This directory contains source files for the SLAG hint system.


Index                this file

deadlineinv.slg      Invisiclues for Deadline.

enchaninv.slg        Invisiclues for Enchanter.

hhgginv.slg          Invisiclues for the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

hollywoodinv.slg     Invisiclues for Hollywood Hijinx.

lgopinv.slg          Invisiclues for Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

lurkinginv.slg       Invisiclues for Lurking Horror.

planetinv.slg        Invisiclues for Planetfall.

sorcinv.slg          Invisiclues for Sorcerer.

spellbinv.slg        Invisiclues for Spellbreaker.

starcrossinv.slg     Invisiclues for Starcross.

stationinv.slg       Invisiclues for Stationfall.

suspendedinv.slg     Invisiclues for Suspended.

trininv.slg          Invisiclues for Trinity.

zork1inv.slg         Invisiclues for Zork 1.

zork2inv.slg         Invisiclues for Zork 2.

zork3inv.slg         Invisiclues for Zork 3.

ztuuinv.slg          Invisiclues for Zork: The Undiscovered Underground.

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lgopinv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 45K
lurkinginv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 23K
planetinv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 31K
sorcinv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 44K
spellbinv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 56K
starcrossinv.slg2002-03-03 15:10 35K
stationinv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 40K
suspendedinv.slg2002-03-03 15:10 20K
trininv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 45K
zork1inv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 24K
zork2inv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 27K
zork3inv.slg1999-02-28 01:08 26K
ztuuinv.slg1999-02-28 01:10 11K

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