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9 Items [19-Mar-2017]
Beached! (Prelude) V3.0, by Theodore C. Lim and Ewald Bal. [07-Dec-2016]
Devil's Food, by Hanon Ondricek. 3rd place Ectocomp 2014. [30-Mar-2019]
A House Without Walls, by Dylan Kinnett. [19-Nov-2018]
Let's Explore Geography! Canadian Commodities Trader Simulation Exercise, Release 1.1, by Carter Sande. (The original competition entry is in games/competition2018/Lets Explore Geography Canadian Commodities Trader Simulation Exercise/) [16-Sep-2014]
Love Unexplored, by Snoother. Part of RuinJam. [06-Mar-2016]
Portcullis, by Robin Johnson. [20-May-2016]
The CryptoGame, by Manan Singh. [18-Nov-2017]
The Castle of Vourtram, version 0.94, by Alexandre Torres. Converted from Quest to Javascript. (The original competition entry is in games/competition2017/The Castle of Vourtram/) [31-Jan-2018]
You're Gone, version 0.2, by Madison Scott-Clary.