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Under this directory are two quite distinct categories of information:

- Historical material relating to Infocom, a commercial publisher of IF, active 1979-1989, and its works;
- Tools (such as Inform) which relate to the reverse-engineering of Infocom's story format (the "Z-machine"), and the creation of new works using that format and its descendants.

# adverts

Advertisements published by Infocom

# articles

Magazine articles about Infocom and its works

# compilers

Tools for building new works in the Z-machine format (and its descendants)

# demos

Demo versions of Infocom games and other works

# fonts

Fonts used in Infocom products

# hints

Hints and solutions for Infocom's games

# icons

Fan-made icons for Infocom's games (and other IF files)

# images

Miscellaneous images relating to Infocom and its works

# info

Information about Infocom and its works

# interpreters

Interpreters for Z-code works (both Infocom's and others'), and related tools

# media

Graphics and sound files from Infocom games


"New Zork Times" / "The Status Line", Infocom's newsletters

# patches

Patches to convert between versions of Infocom's games

# shipped-documentation

Versions of documentation accompanying Infocom's games

# tools

Tools for working with Infocom's games, and with other Z-code files

# z-machine

The reverse-engineered specification of Infocom's Z-machine (and later extensions)
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