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This directory contains the C source code of the Inform compiler. The current release number can be found in file header.h

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asm.c [05-Jul-1995]
the Inform assembler
express.c [05-Jul-1995]
the expression evaluator
files.c [05-Jul-1995]
file handling, memory, command-line memory settings, and fatal errors
header.h [05-Jul-1995]
common definitions
inform.c [05-Jul-1995]
top level of Inform: main, switches, top level parser
inputs.c [05-Jul-1995]
input routines, preprocessor, non-fatal errors
symbols.c [05-Jul-1995]
the symbols table
tables.c [05-Jul-1995]
maintains tables of variables and constructs the tables part of the story file
zcode.c [05-Jul-1995]
Z-opcodes, text translation and abbreviation routines