SLAG: A Z-Machine Hint System, by Brian Hall.

       SLAG compiles hint source files into Inform source, which can then
      be compiled to give a Z-code file containing Invisiclues style hints.


Index                this file    Compiler for the SLAG Hint System, version 8, written
                     by Brian Hall. The SLAG compiler is a PERL script which
                     converts SLAG source into Inform source. Also included
                     are vi macros to help when creating SLAG files (also by
                     Brian Hall), and a Gawk script for converting
                     Invisiclues to SLAG format, by Fredrik Ramsberg.

deadlineinv.z5       Invisiclues for Deadline.

enchaninv.z5         Invisiclues for Enchanter.

hhgginv.z5           Invisiclues for the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

hollywoodinv.z5      Invisiclues for Hollywood Hijinx.

lgopinv.z5           Invisiclues for Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

lurkinginv.z5        Invisiclues for Lurking Horror.

planetinv.z5         Invisiclues for Planetfall.

sorcinv.z5           Invisiclues for Sorcerer.

spellbinv.z5         Invisiclues for Spellbreaker.

starcrossinv.z5      Invisiclues for Starcross.

stationinv.z5        Invisiclues for Stationfall.

stuga_hints.z5       Invisiclues for the Swedish game Stuga. Clues written
                     by Fredrik Ramsberg.
                     (the game is in games/zcode/swedish/)

suspendedinv.z5      Invisiclues for Suspended.

trininv.z5           Invisiclues for Trinity.

zork1inv.z5          Invisiclues for Zork 1.

zork2inv.z5          Invisiclues for Zork 2.

zork3inv.z5          Invisiclues for Zork 3.

ztuuinv.z5           Invisiclues for Zork: The Undiscovered Underground.

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