This directory contains the source code for games written
on the Phoenix system at Cambridge University, England.

# Avon
tuid: 6m06ajvdyslxxi8m

Source code for Avon, by Jonathan R. Partington

# BrandX
tuid: qblwe4sbi01soljr

Source code for BrandX, by Jonathan Mestel and
Peter Killworth

# Crobe
tuid: gb32ihvovah61rxn

Source code for Crobe, by J.R. Partington

# Fyleet
tuid: j7er2tv4ee7int05

Source code for Fyleet, by J.R. Partington

# Hamil
tuid: neox2d3gwb8ubm1c

Source code for Hamil, by Jonathan R. Partington

# Murdac
tuid: q36lh5np0q9nak28

Source code for Murdac, by Jonathan R. Partington

# Nidus
tuid: vmza11v9ptyhplxh

Source code for Nidus, by Adam Atkinson

# Sangraal
tuid: htskkm315iyr9uga

Source code for Sangraal, by J.R. Partington

# Xeno
tuid: w655d71wu41owcg9

Source code for Xeno, by Jonathan Mestel


Cloak of Darkness, Roger Firth's example adventure
for comparing authoring systems, ported to TSAL
(the adventure language used to write the Phoenix games)
by Richard Bos.
Archive includes source code and compiled Z-code.
[file is linked from </if-archive/phoenix/games/zcode/>]


The Perl script and Inform libraries used to
restore the Phoenix games, written by
Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson, Gunther Schmidl,
and David Kinder.

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