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DefinitiveInfocomIcons.sit   37 Infocom icons for the Macintosh, by
                             Christopher Drum. Miniature repoductions of the
                             cover artwork of the Infocom "book" packaging
                             series, redrawn from scratch.   36 icons from DefinitiveInfocomIcons.sit (except
                             Fooblitzky which has a non-standard size) by
                             Christopher Drum, converted to Windows format
                             by Volker Blasius.         Infocom Icon Launcher, version 1.0,
                             by Matthew Twomey. A set of stub executables
                             with custom Infocom icons that can be set up to
                             launch an Infocom interpreter.          256x256 icons for all Infocom releases, created
                             by David Donarumo. Also includes icons for
                             Cornerstone, Infocomics, and later releases such
                             as Nemesis and Grand Inquisitor.

                             A set of 34 colour icons for Mac OS X, one for
                             each Infocom "grey box" release, created by
                             Christopher Drum.
                             A set of 34 colour icons for Windows XP, one for
                             each Infocom "grey box" release, created by
                             Christopher Drum.              Windows icons with the Letters Z, O, R, K, the
                             number 0, and a Planetfall icon.                 67 256-colour Windows icons for all the Infocom
                             games, by Mark Peterson. Includes one or more
                             icon for each game and a utility to use them
                             under Windows 95.                  Windows icons for Infocom/Inform, TADS and
                             Hugo, by Giulio Veneziani.

infocomicons.sit             35 Infocom icons for the Macintosh.                  33 16-colour Windows icons for the Infocom
                             games on the "Masterpieces of Infocom" CD,
                             by David Dyte.                   A set of Windows icons for game files, by
                             Nicholas Daley: A compass rose with text
                             "Z" - "Z8" and "TADS".

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