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This directory contains German games in Infocom Z-Machine format.

The games here can be played with an Infocom game interpreter; look in infocom/interpreters for a version for your system.

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abent.z5 [19-Apr-1998]
Abenteuer, a German translation of the original 350 points version of Adventure (aka Colossal Cave). Translated by Toni Arnold, based on Graham Nelson's Inform port of Adventure. Release 5 / Serial number 980419. The current version version of the game's source code and German library can be found at
bearg.z5 [31-Mar-2000]
Ein Bar Geht Aus, Eine Interaktive Kindergeschichte by David Dyte, translated by Gunther Schmidl. Release 4 / Serial number 000326
bewerbung.z5 [29-Apr-2002]
Die Bewerbung, Eine interaktive Personalchefgrausamkeit. A German text adventure by Max Kalus, written for the 2002 Competition. Release 2 / Serial number 020429
deklinator.z5 [29-Jul-2004]
A tool for finding an object's correct declination in a German Z-code adventure. (Ein Tool um die richtige Deklination fur ein Objekt zu finden (fur deutsche Z-Code Textadventures).) Version 1.0, by Christof Menear.
Eden.zblorb [16-Aug-2008]
Example game from "Der Abentheurliche Informissimus Teutsch" (A tutorial and short reference for programming Inform 6 with the German library). Version 1, geteilter zweiter Platz beim Grand Prix 2002.
halb2.z5 [16-Dec-2002]
Halb Zwei, version 1.0, a choose-your-own-adventure game, written by Florian Edlbauer.
herr-p.z5 [20-Jun-2014]
Die Geschichte des Herrn P. von Hannes Schüller. Release 4 / Serial number 140620 (an English translation is in games/zcode/mr-p.z5) [11-Oct-2004]
Jazz auf Tegemis, by Joerg Rosenbauer. Release 2 / Serial number 040522 Zip file contains the z-code game, a walkthrough, and informational files in both English and German.
karisma.z8 [20-Jan-2014]
Klub Karisma, ein interaktives Rein-Raus-Spiel, by Christian Bluemke. Release 8 / Serial number 130908 (v8.15)
knack.z5 [15-Dec-2008]
Knack! Eine kurze interaktive Abkuehlung, by Christian Bluemke. Release 1, Seriennr. 081215.
O.zblorb [12-Apr-2012]
O: Das Textadventure zum Film von Marco Bakera. Release 1 / Serial number 120412
starrider.z5 [10-Jan-2004]
Star Rider, Das interaktive Unterfangen eines blinden Passagiers, by Maximilian Kalus Release 9 / Serial number 040110 A German text adventure set in a space ship. You are a stow-away realizing there is something wrong with the ship.
Tutorial.zblorb [14-Apr-2012]
Tutorial: Eine Einführung in Textadventures von Cooper McHatton. This is a german version of the introduction to IF gameplay from, translated by Marco Bakera. Release 1 / Serial number 120413
Wasser-Hasser.zblorb [11-Jan-2014]
Wasser-Hasser - Ein märchenhaftes Abenteuer, gereimt und manchmal ungeheuer, von Mischa Magyar. Release 1 / Serial number 140105 (v1.00)
wichtel.z5 [06-Oct-2002]
Wichtel, Eine Gestutzte Koboldgeschichte, by Maximilian Kalus. Release 2 / Serial number 021006 You're a brownie, caught by humans and trying to escape.