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This directory contains THL, The Hint Library by Stefan Meier, a freeware hint system for Windows 95/NT with integrated editor/compiler.

Also here are THL hint files for Infocom games, based on the original Infocom InvisiClues.

23 Items [10-Mar-1998]
A Mind Forever Voyaging [10-Mar-1998]
Border Zone [10-Mar-1998]
Bureaucracy [10-Mar-1998]
Deadline [10-Mar-1998]
Hollywood Hijinx [10-Mar-1998]
Infidel [10-Mar-1998]
Leather Goddesses of Phobos [10-Mar-1998]
The German language package for use with [10-Mar-1998]
The English language package for use with [10-Mar-1998]
The Lurking Horror [10-Mar-1998]
Moonmist [10-Mar-1998]
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [10-Mar-1998]
Planetfall [10-Mar-1998]
Plundered Hearts [10-Mar-1998]
So Far, by Lucian P. Smith [10-Mar-1998]
Stationfall [10-Mar-1998]
Star Trek - The Next Generation: A Final Unity, by Diana Griffiths [10-Mar-1998]
THL Version 1.1 with German language support [10-Mar-1998]
THL Version 1.1 with English language support [10-Mar-1998]
Trinity [10-Mar-1998]
Zork I [10-Mar-1998]
Zork II [10-Mar-1998]
Zork III