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13 Items [19-Nov-1998]
Das Amulett version 2.0, a German text adventure by Martin Oehm. Written 1996 in Turbo Pascal 5.0 as the author's first attempt to write a German text adventure with a decent parser, so the game is rather easy. MS-DOS executable.
anal_frustriert.exe [25-May-2001]
Anal frustriert version 1.0 by Robin Haberkorn, a German text adventure. You managed to lock yourself into your toilet and must find your way out. Not for children under 30! :) The .exe file is a Windows installer, but the result is an MS-DOS executable. Walkthrough included. [16-Jan-2001]
Im Bannkreis, Ein interaktiver Ausreissversuch. A German text adventure with Enchanter-like magic by Martin Oehm; version 20dec2000. Archive includes game and MS-DOS interpreter. [file is linked from games/tag/] [29-Oct-2003]
Humor ist, wenn man trotzdem lacht. A German hybrid of a text and a point-and-click adventure, based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Written by Raphael Kirschke, using Raphael's own adventure authoring system. [27-May-1998]
Hermetisch verschlossen v1.1.1, a German mystery by Uwe Pilz. ALAN game files and MS-DOS executable. ALAN source code available on request from the author. [file is linked from games/alan/german/]
hirsch.exe [15-Jul-2003]
Unter Hirschen, version 1.0, written in German by Florian Edlbauer. A visit to a Munich beer garden. (a machine independent TAG game file is in games/tag/ [22-Nov-2000]
Hortulus v1.0, a German text adventure by Florian Edlbauer. Archive includes game and MS-DOS interpreter. [file is linked from games/tag/] [25-Jan-1994]
Die Karawane der siebten Dynastie, an illustrated German text adventure by Extase. Playable demo (world 1 of 5) of a shareware game. [18-Aug-2009]
Das Stundenglas, a German text/graphics adventure released commercially in 1990 by Weltenschmiede/Software 2000, and made freely available in October 1998 by its author, Harald Evers. [02-Oct-2003]
Terra Incognita, version 1.0. A text adventure in German by Rolf Lautenbach. MS-DOS executable. [14-Dec-2004]
Der Wolf und das Maedchen, version 1.0. A German text adventure by Rolf Lautenbach. Windows executable. [18-Jan-1994]
Pacy-Face und seine Abenteuer in Zauberland. A simple German text adventure by Philipp Koehn. QBasic source code, ported from C64 BASIC by Bob Newell. [file is linked to games/source/basic/german/] (the C64 original is in games/c64/german/zauberland)
ztreise.exe [09-Jan-1998]
Die Zeitreise, a German interactive story by PIVOT. MS-DOS executable. Source code is available from the primary author, Bernd Roehling.