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Frobozzi.z5       The Encyclopedia Frobozzica (Abridged Edition), edited by
                  Nino Ruffini and ported to the Inform format by Digby McWiggle
                  [file is linked to games/zcode/Frobozzi.z5]
                  (source code is in games/source/inform/Frobozzi.inf)

                  MDL Primer and Manual (1977) by Stu Galley and Greg Pfister.
                  This documents the MDL interpreter version 54 (ITS) and
                  version 104 (TENEX), and is an earlier version of "The MDL
                  Programming Language" document that is also here.

                  The MDL Programming Environment (1980),
                  by David Lebling.

                  The MDL Programming Language (1979),
                  by Stu Galley and Greg Pfister. This documents the MDL
                  interpreter version 55 (ITS) and version 105 (TENEX and

                  The MDL Programming Language Primer (1980),
                  by Michael Dornbrook and Marc Blank.

berlynco_adv.txt  A transcript of an interview on Compuserve, at the GameSIG
                  online conference on July 18, 1984 with Michael Berlyn,
                  author of "Cyborg", "Oo-Topos", "Suspended" and "Infidel".
fact-sheet.txt    Infocom games, authors, history, statistics, interpreters,
                  and tools, by Paul David Doherty. (v4.95, 22 June 2007)

frobozzica.pdf    The entire Encyclopaedia Frobozzica, converted to PDF
                  format by John Holder

frobozzica.txt    Encyclopaedia Frobozzica, revised final abridged edition,
                  edited by Nino Ruffini

gameinfo.txt      Infocom game information table by Paul D. Smith (13jan93)

infobugs.txt      The Infocom Bugs List version 4 (26nov2000), by Graeme Cree.
                  An attempt to show all known bugs in Infocom's 35 text games.

infocom-paper.pdf Down From the Top of Its Game: The Story of Infocom, Inc.
                  by Hector Briceno, Wesley Chao, Andrew Glenn, Stanley Hu,
                  Ashwin Krishnamurthy, and Bruce Tsuchida
                  MIT, 15dec2000

infocom-presentation.pdf  Presentation of the above paper, MIT, 13dec2000

moriarty-online.txt       Transcript of an on-line conference with
                          Brian Moriarty, place and date unknown

sound_format.txt  Infocom Sound File Formats, by Stefan Jokisch
                  last updated 06feb96

tandy_bits.html   HTML document detailing what the Tandy Bit does in Infocom
                  games. The information was posted by Jake Wildstrom, and
                  converted to HTML by Gunther Schmidl.

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