzap! 64.
                 D64 disk image.
                 [file is linked to games/c64/]

sampler1_R26.z3  Data file of the 1984 Infocom Sampler (Release 26 /
                 Serial Number 840731). Contains an Infocom interactive
                 fiction tutorial and samples of four Infocom games:
                 Zork I, Planetfall, Infidel, and The Witness.

sampler1_R52.z3  Same as above, Release 52 / Serial number 850402

sampler1_R53.z3  Same as above, Release 53 / Serial Number 850407

sampler1_R55.z3  Same as above, Release 55 / Serial Number 850823

sampler2.z3      Data file of the second Infocom Sampler (Release 97 /
                 Serial Number 870601) with an interactive fiction tutorial
                 (a sequence from Wishbringer) and samples of three Infocom
                 games: Zork I, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, and Trinity  The first sampler (ID1) from Infocom, featuring the
                 "Catch-a-Butterfly" demo along with a section of Zork 1.
                 Archive also includes a JPEG of an advert for this demo
                 taken from "The New Zork Times" Page 7; Vol. 3, No. 3;
                 Summer 1984.     Return to Zork, sneak preview by Activision         Zork: The Undiscovered Underground,
                 a text adventure prequel to Zork Grand inquisitor.
                 Written by Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn,
                 programmed by Gerry Kevin Wilson.
                 Release 16 / Serial number 970828
                 This file seems to have disappeared from Activision's web
                 site, so hopefully putting the file here is okay.
                 Z5 game file, Readme, and InvisiClues.

ztuu.pdf         The manual for Zork: The Undiscovered Underground,
                 as a PDF formatted in the style of the original
                 Infocom manuals, converted by Chris Marsh.

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