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3monkeys.taf [22-Oct-2003]
Three Monkeys, One Cage, by Robert Goodwin. Requires ADRIFT 4.00.42 or later. [22-May-2002]
Abyss, by Tony Ash, written using TAG, the precursor to Adrift. Archive includes game and interpreter executable.
akron.taf [04-Nov-2000]
Akron, by Markus Kolic. [13-Jul-2002]
Albridge Manor, by Woody Ross.
Alive.taf [09-Jan-2005]
Buried Alive, version 3, by David Whyld. Requires ADRIFT 4.00.45 or later.
All_Through_the_Night.blorb [12-Jan-2014]
All Through the Night, by Daniel Saults.
An_Adventurers_Backyard.blorb [23-Feb-2015]
An Adventurer's Backyard, by lyricasylum.
ASDFA.taf [01-Apr-2004]
A Short Damn Fantasy Adventure, by David Whyld.
bariscebik.taf [30-Jan-2012]
Bariscebik, by Bahri Gordebak.
BarneysProblem.taf [18-Mar-2004]
Barney's Problem, by David Whyld.
Beanstalk.taf [24-Apr-2009]
"Beanstalk the and Jack", version 1.0, by David Welbourn. Winner of "The Comp With No Name".
beer.taf [28-Apr-2003]
When Beer Isn't Enough, version 2, by Matt.
cave.taf [04-Nov-2000]
Cave of Wonders, by Campbell Wild.
CBN1.taf [18-Mar-2004]
The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie! by David Whyld.
CBN2.taf [18-Mar-2004]
The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie, Part 2: This Time It's Personal, by David Whyld.
ChooseYourOwn.taf [22-Aug-2004]
Choose Your Own..., by David Whyld. [14-Apr-2001]
Menagerie!, by David Good. Winner of the ADRIFT Spring 2001 MiniComp. "You are an animal lover who works for PETA. Your goal is to get videotape of the animals at the circus, whom you suspect are mistreated."
CityInFear.taf [18-Mar-2004]
City in Fear, by David Whyld.
coloromc.taf [30-Jan-2012]
Color of Milk Coffee, by Bahri Gordebak. [02-May-2004]
The Woodfish Compendium, a collection of all Woodfish's games:
  The Game to End All Games
  Forum 2
A symbolic link to games entered into various Adrift mini-competitions.
CowboyBlues.taf [18-Mar-2004]
Cowboy Blues, by David Whyld.
Crime_Adventure.taf [21-Aug-2000]
Crime Adventure, by Mark Whitmore. [18-Sep-2012]
Cursed v2.1.10, post-IFComp2011-release, by Nick Rogers. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2011/adrift/cursed/cursed.taf) [27-Jun-2009]
Cyber Warp 1 and 2, by Robby L. [07-Feb-2017]
The Dark Hour, by Alexandra Koslowska. [29-Nov-2017]
Darkness, V1.21, by Richard Otter. 6th place in InsideADRIFT Game of the Year Comp 2004. Requires ADRIFT 4.00.45 or later.
DayAtTheOffice.taf [18-Mar-2004]
A Day at the Office, by David Whyld.
DeadReckoning.taf [18-Mar-2004]
Dead Reckoning, by David Whyld.
delight.taf [03-Aug-2005]
Crawler's Delight, by Atrios Troll. WARNING: Contains adult content.
dontgo.taf [30-Jan-2012]
Don't Go, by Bahri Gordebak. [28-Jan-2003]
The Door to Utopia, by David Whyld. [05-Jul-2002]
Doctor Who and The Vortex of Lust, by Christopher Cole. WARNING: Contains adult content. [10-Jun-2004]
The Curse of DragonShrine, by Mystery.
dusk.taf [18-Jul-2005]
A Walk At Dusk, version 2. An interactive essay by Eric Mayer.
edithscats.taf [08-Dec-2016]
Edith's Cats, by roboman. [06-Jun-2002]
Encounter 1 : Tim's Mom, by Christopher Cole. WARNING: Contains adult content. [23-Jun-2005]
Encounter 2 : The Study Group, by Christopher Cole. WARNING: Contains adult content. [29-Nov-2017]
Escape to New York, Post-Comp version, by Richard Otter. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2005/adrift/escape/escape.taf)
exercise.taf [11-Apr-2006]
Too Much Exercise, by Robert Street. [27-Jul-2002]
Far From Home, version 1.2, by The Mad Monk. [16-Jun-2005]
Escape to Freedom (revisited), version 1.00. Originally written for the C64 by Mario Moeller, and ported to ADRIFT by Richard Otter. Requires ADRIFT 4.00.46 or later. (the original C64 game is in games/c64/mario-moeller/
frustrated.taf [07-May-2005]
Frustrated Interviewee, version 2.0, by Robert Rafgon. [20-Jun-2002]
The Gamma Gals, by Christopher Cole. Version 1.2. WARNING: Contains adult content. [03-Nov-2009]
Ghost Town, version 1.05, by Finn Rosenloev. [09-Oct-2010]
Give Me Your Lunch Money, a Tale of the Exploits of an 8 Year-Old Inventor, by DCBSupafly.
GoblinHunt.taf [18-Mar-2004]
Goblin Hunt, by David Whyld. [21-Oct-2002]
Goldilocks is a FOX!, by J.J. Guest. Archive includes Adrift game and a walkthrough. (an Inform port is in games/zcode/gold.z5)
HalloweenHijinks.taf [18-Mar-2004]
Halloween Hijinks, by David Whyld.
haunt.taf [04-Nov-2000]
House of the Damned, by Campbell Wild. [28-Jan-2003]
The Haunted House of Hideous Horror, by David Whyld. [24-May-2014]
How to Conquer the World, version 2.0, by Jason Mac Innes.
JACD.blorb [30-Aug-2014]
Just Another Christmas Day, by Zachary Worcester.
JGrim.taf [06-Jul-2009]
Jonathan Grimshaw: Space Tourist, Version 1.3, by Ren. Winner of the ADRIFT Writing Challenge Comp 2006.
jim.blorb [15-Aug-2011]
Jacaranda Jim, originally written by Graham Cluley, and ported to ADRIFT 5 by Campbell Wild. This is version 1 of Campbell's port.
JimPond.taf [18-Mar-2004]
Jim Pond 1, by David Whyld. [04-Jul-2001]
The Long Journey Home, by Danny Chabino. [28-Jan-2003]
Lair of the Vampire, by David Whyld. [25-Jan-2004]
Legacy of a Princess, by Red Jett. An adventure set in the world of the Zelda games. [30-Mar-2001]
Lost, an interactive short story by Eric Mayer. Archive includes the game, a readme and a walkthrough. [30-Jan-2005]
The Magic Show, version 1.9g, by Jason MacInnes.
marooned.taf [04-Nov-2000]
Marooned, by Bruce Davis.
ML256_Blender.taf [31-May-2012]
Makers Local and the Transdimensional Margarita Blender, version 10, by Jeff Cotten.
Monster_Age_I.taf [08-Dec-2017]
Monster Age: Trials of Dustorn, by Moonheart Games. Demo version. (an executable for Windows is in games/pc/Monster_Age_I.exe) [03-May-2004]
Monsters, Release 2, by Daniel Hiebert.
murderer.taf [30-Jan-2012]
What The Murderer Had Left, by Bahri Gordebak.
mustescape.taf [02-Sep-2005]
Must Escape! version 2.0, by Robert Rafgon.
MysteryOfDarkhavenCaves.taf [15-Aug-2004]
The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves, by David Whyld.
NeighboursFromHell.taf [18-Mar-2004]
Neighbours From Hell, by David Whyld.
Noble_crook_episode_1.blorb [07-Jan-2018]
Noble Crook, episode 1, by Karmo Talts.
Noble_crook_episode_2.blorb [07-Jan-2018]
Noble Crook, episode 2, by Karmo Talts.
Noble_crook_episode_3.blorb [07-Jan-2018]
Noble Crook, episode 3, by Karmo Talts.
Noble_crook_episode_4.blorb [07-Jan-2018]
Noble Crook, episode 4, by Karmo Talts. [28-Jan-2003]
Oh No, Not Another Fantasy Adventure, by David Whyld. [22-Oct-2006]
Over the Edge, version 1.1, by Ren. Placed 11th in the 2006 Hourglass Competition.
Paint.taf [29-Aug-2004]
Paint!!!, version 2, by David Whyld. [22-Oct-2005]
Pathway to Destruction, by Richard Otter. Winner of the Adrift 2005 'Finish the Game' competition. (a Z-code version by the game's author is in games/zcode/ [02-Aug-2002]
Pick Up the Phone Booth and Cry, by Danny Miok.
PercyTheViking.taf [18-Mar-2004]
The Saga Of Percy The Viking, by David Whyld. [29-Nov-2017]
Pestilence, V1.1, by Richard Otter. Placed 2nd in the 2006 ADRIFT Summer Competition. Requires ADRIFT 4.00.46 or later. (the original competition entry is in games/adrift/old/ [28-Jan-2003]
The Princess in the Tower, by David Whyld. [25-Aug-2002]
Professor von Witt's Fabulous Flying Machine, by Mystery. Winner of the ADRIFT Summer Minicomp 2002. [11-Feb-2006]
Provenance, version 1.12.16, by Corey W. Arnett. [28-Mar-2007]
Rachel has a bad day, by Sly. WARNING: Contains adult content. (an Inform port is in games/zcode/RBD.z8)
reading.taf [30-Jan-2012]
A Reading in May, by Bahri Gordebak. [28-Jan-2003]
Scene of the Crime, by David Whyld. [21-Jan-2004]
Selma's Will, by Mystery.
SeymoursStoopidQuest.taf [27-Aug-2011]
Seymour's Stoopid Quest, v1.0, by Matt Scheidecker.
shardsofmemory.taf [25-May-2004]
Shards of Memory, by David Whyld.
SoC.blorb [09-Feb-2013]
Son of Camelot, version 3, by Finn Rosenløv. [03-Dec-2004]
Sommeril Special Edition 1.0, by H. Lee Parten. [21-Jan-2018]
Space Detective, episodes 1-7, by Karmo Talts. [23-Jul-2004]
Stowaway, version 1.0, by J. Freebase. WARNING: Contains adult content.
takeone.taf [11-Apr-2006]
Take One, by Robert Street. [04-Sep-2005]
Target, by Richard Otter.
the_pk_girl.taf [19-Aug-2006]
The PK Girl, version 4, by Robert Goodwin, with graphics by Nanami Nekono and music by Helen Trevillion and OYA-G. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2002/adrift/the_pk_girl/the_pk_girl.taf)
the_view_is_better_here.taf [29-Sep-2006]
The View Is Better Here, by Echo. [20-Feb-2004]
The Last Hour, by Roberto Grassi, written for the 2004 ADRIFT "One Room" Competition. Archive includes game file and documentation. [24-Oct-2004]
Ticket to No Where by Richard Otter, version 1.1. [13-Sep-2003]
To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest. Winner of the ADRIFT Spring Competition 2003. Requires ADRIFT 4.00.36 or later. (a TADS version is in games/tads/hamper.gam, and glulx is in games/glulx/To_Hell_in_a_Hamper.gblorb)
topaz.taf [23-May-2004]
Topaz, by Woodfish. This is an update to the version of this game in "".
twilight.taf [04-Nov-2000]
The Twilight, by Patrick Kelly. [29-Nov-2017]
Unauthorised Termination, Post-Comp version, by Richard Otter. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2006/adrift/unauthorized/unauthorized.taf)
Unfortunately.taf [09-Jan-2005]
Back To Life... Unfortunately, version 3, by David Whyld. Requires ADRIFT 4.00.45 or later. [20-Jun-2003]
Unraveling God, version 1.1, by Todd Watson. Archive includes Adrift Runner 4.00.36: Playing the game with later versions may cause problems. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2002/adrift/unravel/unravel.taf) [29-Nov-2017]
Vague, Post-Comp version, by Richard Otter. (the original competition entry is in games/springthing/2009/
vetknow.taf [08-May-2005]
Veteran Knowledge, version 2.0, by Robert Rafgon.
waxworx.taf [18-Jan-2005]
Wax Worx, version 2, by Eric Mayer. [20-Jun-2002]
Camp Windy Lake, by Christopher Cole. Version 1.2. WARNING: Contains adult content. [21-Sep-2003]
The Woods Are Dark, by Cannibal. "An old and abandoned cottage on the outskirts of Black Hill and two of your closest friends are missing. It's time to be very scared."
WorstGameInTheWorld.taf [18-Mar-2004]
The Worst Game In The World... Ever!!! by David Whyld.
wrecked.taf [04-Nov-2000]
Wrecked, by Campbell Wild.
xycanthus.taf [22-Nov-2001]
Doomed Xycanthus, by Eric Mayer. [28-Jan-2003]
Yet Another Damn Fantasy Adventure, by David Whyld.
yonastoundingcastle.taf [08-Jun-2010]
Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort, Post-Comp version, by Tiberius Thingamus. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2009/adrift/astoundingcastle/astoundingcastle.taf)