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berlynco_adv.txt [11-Jul-2002]
A transcript of an interview on Compuserve, at the GameSIG online conference on July 18, 1984 with Michael Berlyn, author of "Cyborg", "Oo-Topos", "Suspended" and "Infidel".
fact-sheet.txt [23-Jun-2007]
Infocom games, authors, history, statistics, interpreters, and tools, by Paul David Doherty. (v4.95, 22 June 2007)
Frobozzi.z5 [29-Jan-1999]
The Encyclopedia Frobozzica (Abridged Edition), edited by Nino Ruffini and ported to the Inform format by Digby McWiggle [file is linked to games/zcode/Frobozzi.z5] (source code is in games/source/inform/Frobozzi.inf)
frobozzica.pdf [29-Oct-1997]
The entire Encyclopaedia Frobozzica, converted to PDF format by John Holder
frobozzica.txt [29-Jun-1995]
Encyclopaedia Frobozzica, revised final abridged edition, edited by Nino Ruffini
gameinfo.txt [14-Jan-1993]
Infocom game information table by Paul D. Smith (13jan93)
infobugs.txt [28-Nov-2000]
The Infocom Bugs List version 4 (26nov2000), by Graeme Cree. An attempt to show all known bugs in Infocom's 35 text games.
infocom-paper.pdf [18-Dec-2000]
Down From the Top of Its Game: The Story of Infocom, Inc. by Hector Briceno, Wesley Chao, Andrew Glenn, Stanley Hu, Ashwin Krishnamurthy, and Bruce Tsuchida MIT, 15dec2000
infocom-presentation.pdf [18-Dec-2000]
Presentation of the above paper, MIT, 13dec2000
MDL_Programming_Environment.pdf [13-Jul-2007]
The MDL Programming Environment (1980), by David Lebling.
MDL_Programming_Language.pdf [13-Jul-2007]
The MDL Programming Language (1979), by Stu Galley and Greg Pfister.
MDL_Programming_Primer.pdf [13-Jul-2007]
The MDL Programming Language Primer (1980), by Michael Dornbrook and Marc Blank.
moriarty-online.txt [27-Apr-1995]
Transcript of an on-line conference with Brian Moriarty, place and date unknown
sound_format.txt [16-Aug-1996]
Infocom Sound File Formats, by Stefan Jokisch last updated 06feb96
tandy_bits.html [17-Sep-2000]
HTML document detailing what the Tandy Bit does in Infocom games. The information was posted by Jake Wildstrom, and converted to HTML by Gunther Schmidl.