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This directory contains source code for text adventures written in BASIC.

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35 Items [03-Mar-1997]
Alien version 2B, author unknown; play with CAPS LOCK on. QBASIC source code, ported from BASICA by Ambat Sasi. [22-Jan-1997]
Voyage to Atlantis, a TRS-80 adventure by Greg Hassett, converted to QBasic by Nele Abels, with corrections by Ambat Sasi. QBasic source code. [29-May-1998]
Escape from Atlantis, a small QBasic adventure, by Thomas Ally. [17-Apr-1995]
Aztec Tomb (Part 1), an illustrated C64 text adventure by A.R. Crowther, ported to DOS and QBASIC by D. Raisin. QBASIC source code. [06-Oct-1996]
Beaten: An Interactive Adventure by Eddie Tomayko Serial/Release No. 708/348, QBASIC source code. [15-Nov-2004]
Breath Pirates, by Mike Snyder. (a compiled MS-DOS version is in games/pc/ [03-May-1995]
The Night of the Vampire Bunnies, by Jason Dyer. A short game written in BASIC; somewhat a cross between a black comedy and a B-movie. QBASIC source code. Jason wrote this game at the age of 10. (a port to Inform is in games/zcode/bunny.z5 (compiled game) and in games/source/inform/ (source code))
cia.bas [26-Jan-2002]
CIA adventure.
dogstar.bas [16-Feb-2002]
Dog Star Adventure, by Lance Micklus, taken from SoftSide May 1979 (a TRS-80 Software Magazine), and modified for the Zenith Z-100 by Gern. [01-Aug-1994]
Castle Droganya, by Steve Chodes. BASICA, GW-BASIC, and QBASIC source code, conversion to GW-BASIC by Nathan Glasser. [15-Aug-1994]
GW-BASIC source code of The Wonderful World of Eamon version 1.1, a text role playing game originally written for the Apple II by Donald Brown, ported to DOS by Jon Walker. [See games/pc/eamon/ for compiled version 2 games.] [15-Aug-2001]
Escape from Hiddenite, by Lester Schramm. QBASIC source code.
elgon.bas [26-Jan-2002]
The Treasure of Elgon, written by Keith Hawthorn and converted for the Microbee by A. Laughton. [28-Jul-1993]
Lonely Jamie, by J. Mellish. GW-BASIC source code of a very simple game that prompts you for one-word responses. [02-Mar-1993]
The Last City, by Roger M. Wilcox. BASICA and QBASIC source code, conversion to QBASIC by Ambat Sasi. [15-Nov-2004]
Lunatix: The Insanity Circle, by Mike Snyder. (a compiled MS-DOS version is in games/pc/
magic.bas [16-Feb-2009]
Magic Realm, written by Gemino Michael Smothers, in QBasic. [19-Dec-1995]
So I Mangled My Mom, by Aaron Oldenburg. DOS executable and QBasic source code. [file is linked from games/pc/] [16-Jul-1997]
The Treasure of McDooby's Mansion version 2, by Jason A. Wells. GW-BASIC source code. [29-Jun-2004]
The Melarkian, version 1.01, by Paul Panks. [10-Nov-1999]
Miser, a conversion of a C64 BASIC text adventure to MS-DOS, by Rene van Hasselaar. Archive includes BASIC source code and an MS-DOS executable. [file is linked from games/pc/] [03-Mar-1997]
Pirate Island, by David Meny. GW-BASIC source code and instructions plus QBASIC source code, ported by Ambat Sasi.
quest.bas [26-Jan-2002]
A GWBasic port of Quest, originally written by Roger Chaffee. [03-Mar-1997]
Secret Quest 2010, an illustrated text adventure by Eric Iwasaki, after an idea of Wayne Tsuji's. BASICA and GW-BASIC source code plus QBASIC source code, ported by Ambat Sasi.
sceptre1.bas [26-Aug-1995]
SceptreQuest I, first and only one of a series of seven, a very early adventure by Sean Givan. GW-BASIC source code. (see games/hugo/ for an embroidered port to Hugo)
shell.bas [05-Sep-2001]
Adventure Shell by Tim Harnell. GWBasic source code. NOTE: To move type go, followed by the compass direction.
snafufun.bas [26-Aug-1995]
"The Adventure" by Chris Kerton (his first try), a fantasy role-playing game. GW-BASIC source code.
soviet.bas [26-Jan-2002]
Escape from Soviet Science and Detention Base, by David Meny.
survival.bas [11-Jul-2004]
Survival, MBasic source code. [17-Feb-2002]
The Temple of Loth, version 4.2 (25 July 1984), by John Belew.
tower.bas [17-Jan-2019]
Tower of Mystery, written in Microsoft BASIC, as printed in Compute!'s Guide to Adventure Games by Gary McGath, pages 166-171, transcribed by Jason Wells.
treasure2.txt [30-Mar-2014]
Treasure Dungeon 2, by David E. White. [15-Mar-1993]
The Vial of Doom, by Roger M. Wilcox. QBASIC source code, converted from BASICA by Ambat Sasi. [04-Oct-2004]
Wizard's Castle, published in the July/August 1980 issue of Recreational Computing Magazine. Originally written by Joseph R. Power, and updated for Microsoft BASIC by J.F. Stetson. (an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/
wumpus.bas [02-Sep-2001]
Hunt the Wumpus, the timeless cave-crawling classic. GW-BASIC source.